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I love to read, and write. I have two cats, and a twin brother. i love to sing, and write songs and fantasy stories. I am a huge fan of digimon, harry potter and Firefly. contact me as 'Hedgi' via fanfiction i do not like any vampires, particularly shiny ones. (\__/) (+'.'+) Copy and paste this Bunny ('')_('') into your profile to help him gain world domination.

  • Peer reviewed articles on teaching Shakespeare?

    Hi. I am suffering nervous breakdown 16 of the month, and I need help.

    I am writing a paper of why Young Adult literature should be used in the classroom alongside classics. I have sources for that. My problem is that my introduction- where I spell out the problem ( kids are not engaged by classics, kids just go to the internet for help and don't do the reading, kids don't like shakespeare, don't understand it, etc) doesn't have a lot of sources. My teacher( rather rudely) pointed this out, but everything is so general and... common knowledge... that I figued it was ok. Apparently I need to have sources to back sentences like "Most high school English classes follow the same pattern when it comes to reading materials. Shakespeare is like a second teacher in the classroom, always present in a poster or on the shelf. " or "One problem is that the materials are presented in much the same way: take the book home, read 10, 20, 50 pages, and the next day a class discussion that the teacher has to prod along like a child who doesn’t want to get up in the morning"

    so. I am slogging through everything I can find and finding well, nothing. I have three days to write this ten page paper because College hates me.

    I am Bipolar and at the moment it is very hard for me to think about anything, I just want to curl up and die and not think at all and the therapist can't see me for a week or three so I'm stuck.

    If you know of any peer reviewed articles I might be able to use, I would be very grateful.


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  • Top five technological advances?

    So this is a question I asked in my Informational Research Studies class, and not that many people answered because it was just a 1 hour class and we had other crap to do. But it got me thinking.

    What are, in your opinion, the top five technological advances we (as humans) have made since 1830?( or the mid 1800's. It was an arbitrary date.) I'm not just talking cellphones and Ipads, I mean- counting everything- medicines, machines, tools, electronics- all of it. You don't have to say why, or anything, but if you want to defend your picks, you can.

    I want to know what people besides my classmates would say.. seeing as my classmate's answers consisted of: Cellphones, Ipad, books (yes, books. Don't look at me, my classmates are... *sigh*) mp3, electronic dictionaries, hybrid cars and internet.

    Agree, disagree, what ever you think- What are, in your opinion, the top five (technological advances since 1830?

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  • Must haves for a computer user manuel?

    What are some must haves in a computer user manuel- what sort of things do you want in a manuel?

    what was the best computer user manuel you've read/ needed and what made it the best?

    What sort of FAQs should be addressed, in your opinion?


    This is for Linux computers, if that helps.

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  • YA novels rooted in Irish Mythology?

    Hi, I'm in an Irish Mythology class, and one of our mini-projects is to find and present on( we don't need to read it, but it'd be nice too) a Young Adult novel with some basis in Irish mythology.

    The Sidhe, Moriggain, Cuchulainn, Tara, Tir Na Nog, Changelings.... things like that. Sadly, despite the rise in myth based novels, Irish mythology is getting left out :( I can find English, Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, and Mayan, but no Irish! Or at least, very little.

    I was going to use Singer by Jean Thesmen, but someone else presented on it, so I'm stuck. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very glad to hear them. Please :)

    Thanks! Go raibh maith agaibh!

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  • itouch App help-where are they?

    Ok, today I bought my first iWhatever, an Itouch. I really like a game my friend has on hers, so I used the app store ON THE ITOUCH to buy it. as it loaded, i could see the little Icon, but then the screen wet dark. when I did the " slide to unlock thing" the app was gone. here in lies my problem- I can't find the dratted thing on the screen. I tried " search the ipod" thing, nothing. but the app store says i bought it. what gives?

    Also, when buying from the App store online/in itunes, there isn't a section for " itouch" apps, just Ipad and Iphone. do the iPhone apps work on the Itouch, or should I give up and take the think back to the store?

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  • YA Book recommendations- no romance.?

    I'm out of books to read and was hoping you awesome people might have some recommendations. I like fantasy, but I like most anything, aside from non-fic and romance.

    I'd rather read books aimed at young adults, preferably with very, very little romance. I'm looking for Children/ teenagers saving the day type books, but I don't care if it's from some mythical evil, non-magical criminals or nature. something like Treasure Island Kids is great, or something like fablehaven. I'm into super powered kids, but really, I'll read just about anything at this point.

    smart villains and/or hostage taking/ kidnapping as part of the plot is a plus.

    If you can, name more obscure books, as i spend too much time at the book store and know the newer books pretty well.

    also, fanfiction that meets any of this criteria is welcome. just keep it K+

    thanks again!

    ( also, if you put down ' Twilight', or anything similar, know that you have zero chance of getting best answer.)


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  • hypothetical question regarding heaven and who goes there?

    Ok, so I've been told by many, many people that I'm going to hell, yada, yada, yada. I'm not interested in that- I've got a question that I ask all typical Christians and I've never, ever, gotten a clear answer- or any answer.

    the question is this:

    say there lived a woman, in..say, South America, in the year...300BC. she has no way of knowing there is a God, or Jesus, or anything. But lets say that this woman never commits adultery, or is cruel to another living being. Lets say she raises orphans and feeds the hungry and mourns with those who mourn and gives all she has to those less fortunate. Lets say she is the kindest, most Christlike person you can think of( barring our Lord, of course.) lets say she treats everyone with love and respect, never gossips or breaks any of the commandments( that she knows nothing of). Lets say that this woman is pretty close to perfect. Heck, lets give her a heroic death, saving little children from certain death. Lets say that had she lived in this time and place, she would have accepted Jesus into her heart and lived the same way she(hypothetical) actually did back in 300BC South America

    If such a woman lived, or anyone like this hypothetical woman, would she( or he) go to Hell and be punished for all eternity simply for being born in the wrong time and place, thus insuring that she had no chance to accept Jesus as her lord and Savior?

    If God is perfect( and I believe that He is) and God loves his children( and I believe He does) than why would He condemn so many of them- of us- to unending torment for something outside of our control?

    I've asked this in person to many Christians, and I get the same answer- the hypothetical woman ' Should have accepted Jesus'. ( even though in this hypothetical situation, this is clearly impossible.

    so I ask you, and ask that you tell me not what your religion tells you but what you personally believe.

    thanks, and have a wonderful day/night/afternoon.

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  • When did the first modern showers( with hot water and plumbing) become wide spread?

    A classmate of mine is writing a story set in the 1920's, and one scene has the protagonist take a shower, which confused me.

    the character isn't rich, and the story takes place in New York City- I was trying to find a date- even a year or decade- when heated showers became privatized and wide spread.

    please don't say, ' the Greeks' I don't care who invented the shower or when- I know that. I want/ need to know when heated water and plumbing were used in showers in NYC, or around the time they became affordable.

    if anyone has any info, I would be most grateful. my knowledge of early NYC only extends to 1911, and I'm interested in learning more, as well as trying to correct my classmate.

    thank you.

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  • How much do you really know about Thanksgiving?


    1. The Pilgrims fled England during the reign of:

    A. George III

    B. James I

    C. Alfred the Great

    D. Richard the Lionhearted

    2. Upon leaving England, the Pilgrims' destination in the New World was:

    A. Jamestown

    B. Barbados

    C. Cape Cod

    D. Las Vegas

    3. The Pilgrims chose to escape to Holland when persecution became too great because:

    A. They knew they could find work there

    B. Several Pilgrims had relatives there

    C. They liked tulips

    D. There was greater religious freedom in Holland

    4. "Pilgrim" and "Puritan" are two words that mean the same thing.

    True _____ False _____

    5. The world's first document of self-government under God was:

    A. The Magna Carta

    B. Code of Hammurabi

    C. Mayflower Compact

    D. U.S. Constitution

    6. The Pilgrims' religious leader while in Holland was:

    A. William Brewster

    B. John Robinson

    C. Hans Brinker

    D. William Bradford

    7. How many passengers died on the two-month voyage from England to the New World?

    A. One

    B. None

    C. 50

    D. No one knows

    8. Who wrote the following quote? "All great and honorable actions are accomplished with great difficulties and must be both enterprised and overcome with answerable courages."

    A. Benedict Arnold

    B. Abraham Lincoln

    C. William Bradford

    D. Frederick Douglass

    9. What did Samoset say when he first met the pilgrims?

    A. I want to go aboard your big canoe

    B. Do you have any beer?

    C. This is my land. You must leave.

    D. Nothing, because he hadn't learned English yet

    10. The majority of the passengers on the Mayflower were Pilgrims.

    True _____ False _____

    11. The Mayflower arrived in the New World in:

    A. May

    B. June

    C. July

    D. November

    12. Three months after the Mayflower landed:

    A. Ten people had died

    B. No one had died

    C. Half had died

    D. All the children had died

    13. What was the name of the other ship that accompanied the Mayflower when the Pilgrims sailed for the New World?

    A. The Fortune

    B. The Speedwell

    C. The Titanic

    D. The Lusitania

    14. Which statement is not true about the Pilgrims:

    A. They were a cheerful people

    B. They wore colorful clothing except on Sundays

    C. They were known for their perseverance in the face of hardship

    D. They only ate cod on Fridays

    15. Which is not true: The Pilgrims…..

    A. Immediately found a suitable site for their colony near Plymouth

    B. Took six weeks to decide where to start building

    C. Lost some of their buildings to a fire

    D. Took over an abandoned Indian village

    16. Who had the idea for the Mayflower Compact?

    A. John Williams

    B. John Brown

    C. John Robinson

    D. John Smith

    17. Who helped the pilgrims through their first winter by showing them how to plant and fertilize corn?

    A. Massasoit

    B. Squanto

    C. Sacajewea

    D. Samoset

    18. The Pilgrims maintained peaceful relations with the Indians for 50 years largely through the efforts of:

    A. Myles Standish

    B. John Alden

    C. Cabot Lodge

    D. William Bradford

    19. The pilgrims were greeted soon after landing by:

    A. Squanto

    B. Samoset

    C. George Washington

    D. Nephi

    20. Plymouth's first governor was:

    A. Josiah Schwarzenegger

    B. William Brewster

    C. John Carver

    D. William Bradford

    20. The first rodent the Pilgrims saw was:

    A; Plague Rat

    B: No one knows

    C: Mickey Mouse

    D: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Squirrel

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  • converting audio from windows movie maker to an mp3 file?

    ok, so i have an mp3 player, just that, no visual/video stuff on it, just a dinky mp3 player.

    there's a track/song on a cd that i really like, but most of it is just talking(audio book) and only part of the track is the music i want( not background music, the characters start singing.). so i went, on the advice of other questions on this site, to windows movie maker to edit the track down to just the song, and i did not include and visuals in the 'video" then i saved it and now i'm a bit stuck. i can play the thing on windows media player just fine, but i can't add it to my library, burn it, or even rate it/rename it. is there anyway i can convert the audio to an mp3 file, or did i waste my time last night trying to figure it out? any help is appreciated, i'm pretty new to this kind of thing, and computers dislike me anyway


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  • Re-writing an old story of mine, quick question?

    my freshmen year, I wrote a fantasy book, or I tried to. 60 pages in, I realized I had no clue where I was going, all my characters were sues/ reacted to things the same, and the whole thing was terribly overdone

    the other day, I started toying with the idea again, and started to re-write the whole thing. I DO NOT need help with the plot, but I do have a problem

    each of the four main characters has a guardian spirit, a sort of protector. they take the shape of animals.

    at first they were an owl, a cat, a dog and a wolf, but I felt that having a wolf is a bit trite, and having both a dog and a wolf is redundant.

    so I'm trying to come up with replacements- ideas?

    ( I am keeping the cat( a house cat) and owl)

    The wolf was to represent strength, the dog friendship, if it helps.

    mythical creatures are ok, but cannot be bigger than a horse- certain scenes that i don't want to change reqiures smaller animals

    thank you in advance.

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  • character speeches? any book?

    ok, so i need a monologue, preferable from a book. a speech is fine as well, better even. i would prefer fantasy, but anything goes( fictional!)- must be a girl talking, and teen aged.

    i'd ask that it be emotional, but more of a 'sad' or 'pleading' or 'motivational' emotional than angry. i don't need angry. please help me- i've searched on line for hours, and scoured my bookshelf's.

    i'd prefer it not be by the Bard, because i find it hard to act out/ or truly find myself in the character- modern is good, and clear language is best.

    thankyou so much for your help- if you have just the book and character, that is fine, more detail is great, and if you give me a webbsite with several, i'll give you best answer, as well as thumbs up it later on( giving you a point, i think) thanks so much!

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  • Pokemon music........?

    what is your favorite of the Pokemon songs? this include the themes as well as the songs from soundtracks, like brother my brother, if only tears could bring you back, the time has come, etc. I'm looking for songs from the latter, but any fave is fine.

    what is your fave Line from said song? why?

    best answer will be chosen.

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  • Who else agrees with me....?

    when i say that i am very sick of this 'Anna A' person? i mean, for real, the pics she keeps ranting about are no worse than pics of models of other races. what do you think she thinks she can accomplish?

    can you spare a star? please? i WILL be picking best answer, by the way

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  • I'm having a hard time finding a YA fantasy book online, can anyone help?

    it is the third in a trilogy, but all i can find is a volume with the first two. " the secret of the unicorn queen' the first two books are called ' Swept away!' and 'Sun Blind', by Josepha Sherman and Gwen Hansen.

    the third is apparently called 'the final test' but i can't seem to find it online anywhere, or in any of about 7 bookstores, including a fantasy only store.

    the website on the back of the book isn't valid anymore, or something, but the copy i have came out in 2004. the publishing Company is 'Del Rey Imagine'

    does anyone have a way for me to see if the book was ever even written? or if so, a place to buy it? thanks a ton.

    ps, only answer if you think you can be sort of helpful, or want to offer what not to do- don't say "that sucks, read this instead..."

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  • where can i download songs onto Windows media player 10- without having to pay fees?

    i just got an mp3 player, my first one ever, and i need some sites where i can download free music- the catch- i need it to work with windows media player 10. so don't say it won't work.

    and i don't want anything that makes me put in more info than nickname and email address- i don't want to sign up for any 'plans' or scams- nothing.

    does such a site exist?

    give me as many as possible, please..


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  • i need books.NO TWILIGHT. AT ALL!?

    i'm a teen. i like fantasy.i don't like romance, except in tiny does,and when it is secondary to the main plot. please give me some suggestions.

    if it helps, im between the ages of 14-17

    i repeat, i like fantasy, i hate romance. i definetly hate twilight. and yes, i've read it. i still hate it.

    i'v read tamora peirce, erin hunter, bruce covill, meg cabot( didn't like her quite as much as the others) robin mickinley, brandon mull andmany popular teen fantasy authors. i'm looking for lesser known books. can you help?


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  • what happened on 'wacko's wish?'?

    a long time ago, with my cousins, i saw the first half of the animaniac's 'wacko's wish'

    but i never saw the ending! can someone tell me what happened? or maybe the whole story? please? i'm not picky, but details would be nice.

    iv'e been wondering about this for years!

    thank you!

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  • looking for a good book, read details?

    im out of books to read.

    i like almost anything, so long as its NOT NON-FICTION or HORROR, i repeat, not.

    i like mysteries and fantasy the best.

    i am a young teen, so no adult stuff

    and i DID NOT like 'a great and terible beauty,' and i do not like vampires or witchcraft. thank you.

    i want only CLEAN books, things that are appropriat for say, an 11 year old, as i have no interest in...that stuff.

    girl or boy protagonists, it all works.

    animals too.

    realistic fiction is ok, but like i said, mysteries and fantesy is best.

    no depressing stuff!


    the last time i popsted this, i got about 15 anwsers.

    all of them were things like


    and 'a great and terible beauty'

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  • i'm looking for a young adult book, came out late last year?

    i saw it at barns and noble, but did not have enough money to get it. i can't remember the title or author

    im pretty sure that the title was one word, sothing like 'strangers' or 'wishes' . it had a blue cover (hard back) and the illistraition lookd very similer to brett helquist's.

    all i remember was this :

    it is about three kids who were chosen to be 'heros' or 'champions' but somthing went wrong, and they are needed ten years to soon, so they have to ....this is were i forget.

    it was hadrdcover, in the new books section around december/november. i could not locate it on b&n .com, but they don't have half the books that they sell on their, so i do not trust it.

    if you can help, i'd be very gratefull.

    also, if you can recomended me a good book (im 15, but i prefer books ment for 13 year olds because i hate reading about sleeze and romance and sex.) i like anything except sifi and nonfiction


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