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  • what do u guys think of this new idea as vampire story plot?

    Who says that once you become a vampire, you will be vampire forever? Whoever says this probably does not know what a vampire look like. Vampires are creature out of sins, death and balance of human world. We were created by god’s will. His intention is bring the world justice. God feels very disappointed in human, aren’t’ human supposedly to live on another? So good created us to bring out his justice, thus we were not creatures from Hell. No matter how long it take, as long as one vampire kills 2406 people, thus she can reincarnated and then become a human again. I know you must have a question in mind, so how come there still lots of vampires out there and how do I know whether is there an ex-vampire in my school or not? Silly you, didn’t I tell you already that our ancestors were created by god? God is very “wise”, so he created this rule called karma. What goes around comes back around. After a vampire completely the task, we must stay in hell for a long time (depending on how many innocent people she had killed or tuned). Then the reincarnation part, as far as I have heard, nobody will remember what they have done or what they were. As far as about the hell part, hell is not a big playground. A lot of us are either doing solo or couple, there is no such thing as family in our world. Generally there are two kinds of vampire out there; you either want to kill 2401 people as soon as possible or you wants to stay in vampire forms as long as possible. Me, I belong to the latter category. I want to stay in vampire as long as possible; I have been around the world about 200 years, I have been killing 2398 people. There was some killing that was unavoidable like during the war time. During WW2, BEFORE THE Pearl Harbor event, I was station over there, when American joined the war, I become a monster, I killed lots of people, about 1500 had died under my mouth.

    We, vampires are not very different from you. Although we do suck the blood, but blood is most nasty thing in the world, but we have to drink it once in several month. Otherwise we will die. By once in a several months I mean as a whole adult person’s blood, so is 5-6 litters. Like I said, we were created by god. There are only a few differences between you and me. Sharp teeth (check but not that sharp), red eyes (no), high speed (only a bit faster), always 20/20 (check), extra membrane on skin (check for protection), kill by holy water (no, remember what did I said), healing faster (check), sun light (no, same reason as holy water), silver bullet can kill us (check, actually pretty much any modern weapon that can kill human will kill us too. He forgot to upgrade us) and no aging (yes we do just 10 time slower then you do). The main differences are extra protection, healing faster and aging slower. I know have another question for me. What if a vampire gets kill before he/she complete the task? Well, those vampires will have to stay at bottom of hell forever. That’s why I choose to be the one that can stay in the vampire form as long as possible. First, I don’t have to go hell so fast, secondly people won’t notice me if I’m on TV every week. (American’s most wanted)

    Main character, first person narrative is a vampire, female. Who is almost complete her task, but she wants to stay in the vampire form as long as possible. She travels all around the world to visit all kind of jail, live like a normal person except having a refrigerator full with sinful blood. One day, she meets a guy on a bus (other main character), he is on his way to an interview. She finds him very attractive, as human’s so-call love. She fell in love with that guy and then find out that guy turns out to be the one who killed her mate in his previous life time. The reason she recognized him because after he killed her master, she had to chasing him to seek the revenge while admire his strength and intelligent and fells in love with him but in the end she killed him. That was the biggest regret she ever made. After 150 years, she face the situation again except this time he is a innocent man. Now this vampire is facing the biggest challenge in her life, kill her lover and his friends, a hallway pass to bright hell and future or get killed by her love.

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  • medical fields in USAF?

    Can somebody tell me more about medical fields in USAF, here is my background infos, going to have fourth semester in a college, planning to drop out due to various reasons (like low gpa). So im planning to join air force. and Im planing to be a physical therapy in the future. so can somebody tell me more infos about it. and btw what's the different between navy hospital corpsmen and medical fields in af. whats the apprentice?? require anything for that i mean except asvab score???

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  • Is this possible?? Navy Hospital Corpsman?

    Next semester of college will be my fourth semester. After 3 semesters of college, I found out that I'm too lazy to study. and I also have been thinking about join us navy. I have two friends in navy, one of them is going to be hm. so I have been thinking join them as well. so here is my plan,join navy for four years, go back to school with GI bill. then fo to grad school study for physical therapy after that working in va hospital. so here is my questions, is this scenario possible?? I mean beside try hard then anything is possible. And will the experience in navy help me at all? I mean like being a hm will the experience transfer toward college credits? Will this experience help me in my grad school application? And if I get in C school, what rate is closer to physical therapist? last but no least will i have a clean start after i return to college(im planning to go to another college). by clean start, i mean my grade, because, see here is another reason I will like to join navy, i just check my college transcript yesterday and its around 2.3, c + gpa. So hmm, can somebody help me here? thank you in advance and happy new year

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  • should i go for navy or not?

    okay here is my situation, i came from another country about 4 1/2 years ago with green card. i graduate from hs about 2 years ago with 85 gpa. right now im in a public school, not really know what to do in the future. when i first entered the college i was thinking about majoring in bio, go to med school. but after i took bio 101 n 102, i get really really bad grade, so my gpa now is c plus(2.3). so i have been a little but serous about joining navy. im 1/4 serious about it, 1/4convcingbecause i have two friends in navy, 1/4 touch by the benefits, the only 1/4 will be permission from my family. so have some question about it, will the navy experience help me in job hunting? Cuz if my family says yes, then I will becoming a medic in navy, here is another question,what can i do after retire, im plan to go for four years. if i go back to school will i graduate in a year because im currenly 2nd year in college. so anyway should i go for it, will the expeerience help my future job-hunting???

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  • what are some easy experiment that can be conduct?

    what are some easy experiment that can be conduct? that must meet A) relate to science, B) must something that is kind hard ( it's for my college level final paper) C) the period experiment must be at least be 8 days. D) the experiment may be a hot topic because this is a 1800 words paper. Thank you so much for answering

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  • what are the affect of irregular sleep routine?

    im doing an experiment, for the first four days, i will have regular sleep routine, go to bed around 10 30, wake up around 7 15. record the regular routine.which is what i usually do, then for the next four, my bed time will be 11 30 but still wake up in the same time. then i will have to record the difference between those tow trails. can somebody tell what are some of thing that will definitely change, i mean beside the tiredness.

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  • What kind of love have shown in Macbeth?

    What kind of love have shown in Macbeth? For example : love between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and loyal to the king Duncan, is another form of love. Can somebody give more example of it and please be as specific as possible. thank you

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  • help!!! science paper?

    how do germs cause disease? how do our bodies naturally fight germ disease? how can medical doc help us get well or prevent us from getting a microbial disease? why is germ warfare such an attractive option for emperors of evil empires? if u r an adviser to empire what would u choose to help them conquer the human world? think not just human directly

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  • what the most polite way to ask the clothes store manager whether they hire seasonal/holiday worker or no?

    what the most polite way to ask the clothes store or store like target whether they hire seasonal/holiday worker or not

    because im looking for job but due to eco so and i heard about now is the time they are hiring seasonal worker

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  • what books should put on my summer reading list?

    what books should put on my summer reading list? I am going to major on one of the science in this fall(freshman the undergrat) , can somebody give some advices that what can i read during summer time? I would like some easy book not really the textbook but not science magazines. I like to read

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  • which one should i go?

    i want become a physical therapist, well at lease on the medical track( but not the nurse), which college should i choose? CUNY-CITY COLLEGE OR BROOKLYN COLLEGE, since those two cuny i don't think cost will be different. So can somebody help me??

  • where can i find a job a web? a certain company?

    where can i find a job, I'm almost 18 years old and i live in NY, I want fINd a summer job, or long term part-time job. Can somebody tell me where can i find a job since the economic is so depress and i don't have any experience

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  • can somebody help me with this crossword puzzle (APES)?

    1 impacts on natural environments caused by humans 13 letters

    2 enterprises that promote unusual or interesting ecological sights to visitors, frequently saving the sites from development 10 letters

    3irrigation technique in which water is diverted from rivers in canals and allowed to flow onto planted fields 5 letters

    4 a device that produce electrical energy by combing hydrogen and oxygen (2 words) 8 letters

    5a severe food shortage resulting in significant increase in regional death rate 6 letters

    6 pesticides that kill a wide range of pests, non-pests, and beneficial species 13 letters

    7 the accelerating interconnectedness of human activities, adeas, and cultures 14 letters

    8 division of a landscape into patches of habitat because of road construcion, farming, or housing developments 13 letters

    9 a nuclear reactor that converts nonfissionable uranium 238 into fissionable plutonium 239 7 letters

    10 a substance that promotes a chemical reaction without being consumed by that reaction 8 letters

    tHANK you very much to the 1000000 power

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  • what happened to those radioactive waste?

    what happened to those radioactive waste, if we put salt on it. Will they decay faster will more danger. Because i learn that there is a lot of salt in world a nd its useless?

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  • how do roseate terns become endangered?what would happened if birds are not in our food chain?

    I need some information about roseate tern, how they disperse, how do human impacts effect them?

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  • can somebody tell me how to apply job at CVS web?

    can somebody tell me how to apply job at CVS web , please step by step thank you

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  • combined bachelor's and master's degree for pt?

    can somebody give me latest university lists that have a program that combine bachelor degree and master degree for physical therapist.

    the universities around NY, NJ,oR PA

  • if i want become physical therapist?

    if i want become physical therapist, what should i pick for college major, psychology or biology or biochemistry, btw what are some college offer good biochemistry program near ny

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  • 大家說英語的網站


    我之前都找的到但是像在就不行 而且好戲以前網戰不是跟空英在一起的嗎 線在好像沒有了

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  • 蛋殼和蛋膜


    1 作實驗實蛋是熟的還是生的

    2 蛋殼的化學式 如果有的話最好

    3 通常要泡多久

    4 要有詳細點的做法

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