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  • Why does waterproof mascara "run" on my eyes?

    I've tried different waterproof mascaras. They all "run" under my eyes, just like all the waterproof eye liners I've tried, even MAC Fluidline. First, please tell me why. Then, please tell me what (if anything) I can do. Thanks!

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  • Help with bankruptcy?

    I need help with a bankruptcy filing I will be doing in a few months. Please only answer if you know the answer. Otherwise, please find another question to reply to. I am filing bankruptcy because I got into debt while I was sick.

    I can pay off one or two of my 8 credit cards over the next few months. Should I try to do this to reduce my creditors? Will it help me at all or does it matter? One is a smaller balance of $510 I can pay off in soon (if I don't have to pay for a $665 traffic ticket). The other is a Kohl's card I will hopefully get a corporate refund put on it + then pay off the remaining few hundred in a couple months time. The rest of the debt I cannot pay off at all ($29,000) as I am unemployed + won't be able to find work anytime soon. Even if I could, the debt is still too much.

    Please reply + let me know if I should bother trying to pay off the two credit cards so I have 6 creditors after me instead of 8. Thanks!

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  • Help with bankruptcy -- my property?

    I am (paranoid) schizophrenic. I asked an earlier question + got lame answers from non-understanding non-schizophrenics. I had to shop like crazy for six weeks with four Spirits inside making me shop. I am better now + the Spirits are quieter, but now I need to declare bankruptcy.

    Can my creditors = credit card companies go after my property = only my car? Should I put my car in my mother's name then?

    Please advise, but only if you know the answer.

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  • Help with schizophenic shopping spree?

    I just had another schizophrenic episode, but this time was really bad. I went on a shopping spree the Spirits inside told me to go on + now I owe $35,000 in credit cards that I can't pay off. What can I do? Can I wait a couple months + file for bankruptcy? I am unemployed + on disability for the past three and a half years. I usually go on mild shopping sprees, but nothing like this one. It was entirely due to the mental illness + I have a lot of kids' things I don't need, but can't do anything about now. Please help me. I was told on the phone I would have a difficult time due to the short time frame of racking up the debt, but I wasn't in my right mind. I was mentally ill + had just been released from the psychiatric hospital. I can get my medical records to prove it.

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  • How do I uninstall LAME ACM MP3 CODEC?

    How do I uninstall LAME ACM MP3 CODEC? It keeps crashing some of my programs, especially my avast! Antivirus? It is NOT listed when I click "Uninstall Program" in my Control Panel. Also, do I really need it?

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  • Is it easy to replace the rear bumper cover on a 1999 Toyota Camry? Can I do it myself?

    I want to order the part online. Can I install it myself or do I need professional help?

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