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  • New to 35mm camera ~?

    I have obtained a Canon Rebel G, have users manual but it is written as though I already know what I am doing with things like shutter speed and aperture settings, manual exposure settings and so on. Having a great time with auto settings but want to learn how to really put this camera to use. Any reccomendations on decent books? Researched Canon, their site was not impressive. Advise from professional photographers or anyone who knows more than I do will be appreciated.

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  • Why doesYAHOO ANSWERS refuse to allow sociall sensitive or personally controversial queries to be answered?

    Earlier, I tried to answer a ques. From a kid who is wanting to know how to deal with being bullied. A moment ago, I tried to help a girl dealing with depression after getting dumped, both times~ and many others in the past, trying to answer sensitive questions ~ rcvd a "404 not found" message. It's like YAHOO doesn't have the guts to allow this forum to be used for truly serious purposes, just silly fluff and nattering. What is going on? Oh, and if YAHOO should see fit to "dock" me or censure me for this gripe, YAHOO can "Boche mio culo" cos I deserve an honest answer and I am sick of this crap.

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  • My hair has gone to the dogs..?

    I'm 44, still have a good head of hair. Slight widows peaks at temples, have always kept it long. I grew up @ sea level, spent most of my life in thick humid air. Been living in New Mexico for 5 years and my hair looks like crap, very dry, brittle split ends that I keep having to trim off. It's now just at shoulder length, was mid~sternum length when I moved here. My hair is rather fine, slightly curly, tended to be on the oily side at sea level, I use a moisturizing shampoo& cond, by paul mitchell, tryin to avoid products that have alcohols. help?

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  • Having trouble with some latin..?

    Mortem semper caput hircumae : "Death unto Goat Heads" my latin is rusty as hell, I have no dictionary to properly translate into proper form. I live in new Mexico and ride a bike a LOT, tumbleweed plant seeds are hellon wheels. Ha ha.

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  • Concerning BBC series " Hamish Macbeth" ~?

    how many seasons in whole are there? I know the series is based on the books (only one of which I have read and it had me laughing my **** off) and am hoping there are a good numer of seasons left to me, I am now starting disc 2, season 2. As well, if anyone is familiar with a wonderfully Ghastly series called the League of Genleman?( this is a local shop...for local people..there's nothing for YOU here..) How many seasons?..( you heard the man, Tubbs...Take off your clothes..)

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  • MMA matches seem to have evolved from tests of skill and intuitive prowess to a dueling match?

    decided by which fighter makes best use of the limitations of bout/match rules ~ much like boxing. As such, the events seem to have become more like boxing matches with greater provision on exactly how one can knock the tar out of another. What do you think would have to happen within the rulesets or otherwise to have these events return to being tests of skill? I know the phrasing of the question is NOT all that precise but I believe there are folk out there who will gwt the gist of it well enough to formulate some kind of decent answer, thanks to those who answered my prior query, sorry I allowed it to expire before choosing a best answer...all answers were really, really good!

    4 AnswersMartial Arts9 years ago
  • Concerning my Virtual Location in Cyberspace ~ I have been paying realllly close attention to the structure ?

    of queries posed as of late, the length of time it takes for yahoo to register a best answer to my email, the flow of traffic on the questions board in relation to the chronological time I log on and spend here..*deep breath* and have started having the sneaky suspicion I have somehow ended up in Yahoo Answers U.K. Not that I mind this, really...not at all...I am simply wondering how this may have occured as I did not willfully jump server nodes. Is there any way to tell where the blue hells I am in cyberspace?.....the game is afoot, and I shall discern the truth in time one way or the other...

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • Concerning the antibiotic Pennicillin~?

    to the best of my quite extensive knowledge, it cannot be weaponized in any way, it does have a shelf life, some people have an allergy to it that can be life threatening. ~ Peanuts, strawberries, wheat bread, drinkeable alcohol, eggs....and much more...all have a shelf life and there are people who have dire allergic reactions to them. Granted, therse are foods and not medications, but asprin as well is not good for some yet like all the above listed, can be bought for a song just about anywhere. ~ Why is Pennicillin available only with a perscription? I have been fighting a sinus infection for two months. Had it beat and it came back. To get penn. , I have to pay a doctor to tell me what I already know and then pay again for the scrip to be filled, roughly $120 as I live hand to mouth and have no insurance. WTF?

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  • ..concerning the accepted blends of combat arts used in MMA sports : I understand that in the ring, one is NOT?

    attempting to kill or permantly maim thier opponant so certain arts like kempo, hap ki do and jujutsu are ...more or less unacceptable...but what about arts like wing chun and tai chi chuan? Seems to me there would be a LOT of benefit to being able to simply "not be there" when a strike comes your way and then turn the attack used against you back onto your opponant. Please understand I know VERY little about the Of mma ring fighting *duh* and I absolutly do not mind being laughed at so long as I can get a solid answer. I want to get more enjoyment out of watching UFC fights and such, have been really frustrated with all this, took me a while to figure out how to properly phrase this question...

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  • I recently invested in an old sailing ship which I intend to fit out as a pirate vessal, have obtained a ?

    a smashingly terrific design for our ensign; modifications to ship to accomodate guns are going well but I am having horrendous difficulty in obtaining acceptable crew. Since those vermon of the street are otherwise unemployed, I pressed several score into service and had my man Bazza flog them but to no avail, these reffians simply won't behave like pirates! I had thought such behavioral operandi were ingrained~ I need a fast solution. I was thinking have ten of them keelhauled*whatever that is*while the rest all watch and perhaps fear will shock the piracy into them?

    1 AnswerOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • I got stone~sotted on gin last evening and decided to go Mad for a while; tore through the streets as ?

    though wholly deprived of my senses! In the course of my jolly adventure, I accidentaly caused a fire that burnt down a row of brick shacks that line the avenue on Highmeade~ don't you know those ridiculous bankers have had the nerve to assume that just because thay are disgustingly rich, they may claim right to being my social equals and have sought to sue me in court! We all know that Mad men are touched by God and therefore immune to Law as being Divinely Inspired~the fire was an Act Of God, therefore, thier suit has no basis. I had considered going in Stewed Mad and burning the building down, but I don't know how to get a torch and can of Kerosene past the bailiff. Any ideas?

    2 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation9 years ago
  • I have taken up the Art of the Crossbow recently and have, of course, become an expert in no time at all. ?

    I organised from amongst my servants a company intended to re~live Williams Tellstriumph; selected the fifth butlers halfwit grandchild to play the part of the lad with the apple on his head. We had no apples and I was set to use a grape, but don't you know~that damned butler began creating the most awful racket in chorus with the halfwit's family. Naturally, I was forced to shoot them all for Mutiny or Treason or somesuch; one can hardly remember with all the fuss that has come of it. The remainder of my staff have organised a "sit in"~such nonsense! and have seated themselves on my fine sealskin carpeted floors, refusing me the right of thier God Given purpose! I am inclined to have them all put down in order to contain whatever strange ailment seemes to have overcome them but if I do, I shall be forced to indenture more of thier ilk and that would distupt my pagent. Should I just flog them as I usually do or use a time schedule from this point foreward?

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  • Whilst hunting in my splendid wooded acreage, I happened apon a rather spotty looking urchin who, apon seeing?

    me, immediatly took to his heels. Naturally I gave persuit and soon gained apon him~to make a long story short, he is one of several in a family of revolting outlaws who, I am quite sure, have the Black Death! I have ordered them shut up in thier tatty hovel in the manner described by Daniel Defoe and have set my men Mongo and Bazza to keep watch. I am afraid, though, it shall come to nought and I shall eventually have to burn thier plague ridden hovel to the ground. Ought I dispense with formality and just be done with it or wait and see what fortune holds? If they survive, they will be so thankful for my good sense they shall be naturally inclined to serve me for life. If it all goes off, I shan't be able to hunt for a good while. What do you think I ought do? This is ever so meddlesome.

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  • Earlier this morning I attempted to hire a lawyer for a most important legal matter and things did NOT go as ?

    they ought have*see prev. Queries listed on stats board* and after several attempts to compose myself I was forced to gang myself away to Mdm. Briscoes Gin Tavern in Highmead. I have been here all day, drinking myself blind and cannot go home for all that the house is surrounded by that damned lawyers stupid family who are frenzied beyond understanding and howling for my head on a stick! I require someone to go round to my home and fetch my man Mongo and have him sort these lowlifes out but for the life of me cannot recall where I left the key to his cell. If there should be an enterprising sort of fellow in need of employment, I shall happily hire him to give those bounding do~nothings thier just desserts for hazing me and see to it he has all the gin he can stomach for a week as his proper reward. Industrious persons of questionable breeding are preferred, apply at Mdm Briscoes in Highmeade, just across from the Sungate Orphanage. Pls have referances detailing prior Bully~boy and Blackgaurd experience.

    2 AnswersLaw & Legal9 years ago
  • Not long ago, I made some changes to my property and was forced to aknowledge the fact that the Stalwartness ?

    of the Lower Classes is nought but puffery; I sought to hire a certain Lawyer to press suit 'gainst the spotty common mobbery for misrepresentation and such~ long story and not enough brandy, so...Well, wouldn't you know the lawyer I sought to hire told me it couldn't be done! HA! Can you Imagine? Well, had I my walking stick, I would have flogged him most soundly for his stupidity but as it was broken by that wicked maid, I had no recourse but to fling him out the open window of his office. Don't you know, JUST to spite me~rather than sensibly tumble himself across the top of a passing cab drivers carraige, the damn fool actually hurled himself headlong into the street and dashed his brains out on the cobbles! Since he had not the sense to take his walking stick with him, I immediatly snatched it up, ran out and began flogging him for his terminity which so aggreived the G.P that in no time at all I found myself alone in the middle of the street. Dash it all, I need a lawyer worth his salt! Reccomendations?

  • Having recently assumed the venture of training orphans to serve as living paving stones apon my fabulous ?

    crystal sherd gatepath, I have come apon the most horrific discovery and in my Outrage, am somwhat dispossesed of a naturally sufficient solution. The orphans, being of the motly lower classes, are supposed to engender the sturdy reputation of dependability and a solid desire to please thier betters but don't you know!!!~ the scabeous blighters have actually risen against me, foresworn thier Task and have had the insufferable gall to allow themselfes to be sliced all to flinders by my fine gatepaths sherds of crystal and have intentionally, to the last child, murdered themselves! What Nerve! What Outrageousness! It is my intent to sue the whole of the lower classes for False Advertising and Failure to live up to Expectations, as they are suppose to be so stalwart and sturdy yet have utterly failed to serve me thier God Given purpose. I require the listing of a lawyer who can persue this litigation at once, preferrable someone with a listing in Mayfair, of course.

    1 AnswerCommunity Service9 years ago
  • I decided to have my gatepath paved with sherds of fine crystal, having gotten bored with the gauche look of ?

    crushed marble and while the effect is quite pleasing, I have discovered that my fine leather shoes have suffered quite horribly and have had to order my indentured cobbler make me a new pair. In order to prevent such damage to my footwear in the future and do something ecumenically charitable, I thought to press 12 or 15 orphans from the local home to service as living paving stones. As I walk, each one I step from shall get up and run to the head of the line to await my approach, thereby saving me MY wonderful shoes and having the honor of being useful in the world. The problem I am facing is how to make them lie down where I want them to be without actually having to speak to them, which would never do. How can I make them receptive to mere Force of Will? Are they even intelligent enough for such training?

    1 AnswerOther - Pets9 years ago
  • Yesterday morning I decided to follow through with a wonderfully genious plan and feed one of those scabeous ?

    alley vagabonds to my Roses and happened apon an upstirs chambermaid trysting with the gardeners idiot son. Understandably outraged, I immediatly began flogging her with my walking stick for absconding her task of picking the lint from the upstairs rugs with a pair of fine silver tweezers. Don't you know she had the insidious nerve not only to wail and howl in the most disgusting way, but as well set herself against me in such a way that my stick broke apon her spine as I chased her off my property! I Now I find myself in the embarassing position of having no proper walking stick; I ought set a Policeman after the vandalous maid and have her arrested for destruction of property but this will not return me my stick. I want to have the girl properly punished, however, and thought to have her family dispossed of thier home by buying it out from under them and burning it to the ground. What to you think? Is that enough?

    3 AnswersEtiquette9 years ago
  • Concerning all the tatty urchins prowling the streets~?

    every day I venture beyond the gate of my mansion, I am beseiged by mobs of filthy, grasping street urchins~ and sometimes thier equally crusty parents~ begging for food, a handfull of pennies...whatever. Lately the whole fuss has so discommoded me that I decided to give them all What For and began flogging them with my walking stick, only to be met with the most outrageous complaints! The whole event made me late for tea with my dear friend Lord Mungbean who sugguested I try dispensing kitchen offal normally kept for composting to the awful offal of the alleys *jolly good quip there!* While the idea sounds, well, charitable enough, what ever will I do when my Roses begin to suffer for lack of nutrients? Would it be bad form to more or less requisition the least healthy of these street...folk...and retire him somewhat earlier than his own life would dictate for sake of my lovely roses? I cannot possibly see that he ought have any course for complaint, but one never know with these types.

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape9 years ago
  • For career Marines, Officers and Enlisted concerning Eagle/Anchor/Globe:?

    yes, this is a serious query, I am not frakking about or just trying to be a smartass: I grew up the son of an NIS officer and then went to work for DIA as an adult. On my first "outing" with you crazy S.O.B's..and I say that with the greatest of respect....I bothered to closely inspect, for the first time, the insignia pin you all worked so hard to earn and noticed something unusual: the anchor is fouled by a hawser line. Having grown up surrounded by order and tradition and detail and on and on ad nauseaum......., I found myself wondering why the anchor would be displayed as fouled. I did not have the balls to ask at the time. I finally did some weeks ago, carefully putting the query to a friend who earned his pin before I was old enough to drive and after a moment of quiet thought, he said...and I quote: " Because We are Uncle Sams Misbegotten Sons!". he just ringin my bell cos he knows he can or what?...sounds like a reasonable answer.....*?*

    5 AnswersMilitary9 years ago