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  • Can humans "turn off" parts of their brains?

    I know some animals, for example sharks, can do this in order to stay awake. Can humans be born or learn to do this in order to stay awake for extended periods of time?

    Is it even possible? If yes, for how long?

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  • Where can teens get help for depression?

    Teen dealing with stress and school-work related depression. I have been to the school guidance counselor (not to deal with depression) and I'm not comfortable talking with him about my issues. I fear my parents and older siblings would misunderstand the problem. I feel that going to a teacher would land me in the guidance office.

    I want to know what I can do to improve my mood first. I take vitamin D pills and get a lot of regular exercise. I have pretty bad people skills, but a few very good friends who I like a lot. I wouldn't say I have self-esteem issues. Please help. Its hard to stay focused and get things done when you're sad and feel like crying all the time.

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  • Where do I begin reading comic books?

    So I recently became very fascinated with superheros, especially the Avengers. A lot of this has come from the Avengers movie phenomenon and all its affiliated movies. It makes me want to read the back stories from the original comics. My problem is that there is an incredibly vast number of comic books and I don't really understand how each of the series work. I'm looking for a good place to start reading and collecting but I have no idea where to begin. I'm more interested in Marvel than DC. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to begin? Thanks.

    P.S.- I'm a teenage girl so I don't have any friends who would be interested in this type of thing or could help me.

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  • Wearing leg braces to bed?

    I'm a dancer. I do many types including hip hop and ballet which both put a heavy strain on your legs, forcing them to move in unnatural ways. Usually after practice I ice both of my knees and ankles and quite often I take a light pain killer (ibuprofen). Some one recently told me about an interesting theory to keep my legs from hurting as much: wearing leg braces at night. As in wearing a ankle boot. The same type you get when you sprain an ankle or something. This supposedly would help align your ankle when your not moving. I'm a very heavy sleeper so this wouldn't be a problem for me. Has anybody ever heard of somebody doing this? What are some pros and cons? How effective would it be?


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  • Latin Translation help please?

    Dum raeda in fossa manebat, Marcus et Sextus vehicula exspectabant. Longum erat silentium.

    Diu nullum vehiculum apparet. Tandem Marcus murmur rotarum audit et procul nubem pulveris conspicit.

    Sextus, “Quid est, Marce? Estne plaustrum?”

    Marcus, “Minime, fatue! Plaustra onera magna ferunt. Tarda igitur sunt. Sed illud vehiculum celeriter appropinquat.”

    Sextus, “Ita vero! Praeterea equi illud vehiculum trahunt. Boves plaustra trahunt. Fortasse est raeda.”

    “Non est raeda,” inquit Marcus. “nam quattuor rotas habet raeda. Illud vehiculum duas tantum rotas habet.” “Est cisium!” clamat Sextus. “Ecce, Marce! Quam celeriter appropinquat! Fortasse est vir praeclarus qui ab urbe Neapolim iter facit.”

    “Minime, Sexte!” respondet Marcus. “Non est vir praeclarus, nam tunicam, non togam, gerit. Fortasse est alius tabellarius.”

    Praeterit cisium. Tum nubem pulveris tantum vident et murmur rotarum audiunt. Tandem silentium.

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  • How do you start a conversation with your romantic interest?

    So there's somebody I have met at school and I would really like to get to know. All the most wonderful qualities. Funny, smart, cute, and super nice. My issue is I'm having trouble starting conversations. It's hard to get to know somebody when your mind goes blank every time your around the you know? Does anyone have some helpful tips or conversation starters? Much appreciated!

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  • What is a good text processing software?

    I'm looking for something that can take a .jpg file or a .gif file or a .pdf file with a screen shot of text or a text copied from a book and turn it into text i can copy, paste, format, and change in a program such as Microsoft Word. Does such a thing exist? What is it called?

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  • What are the effects of Adrenaline and/or Adrenaline pills?

    Can it help you study and get homework done more efficiently? Does it make you stronger/quicker/more alert? Can it keep you from becoming tired and sleepy or help you stay awake at night? Can you become addicted? If so how easily? What happens once you're addicted? Is it over-the-counter/ legal in pill form? Does it come in other substances (like caffeine does)? Can it help with memorization?

    If you can answer any of these questions that would be great! Thanks!

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  • Current Events in Africa?

    I have a current event project in Global Studies. I need to follow and find articles on an event in Africa in a specific country. Any country/topic suggestions? This needs to be something that I can trace back a few weeks and will continue to be important for at least the next month or so.

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  • How much would you spend on a shopping spree if you were trying to impress a billionaire?

    I'm writing a story about a 20 something kid who meets a billionaire in the mall and become friends with him. The upsetting bit is that this kid is a computer engineer and the guy he meets is a computer engineer his same age. He gets all jealous and goes on a huge spending spree buying all sorts of things he never used to care about. How much do you think this guy should spend in the mall in a period of 4-8 hours buying new brand name shirts, jeans, watches etc....?

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  • Could somebody critique this short story beginning?

    I have to write a shirt story for school (it should be noted that I REALLY struggled on this assignment). Without changing grammar stuff could you tell me your thoughts on the ideas and concepts in the story? What mood you think it portrays etc.? I only have the first quarter-half and not sure where to go from there so if you have any novel suggestions foe an ending that would be great. Here it is:

    The scent of lavender was overpowering. Victor Williams walked into the store, his pale grey eyes grooming the department store for something in his budget but also decent for his girlfriend. Of course his girlfriend knew he was practically broke, but loved him anyway. However, just at the moment Victor didn’t care he needed something to give her because on Saturday night he planned to propose and a small cheap ring wasn’t enough for Kathleen. At least, it was cheap for an engagement ring. His parents had paid for that ring and he wasn’t going to let them make tomorrow special. He was going to make it amazing all on his own. He saw a crystal flower on the counter in front of a huge mirror with a crystal border. The flower was a pink glass, looked hand crafted, and almost fifteen hundred dollars. That was nothing compared to the cost of the ring, but still out of Victor’s budget. He looked into the mirror. The single most worrisome aspect of his proposing to Kathleen was that she would say no because of money issues. He aspired to one day be a great computer engineer, but was stilling paying off all his student loans. Having paid his way through college all his money had gone toward that and now all his money went towards paying off student loans. He looked in the mirror at his shaggy black hair and ripped jeans and at the stranger coming up behind him to look at a three dollar scented candle.

    Analyzing this figure Victor thought the stranger looked like he was in a similar situation as Victor himself. His shoes were falling apart, and there were holes in his shirt. He saw me string in the mirror and smiled. Victor realized that inside, on a rainy day, this character was wearing sunglasses. The man smiled and asked “You shopping for a girl?”

    “Yes. And yourself?” Victor answered

    “No. Well yes I’m looking for a present to give to my mother. Her birthday is coming up. She’s the only girl in my life at the moment.” the stranger said.

    As Victor had just moved to town and how this man was about his age and very friendly he decided it would be a great time to make new friends. He extended his hand “I’m Victor Williams.” The man took it and introduced himself as Mathew. Mathew then turned to look at the glass flower I had just put down. And asked “Are you gonna get that?”

    “No.” I said as he picked it up and started inspecting its quality… and price. “Out of the budget” I continued with a small laugh.

    Mathew almost broke the flower when it slipped from his hand as he tried to place it back down.

    “Budget, yes, yeah” He muttered vaguely.

    In his haste Mathew had grazed the shelf on his left with the side of his face knocking his glasses to the floor. He quickly bent down to grab them, but not before Victor saw his face. He realized who he was talking to. Standing in front of him was Matt Saunders a computer engineer, and the world’s youngest billionaire. Victor was flabbergast. He had no idea what to say or do. Dressed almost exactly like him a broke kid, in debt, using his parents money, was one of the greatest minds in the world buying a three dollar candle in a Macy’s, not even shopping for a girl, but for his own mother. Something seemed wrong with this picture. Had he been making fun of Victor? Victor suddenly became angry. He had no idea what to do. Matt realized what was going had happened as he tried to cram the cheap glasses back on his face.

    He turned to Victor. “Yeah, um I, I really think they over price. Little trinkets like that. You know? I wouldn’t want it if it was half that price. Way too much, um for something, so, yeah…” Mathew trailed off, still waiting for Victor’s reaction.

    “Matt Saunders, the billionaire, is too cheap to buy a glass flower?” Victor inquired. “And doesn’t have a girlfriend? What precisely is going on?”

    “Look, man, it’s not that strange. I mean being rich has some downsides.”

    Victor could not think of any. He wanted with all his heart to give his fiancée-to-be a romantic, lovely gift, and it felt like all the money in the world was standing in front of him, just out of reach.

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  • What exactly does 2n=6 mean regarding meiosis?

    Does that just mean there are 3 pairs of homologs?

    2 AnswersBiology8 years ago
  • Something funny......?

    Right now i feel REALLY down on life.

    Please somebody say something or tell me something I can do sitting here at 1:45 am in front of a computer that will make me laugh or feel happier.

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  • Searching for words with the Latin root "Molestus".?

    In my Latin 1 class we are each assigned Latin words and we have to find English words derived from our assigned word to present in class.

    My word was "molestus" which unfortunately has some pretty crude English derivatives.

    I already have molest and molestation of course.

    Any others?... Thanks!

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  • What kind of car is the Dylish Mobile in Geek Charming?

    The blue car owned by Dylan (Referred to as the Dylish Mobile) in the Disney movie "Geek Charming" is a very nice convertible. Does anyone know what kind of car it is?

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  • Is the Website Movie2K legal?

    If not I will stop using it, but if it is then here's my other question:

    Sometimes it does this funny thing where when I try to fast forward or rewind using the little slide-bar-thing it jumps my movie back to the very beggining. When and why does it do this? How can I get it to stop?

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  • Alcohol and Drug Free Party?

    I'm going to be a sophomore at a very prestigious high school this year. (By prestigious I mean geeky. It is very hard to get into and rated 16th in the nation.) My friend and I were thinking about having a Halloween party and inviting a ton of people from our grade, but we're not interested in drugs or alcohol. I guess if other people brought some I wouldn't really care as much. My parents will probably be present.

    However there will be popular music, snacks, soda, guitar hero, (twister?), and strobe lights.

    It will probably be a costume party which means all the girls will dress inappropriately and that's fine.

    So is this a lame idea? Remember all these people are kind of geeky.

    What can we do to entertain everybody?

    P.S. I'm a girl who isn't named Tom. The reason it says Tom for my name is because I'm using my Family account under my dads name rather than my personal Gmail account. I'm not supposed to give out my name on the internet but it starts with a C and it's french.... And it's very much a girls name.

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  • Why do adults treat teenagers like they don't know what they're doing?

    So I just turned 15. I'm a Caucasian girl who lives in the suburbs of Virginia in a nice, sheltered community. I live in a big house with both of my parents who are happily married. They both have full time jobs that they got after finishing college with PhD's. I wear nice clothes and wear a purity ring. Oh, and I just got excepted to a governors school ranked 16 in the nation.

    I hang out with some people who have pretty much no "angst".

    So tell me why it is that when I go into the Nail Salon and ask the lady how much for a nail job she looks at me like she's smelling something really bad and then tells me with a tone "It's on the sign..." and rolls her eyes. Like really now?

    I'm plucking up my courage to go into your store and pay you good money that I earned myself mowing my neighbors lawn three times a week. All I want is to go out with some friends and be treated with respect for the half hour it would take you to do your job that I'm going to give you a 25% tip on....

    And then an old lady comes in behind me with (get this) a dog and BOOM the lady puts on a smile and is like "What can I do for you?"

    NOT FAIR!!!!

    And this isn't the first time this has happened either. When I went into Walgreen's to but concealer and like the convenience store that I rode 20 minutes on my bike to to buy a bag of caramels for my little brothers birthday. Seriously!

    So my question is: Why do they all act like I'm a hobbo on the street and most importantly


    Thank You if you answer.....

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