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  • How much does it cost to have unlimited calling and texting with verizon?

    Im thinking of getting the iphone 5s but I have never ever had a plan before so I don't know how anything works. I want unlimited texting and calling with Verizon. How much would that cost per month...... Like 40$ or 50$ or 20$??? I am clueless please help!

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans7 years ago
  • What's Better? Please Help This Is My Future!?

    So I need to pick a high school to go to and I don't know which one to choose... There is a private Catholic School but you have to wear uniforms and have religion class but it is the best education you can get about 89% of the students get a scholarship to the college they want. but I don't like uniforms or religion class. Then there is a public school you can wear whatever you want no religion and you can be who you want to be and have a better chance of getting a boyfriend. but there are a lot of people who drop out and some smoke pot or weed and some are alcoholics and some people are perverts and you don't get a good education. I want to go to public school to be myself but I don't want to be raped and get into alcohol and not have a good education what do I do cause I don't like the private school????????????????????? Help!!

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  • What do I do about a very annoying kid?

    So there is this weirdo in my class whos super annoying and he will text my bestfriend about what I told her crush on the bus. My friend gets mad at me cause the annoying kid is texting her everything I do on the bus even though its not true!! She thinks I told her crush that she likes her I didn't! I asked him who he likes . but the stupid annoying kid tells her wrong and she gets mad at me a lot until I fully explain the situation! What do I do??? This stupid kid is telling her lies about what I say and I don't want to loose my friendship with her just cause of this kid. Help!!!

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  • I want long hair how do i grow it out without taking pills and such..?

    Ive been trying to grow it for 2 years now and it wont grow some people say taking pills but i dont want to do that ... i want to do it without any harm to my hair or body do i like put it in a bunch of ponytails or idkk plzz help

    3 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • Every day this girl pulls my bestfriend away from me to tell her secrets and shes ok with it...?

    It happens everyday and im sick of it i try to talk to my friend and the other girl just pulls her away from me in the middle of a conversation just to tell her secrets that she cant tell to me How do i tell her that i don't like it and i don't want to be her friend if this keeps happening. I cant even finish a sentence and my best friend thinks its ok and she says oh ill talk to you later....

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