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See my essays about Hamlet at (Be All My Sins Remembered) I'm a libertarian-anarchist and an agnostic.

  • Am I a Neanderthal-African-Native American?

    I was born in San Francisco.

    Does that make me a native American?

    If not, am I a native anything?

    As far as I know all my ancestors who were alive in 1600 were Europeans. So I'm about 3 percent Neanderthal.

    And of course all my ancestors originally came from Africa, where we first evolved. So I'm African.

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  • Help! Wrongful Yahoo Violations! What can I do?

    I've been studying Hamlet and writing about it on the Internet for over 20 years.

    Over the last 6 years, I've posted over a thousand best Answers about Hamlet. I've included links to relevant essays in my Hamlet website, which is free and ad-free. My website has an extensive collection of essays I've written about Hamlet. It also includes a copy of the whole play with hypertext links to other related lines within the play.

    But now all my Answers are being deleted as "Violations" for Violation Reason:

    "Personal Site Promotion

    In Yahoo! Answers you may not post non-commercial links to personal websites or blog, when not relevant to question or answer."

    Example of one of the "Violations"

    Question: In Shakespeare's plays, does "Writing:" mean the character is literally writing something down?

    Deleted Answer: Hamlet is writing both literally in his "tables" and figuratively in the "book and volume" of his brain. Remembrances in the Book of Their Brains - The book full of old men is very important. It is the book Polonius sees Hamlet reading . . .

    My website is relevant to every Hamlet Question I've Answered.

    It's also relevant to this question so I'll post it here:

    Smith's Hyper Hamlet -

    Here's an essay that summarizes the content:

    How to Love Hamlet -

    Also, somebody has attacked my website's Google rank. Until last week, if you Googled "Hyper Hamlet," my website would be the second one listed. Now it doesn't show up at all, although it still has a high rank in Dogpile, Bing, and Yahoo Search.

    I tried following the Yahoo Appeal link. They only allowed me one line to explain my complaint about the 10 Violations listed in each of 10 Violation emails they sent me.

    Writing about Hamlet on the web has been a major part of my life for 20 years. Now somebody is trying to wipe out all my work. Somebody please help me!

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  • Extortion by title loan company?

    When I moved into my rented house 3 months ago, there was a car in the back yard that had been abandoned by the previous tenant. Lately, thugs from a title loan company have been coming around saying they are here to take the car. I asked them to show me their legal authorization. All they showed me was a paper from the title loan company signed by the previous tenant. So I told them they cannot come on to my property until they come back with a legal warrant signed by a judge.

    They have come back several times since, without a legal warrant, and they have threatened to prosecute me for theft. All I'm doing is asserting my property rights and defending the 4th Amendment to the Constitution (which I swore to do when I joined the U.S. Army 40 years ago).

    Do the threats from the title loan company constitute felony extortion? What should I do about it?

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  • Should Michael Kinsley be fired for bigotry against obese people?

    Kinsley wrote: "So why should Christie’s weight be more than we can bear in a president? Why should it even be a legitimate issue if he runs? One reason is that a presidential candidate should be judged on behavior and character . . . . Perhaps Christie is the one to help us get our national appetites under control. But it would help if he got his own under control first.”


    Perhaps it's fair to discuss the impact of obesity on a candidate's health (although it would be better to see the medical report on him, rather than making a long-distance diagnosis based on appearance). But to claim that obese people have a character flaw that disqualifies any obese person from being President - that is raw bigotry.

    What if a columnist said that no Jew could be President because "his behavior indicates a lack of character"? But I haven't been able to find anything on the internet about demands for firing Kinsley. Why not?

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  • Anybody else had this problem? Can't install Rosetta Stone because of previous version.?

    I had Rosetta Stone German Level 1 version 4.0.12. I liked it so much that I bought Rosetta Stone German Levels 1,2,3,4,5 version 4.0.19. But when I tried to install it, it said I had to first uninstall the previous version. So I uninstalled Level 1, then searched my C drive (including hidden files) for folder & files with "Rosetta" in the name, & deleted all of them. Then I tried the installation again & got the same msg: delete prev version. I went to Rosetta Support & they told me to do all that again, then restart my PC, then run the latest version of the installer from the website. Same msg. After 3 chat sessions they said they'd escalate the problem to Tier 2. All that meant was that they sent me an email saying to do exactly what I've already done. I spent almost $500 on this pgm & it won't even install. Rosetta Support is very unsupportive. (Now I can't even re-install the Level 1 that I uninstalled.) My operating system is Windows 7.

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  • Was Shakespeare born on Easter?

    This website ( gives Easter dates in the 1500's. Unfortunately, the dates shown are for the Gregorian calendar, which wasn't used in England until after Shakespeare died. The website says Easter fell on April 12 in 1564. I think that means that in the Julian calendar, Easter of 1564 was on April 23 - Shakespeare's birthday.

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  • How do I file a complaint against Chase bank?

    Last week I deposited a large check with Chase for a claim from AIG insurance, drawn on AIG's bank. I got a Chase banker to help me make the deposit. (AIG had sent me a special kind of check book to draw on the account. When I asked them where I could cash the checks, they told me on the phone the checks were only for making bank deposits.) Chase assured me that the deposit would only be on hold til this Monday. This Monday, Chase Online said my funds were available, so I spent some of them (including all of my April pension check, for eyeglasses & other things I've needed for a long time).

    Today I tried to buy a car for $3,000 and learned that my account was overdrawn, when I should have had a substantial positive balance.

    Chase's explanation is that the check had been returned by AIG's bank because the PAY TO field was blank. When I had handed the check to the banker, I assumed that she would either stamp something in the PAY TO field or tell me what to write. While I sat in a chair by her desk, she walked off somewhere and deposited the check and brought me back a deposit receipt.

    Chase told me today that I had to write them a new AIG check by 6 PM today or they would "freeze my account." (I don't know what that means. They've already made all my funds unavailable. Does that mean that even after I give them another check, they won't let me have any of my money?) At the time I was a 2-hour bus-ride away from home (where my AIG checkbook was). The dealer let me pay for the car with a personal check from my Chase account which he said he'd hold for a few days til my bank problem was solved. So I thought I'd have time to drive home & get my AIG checkbook & deposit the new AIG check before 6. But my new used car ran out of gas because the gas gauge was stuck on one-quarter tank. So I didn't make the 6 PM bank closing time.

    Now, when I should have thousands of dollars available to me, I have only $30 and I don't know when I'll have access to any more. I might have to go to the Salvation Army (if I can reach them) to beg for food for the rest of the month. I can't drive my car because I can't buy gas. My one-month bus card expires in 2 days. I'm 61 years old and arthritic - I can't walk very far. But I won't have anywhere to go anyway because in a few days I won't have any money left for groceries.

    Thanks a lot Chase and AIG execs. Are you enjoying your bonuses?

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  • Does anybody besides me think the ending of The Kids Are Alright wasn't intended as a "happy ending"?

    Lesbian doctor comes on to a patient in the ER. (Isn't that unethical?)

    They become a couple.

    The doctor squashes her partners ambition to become an architect and makes her a stay-at-home wife.

    Each partner has a child with the same anonymous sperm donor.

    About 18 years later, the would-be architect is trying to start a landscaping business.

    The doctor gives her grudging financial support along with a lot of passive-agressive discouragement.

    The doctor is extremely self-centered. She notices her partner only when putting her down (figuratively and literally).

    Even in bed, the would-be architect goes down under the sheets while the doctor watches TV and criticizes.

    The kids send a message to their father (the sperm donor) asking him to meet them. The father agrees.

    The father had once had a high-paying job but he quit that because it didn't give him time to have a life. Now he has a moderately successful organic-food restaurant. He's a very empathetic, nice guy. He develops a friendly, supportive relationship with the kids and with the would-be architect. He hires her to landscape his back yard. He is honestly apreciative of her landscaping talent. They begin an affair, initiated by her. They fall in love.

    The doctor finds out about the affair and orders an end to it. She breaks off all contact of the family with the father. Near the end, the son tells his mothers that he's glad they stayed together, because they're too old to break up.

    I liked the movie until the horrible ending. But after a couple days I finally realized that it wasn't meant to be a happy ending. This movie was a tragedy, and a great one.

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  • Is there a lack of opportunity for actresses in Shakespearean drama?

    What actress would be so lacking in ambition as to stoop to play such bit parts as Juliet, Ophelia, Lady MacBeth, Beatrice, Kate, Helena, Lavinia, Desdemona, Tatiana, and Cordelia?

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  • Am I being stalked by a malicious Voter?

    I Answer several Hamlet Questions every day. Most of the time the Asker chooses no Best Answer, so the Questions go into Voting, where I Vote for myself (except in the rare cases where somebody else had a better Answer). Within the last week, somebody has been voting against all my Answers. Even on Questions where my Answer is the only one, he's voting for "No Best Answer."

    Here's an example where my Answer (a long and thoughtful Answer) was the only one. One other person besides me voted for my Answer, but some jerk voted for "No Best Answer.";_ylt=AlSKB...

    Is there any way to Report a malicious Voter?

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  • Does Yahoo Answers have a problem with stalkers making spurious Violation reports?

    Recently I've noticed more and more top users have their Questions & Answers set to "private." Is that to avoid stalkers who make spurious Violation reports?

    I've been the victim of several unjustified Violation reports. I appealed them, but I seriously doubt that anybody actually read the appeals before rejecting them.

    I've answered over 900 questions on Yahoo Answers, most of them long, thoughtful answers to questions about Hamlet. I much prefer Yahoo Answers to any other forum (including But it seems to me that spurious Violation reports are Yahoo's Achilles heel.

    Does anybody have any ideas for remedying this situation?

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  • Why does Yahoo Answers censor "magna *** laude"?

    Is it to protect children from high standards of academic excellence?

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  • Is it possible for the Earth to be overpopulated?

    I don't think so, but I think most people disagree with me.

    The world is not now nor ever will be "overpopulated." People are the ultimate resource. Places like China that are called "overpopulated" have relatively low population densities - they're just over-governed. The Earth is mostly unpopulated - empty of people. We choose to leave most of the land empty and crowd together into cities because people are so valuable to each other. Every mouth comes attached to a pair of hands and a mind.

    I celebrate our growing population - it is the result of billions of small children growing up to create more people and more prosperity instead of dying in early childhood - which is what used to happen to a large majority of children.

    Our growing population is also the source of our prosperity. What if the population had grown slower so we only had half the population today? We'd also have only half the scientific and medical discoveries, half the inventions, half the books, half the songs, half the art and poetry, half the movies and plays, half our loved ones.

    Look at it this way: is the Earth overpopulated with life? Life has been expanding for billions of years, spewing out waste products the whole time. But life has adapted to the environment that keeps changing as the result of life. Life has made the environment fit for more life. People make the environment fit for more people. People are the ultimate adaptive life form. We are NOT, as some environmentalists claim, "a cancer on the face of the Earth."

    Carbon is the limiting element for life - 18.5% of living matter but only .03% of the Earth. Some carbon has been lost from the biosphere by being buried and converted to coal and petroleum. By burning that fossil fuel, humans are returning it to the biosphere and increasing the total amount of life.

    What would it even mean to be "over-populated" with life? Or with people? It would be like Yogi Berra said, "It's so crowded, nobody goes there." But here we are, and glad to be alive - every one of us.

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  • Who sponsors child pornographer Perez Hilton (besides Netflix, Starbucks, Capital One, & the NY Times)?

    Who are the other sponsors?

    "Calls and emails to prosecutors and several other companies whose ads appear on Hilton's site — including The New York Times, Starbucks, Capital One and Netflix — were not immediately returned Thursday."

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  • Has anyone else been ripped off by Nina Hartley's website?

    If you google "Nina Hartley", the first item on the list is " The Official Nina Hartley Website" ( Despite inadequate previews, I paid $50 for a 90-day subscription because "Nina Hartley" was a name that I trusted. But the website is an empty shell. There has been no maintenance or update for at least 6 months. None of the videos work. Nothing works, except the subscription page where they take your money. I no longer trust Nina Hartley.

    Some people will reply that I was a fool to trust anybody in the porn industry. But there have been many good people in that industry: Marilyn Chambers, Candida Royalle, Veronica Hartley, Tiffany Million, Ginger Lynn, John Staglione, to name a few. I thought Nina Hartley was one of them, but I was mistaken.

    Maybe somebody else has hijacked her name, but you would think she could have done something to stop them. Like maybe complain to CCBILL. Maybe the problem is that I shouldn't trust CCBILL.

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  • Is Gloria Allred practicing extortion?

    "Singer tells TMZ, "On April 23, the woman left a very threatening message that she was going to the media, that my client had not given her enough money ... It is true I did leave a message for the woman because of the extortionist threat she left with my client. On Monday, I received a call from Gloria Allred and she told me the woman was looking to get paid at least 6 figures."

    Singer was more than willing to tell TMZ about Allred's legal claim. He says Allred's claim was that Boreanaz had promised the mistress that she was "exclusive," even though she knew he was married.

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  • Does Yahoo Answers have a problem with drug ads posing as Answers?

    Just now I searched Yahoo for Questions within the last 7 days with the word "diet". In the 1st 7 Questions I read, the Answers contained 9 links to websites selling drugs.

    What's your opinion? Is there a problem here?

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  • How can we clean up the illegal drug advertising on Yahoo Answers?

    I've gotten 3 Yahoo Violations today with previous versions of this question. Do a google search on "Yahoo answers Denese". Look at the 17 Yahoo Answers this guy has posted in the last 4 days. He's posing as a doctor and linking to a website with a name that counterfeits webmd. If this Question also gets violated, I'm going to send it to law enforcement and to the press.

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