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  • Help for newly transplanted perennial?

    I purchased two hardy geraniums about two weeks ago, "Bevan's" variety from a local nursery, sight unseen (due to curbside pick up set up). They were straggly but healthy from what I can tell. I planted them in mostly shaded area, a little bone meal in the hole, watered well, etc. Unfortunately they didn't transplant well and look wilted. Soil might not be draining well enough, but all the other plants in that area fair well (day lilies, salvia, and hosta). I trimmed off the yellowish leaves and spent blooms. I put a teaspoon of Epsom salts around each one last week. No improvement. Should I dig them up and move them to a different spot now? Wait it out?  

    Garden & Landscape2 months ago
  • Best way to structure an offer on a house being sold by an estate?

    If a house is listed at $205k, an offer of $200k is the same in economic terms (i.e. net cash to the sellers) as an offer of $205 with seller concession of $5k towards closing costs, correct? In either case, the seller gets $200k. If the seller is an estate, is the offer without the seller concession more apt to be accepted?

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 years ago
  • Did Miramar FL flood during hurricanes in the past?

    If there is mandatory evacuation of Miami Beach area, is Miramar in high enough area to avoid flooding? Is it likely to be evacuated too? I realize it might still lose power and get significant rain. I cannot get further north, so looking for options.

    1 AnswerHistory3 years ago
  • Can you "rebrine" pickles?

    I ve been experimenting with refrigerator pickle recipes. The first one (white vinegar, sugar, mustard seed, celery seed) came out great. The second batch (cider vinegar and dill seed) is not so great. The only flavor picked up by the cucumber slices is vinegar, no dill taste. Can I drain the brine and "rebrine" the cucumbers with the brine recipe that I used in the first batch? Would it work?

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes3 years ago
  • What can you do about a co-worker who can't do his job?

    We hired a new person about a year ago. He has a lot of experience, or at least that's what we thought. He is supposed to take over various responsibilities from me. Now after a year, he is still struggling to take on the role he was hired for. His staff doesn't respect him and we all just work around him as best we can. I talked to my boss and he's aware of the deficiencies, but nothing happens. Last week I got pretty upset. New guy doesn't have basic MS Excel skills that are needed to produce some reports. I will NOT be teaching a guy with 20 years experience and an MBA how to use Excel! He now must realizes that I'm fed up with the situation. I don't know what to do now. Do I do his work for him? Tell him that I won't cover for him? Avoid him? Ugh. Don't want to go to work tomorrow.

    6 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment3 years ago
  • Boston suburb high school with great fine arts program?

    Due to a job change, moving to Boston suburbs area near Wellesley with a rising HS junior who will have to leave his performing arts HS in another state. Wellesley HS looks amazing but it looks like all the homes cost close to $1 million and go up from there. Private school also not an option due to cost. What other school districts have strong programs for performing arts (theater, music)? Are any of them more affordable?

  • Do you typically need to get a Masters Degree to work in Aerospace?

    Some colleges do not offer a specific degree in Aerospace Engineering, while others do. What are the pros/cons of getting an undergrad degree in AE? Would it be better to study Mechanical and plan to go back to grad school to get the AE courses?

  • How do I develop ideas for a research project related to rocketry?

    This will be for honors physics as a HS senior. It needs to be substantial in nature and not a replication of something in a book or on the internet. Rockets have been around a long time. Has everything about them already been researched extensively?

    1 AnswerPhysics4 years ago
  • Why do racquetball racquets keep breaking?

    My son plays high school level racquetball. Over the last three seasons he has broken at least 4 racquets. We have purchased E-force and Head racquets (in the $80 price range). E-force replaced two different racquets after they broke, but one of the replacements eventually broke too. The Head racquet (165 weight) broke after less than a year of use. Any suggestions?

    1 AnswerOther - Sports5 years ago
  • Salem Oregon move?

    5 AnswersPortland5 years ago
  • Boston on Patriots Day?

    What things can I do or see on April 20, 2015? Or is the city so crowded with marathon runners as spectators that it's better to avoid Boston that day?

    3 AnswersBoston5 years ago
  • Are there any stops between NYC and Boston worth making?

    I am travelling by car from NYC to Boston and have a day to kill before I have to be at my final destination. We like hiking, beer/wine, food, shopping. Mystic, CT looks like an option. Anything less touristy or is it OK?

    2 AnswersBoston5 years ago
  • Toyota Avalon radio?

    My mother is 80 years old and has a 12 year old Toyota Avalon. She recently had the battery replaced. Now the radio is not working. This has happened before when the battery was swapped. I believe that she needs to enter the security code for the radio. Of course, she doesn t know how to do this.

    She brought the car in for a recall repair this week. A service guy at the Toyota dealer told her that whoever replaced the battery "blew" the radio out. I tend to believe that I am correct and the service guy doesn t know what s going on. Is it possible to "blow out" a radio during a battery change?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Launderette in London Canary Wharf Area?

    Staying at a Britannia hotel in the Canary Wharf Area of London for 10 days. Since I will be packing light, I need to do laundry. Will there be any places where a traveler can do his own laundry (coin laundry machines) in this area? I would hate to have to pay hotel rates for laundry!

    1 AnswerLondon6 years ago
  • Best way to get Cash in UK using Debit Card?

    I am from the US and I am making a two week trip to the UK. I have a debit card and a credit card issued by US banks. I am also trying to determine the cheapest way to have internet access/data on my smart phone during the visit.

    My bank for the debit card does not have locations or partners in the UK. The bank charges $3 per withdrawal at another bank's ATM, plus there is a fee from the ATM's bank I am sure. So, it looks like at a minimum, the cost to obtain pounds from an ATM is $5 or $6. Is that your experience?

    Is it possible to get cash back with a purchase at grocery, druggist, or other stores? For example, if I buy something at the Sainsbury grocery or Boots, can I ask for cash back? If so, do you know if your bank charges you something for this transaction, as well?

    Has anyone purchased a SIM card in the UK or is it better to obtain an international plan on your own phone for a month?

    Any other suggestions how to minimize cost of visiting the UK, obtaining cash, or generally paying for stuff in the UK if one is from the USA?

    3 AnswersLondon6 years ago
  • What is the best option for texts and data for UK travel?

    My son is travelling with a group to London for 2 weeks. They will need to be able to keep and touch via call or text while there. Also, having some data usage would be good, though not essential. What are the best options? Plan from your own carrier? Buy a pay as you go phone? Which companies are good? Has anyone used "Holiday Phone"?

    If he takes his own phone, I am also worried that friends from US will try to call or text him on his current phone and he'll incur high charges, how can this be avoided? He has an iPhone with ATT service.

    1 AnswerOther - United Kingdom7 years ago
  • Cocktail gift basket ideas with flavored Vodkas?

    I bought a sampler pack of 10 Pearl flavored vodkas (the mini bottles like on an airline). Other than maybe shot glasses or some other barware, what could I put with them to make a nice gift basket in the $25 - $50 range?

    6 AnswersEntertaining7 years ago