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  • Why, Oh Why, would our Military Leave Hundreds of Millions of Dollars worth of equipment in war torn areas?

    It has been reported that our government would leave hundreds of millions of dollars worth of top of the line in military equipment in the war torn areas rather than bring it back to the US. And now we want to know what would or could prompt an ***-en-ine decision like that. Our country is going through one of the toughest financial depressions in decades. Did anyone ever consider bringing it all back and auction it all off to the public rather then leave it in the enemies hands to reverse engineer our technology to bring other militarize up to our capability, DA.

    Makes one wonder who is running the store and if they were possibly hired from Toys Are US.

    Now we all understand why our country is in the shape it's in. This is but a small drop in the bucket as to why we are in the shape we are in. May God Help Us.

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