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  • I ve abstained from alcohol, why do I have alcoholic induced pancreatitis?

    I m 25 years old, male, 5 9", 210 lbs.

    I m an alcoholic, with a fatty liver.

    I had my first gout attack over a month ago and haven t had a drink since.

    4 days ago, at 6am I went to the ER for severe abdominal pain. My lipase was over 18,000 and I was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

    The doctors said my lab results were consistent with "textbook" Alcoholic Induced Pancreatitis, even thought I haven t had even a sip of alcohol in over 30 days.

    Why now? Why all of the sudden? What pissed of my pancreas?

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  • Does my employer have to notify me that they randomly drug test?

    In Texas, do they legally have to let me know that they drug test randomly? (I.e. in the employee handbook or other source)

    Or can they do so out of nowhere, with no advanced notice?

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  • What is the best picture file type for a Word document?

    For a basic school report.

    My report is 87 pages long (college/engineering) and it has a lot of pictures/graphs/figures.

    As I scroll thru my report, some pictures fly by, while others make the computer lag and it takes forever to scroll past.

    What is the best file type to use on these pictures so they don't agitate me as I edit my report.

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  • How does iodine work? Chemically in wounds?

    I know nothing about organic chemistry (which I only assume this question is related to)

    I'm comparing an H2O2 application to an iodine application... to a wound..

    (I only assume that): hydrogen peroxide "oxidizes" bacteria/germs/viruses..

    What specifically does iodine do to the "nasties that make wounds worse"?

    I can see that iodine is in the "fluorine" family, not the "oxygen" family. So does it "oxidise"? Or "fluoridize"? (I know fluoridize is not a word, but you probably know what I mean)

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  • Why is my cable TV so quiet?

    I have Time Warner Cable, When I watch TV, I have the volume turned up to 100 and I can still barely hear it.

    But when I watch a movie, I set the volume at like 32 and it's perfect.

    Movies are loud, cable TV is practically inaudible.

    What's up with this? How do I make cable TV louder?

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  • Why is rare/raw chicken bad for you and rare/raw beef okay?

    You can order beef between two extreems - Dark Red Raw (as long as the outside bacteria is seared dead) and Grey Dead Well Done. But if your chicken is even close to pink and rare in the middle, everyone says it's undercooked and unsafe to eat?

    What are the two animals different? Why is pork only cooked a certain way? Or even fish (excluding salmon)? Why is beef so special to get such a large cooking range?

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  • Recommend a PC Game?

    I really enjoy CIV 5, SimCity, and C&C games like Red Alert.

    Can you recommend any similar games and any expansion packs that you enjoy?

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  • Do amphetamines work for allergies?

    I'm prescribed adderall, but I don't take it that often. I very recently started developing allergies, and I was wondering if I need to start taking Claratin D, or if the adderall by itself would alleviate the problem?

    2 AnswersAllergies6 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Help me identify this cookware. I have no idea what it is.?

    Everyone in my family knows I love cooking, and I received this as a gift this year.

    Unfortunately, neither I nor the "gifter" knows what it is or what it's used for. Please help me identify this cookware.

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  • Combining Word and Excel for their mathematical properties?

    I need a program that will let me write equations in a professional form (human friendly) using variables (like with Word), then lists those variables on the side where I can enter/adjust their values. Then the program solves the equation just as I have entered it, using the values that I later assigned.

    In (MS-WORD), one can (WRITE) very neat and professional (EQUATIONS / FUNCTIONS) using the equation editor. However, a one cannot [USE] the equations he/she wrote.

    In [MS_EXCEL], one can [ENTER] and [SOLVE] specific [EQUATIONS / FUNCTIONS] in a single line (as if one were writing a c++ program, line by line).

    This is how I imagine the program I am looking for:

    (By the way, Midput(s) are what I call the variables you solve for, and then use in another equation. I don't know if they have a technical name, but that's what I call them).

    Professionally write equations, say on the left side of the screen. The right side would have a top and bottom, for input(s) and output(s), respectively.

    As an equation is entered on the left, The variables you write are immediately created on the right with some kind of input/output box next to it. Variables on the left of the '=' sign are outputs, and variables on the right side of your equation are inputs, as is common in programming.

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  • C99 - how to pass a multidimensional array to a function and return the array?

    I need to write a function to accept an empty 2D-array, use scanf to fill the array, then return it to MAIN.

    In the most lazy form, this is pretty much what I have so far:

    #define AMOUNT 0

    #define AVGPRICE 1

    #define MARKUP 2


    "unknown_return_type" FillArray(float a[ ][3]);


    int main(void)


    float stock[6][3] = {0};

    stock[6][3] = FillArray(stock[ ][3]);

    /*** Print the array***/

    return 0;


    /**** Function *****/

    "unknown_retrun_type" FillArray(float a[ ][3])


    int i, j;

    for (i=0;i<6,i++)


    for (j=0;j<3;j++)


    printf("enter value for row %d, col %d", i, j);

    scanf("%f", &a[ i ][ j ]);



    return a[6][3];


    1 AnswerProgramming & Design7 years ago
  • How to read only the first 20 characters in C99?

    Using C99, not C++

    How do I read in a string, check its length, and then store only the first 100 characters?

    If a user enters 120 characters, I want to store only the first 100.

    If a user enters 80 characters, I want to store the entire string.

    I've been trying "getline", but that seems to store as many characters as I type, regardless of what I specify t_size to be.

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design7 years ago
  • How do I remove gold from sand?

    I have a small jar of sand that has some NOTICEABLE flakes of gold in it.

    The sand is from a sandbag from a local hardware store. The gold was caught in the sand after a flood washed it down from a local mountain.

    I don't have a lot of room, or fancy equipment, or time, so separation via gravity is out. (the pieces are really small anyway).

    I want to dissolve the gold into a solution, then electroplate it onto something so that I can use it as a corrosion-resistant electrode for other electroplating projects.

    I've heard you can use Aqua Regia to dissolve the gold, but will this do anything to the sand? Can I use the resultant solution to plate something in gold?

    2 AnswersChemistry7 years ago
  • Why is copper precipitating out of my copper sulfate solution?

    I'm making copper sulfate using pennies or other copper coins, sulfuric acid (35%), and hydrogen peroxide (3%).

    First of all, my copper sulfate seems to be green/blue, not the deep blue I see online. (I don't know why)

    Second, every morning I check the bottle I find that a lot of copper seems to have precipitated out of solution. So I decant the clean solution, wash the copper with water 3 times, cover with H2O2 for 10-15 minutes to oxidize, then pour the copper sulfate back into the jar of copper/H2O2. It takes about 30 seconds and all the precipitated copper is dissolved back into the solution.

    24 hours later, and I've got a 1/8" thick layer of precipitated copper at the bottom of my jar again.

    Why won't it stay in solution!?!?

    Is it actually precipitating out? Or is the copper just being etched off the coins and dropped on the bottom?

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  • Can you test positive from a blood transfusion?

    If you don't smoke marijuana, and get a blood transfusion from a donor who did smoke marijuana, will you test positive for THC in a urine drug screen?

    Also, if the donor would have tested positive for THC in the next 30 days if he tried to get clean (naturally, no detox kits), for about how long would the recipient of the blood transfusion test positive?

    1 AnswerMedicine7 years ago