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  • Bipolar disorder?

    This isn't really a question but I am going to put it on here anyways. With the recent publicity that bipolar disorder has had it seems everyone and their dog has it. It really is a rare disorder that goes undiagnosed however is misdiagnosed to millions of people. If you think you are or some one you love has bipolar (not is bipolar) has bipolar disorder, you can't be a disorder, you suffer from it, then please just talk to a doctor or therapist and don't come on here and ask about it. Most of these people aren't and don't really know someone who is, no matter what they say or think. It is sad that it has become "cool" to have this serious disorder. All those people who aren't but pretent to be and all that really have made it hard for those that really are get the right treatment and have it actually treated as a serious issues and not just the flavor of the week.

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  • preschool in tampa/st petersburg area?

    We are moving to the tampa area (probably more clearwater/largo area) for business. Does anyone know of good preschools for our 4 year old? How is the school system in the area? Cost of preschool? Any information would be most appreciated.

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  • Chevy to Ford engine swap possible?

    I have two trucks...both 1986...ones a chevy with a good 350 and transmission, the other a ford with a good body. where can I find motor mounts to put the chevy engine and transmission into the ford truck? Am I going to also need a new wire harness?

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  • Best way to work on a perma tan?

    I am moving to a place where it is warm and sunny all the time. I live in the midwest right now. I have a pale complextion and tend to burn easy (and I am a guy if you care to know). I need to know how to get tan and keep it tan without a burn. obviously a tanning bed so don't just say that. I am looking for lotions, and time and frequency. any help would be great. Thanks!

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