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  • How long to stay at Legoland California?

    I am taking my son to Legoland California and the SeaLife Aquarium in February but wondering if one or two days is best to see everything. My son is eight but not really into rides, we are mostly going for the Lego experience.

    2 AnswersSan Diego1 decade ago
  • How to search for death information based on a social security number?

    I can find tons of places to search death information through the SSDI by name but I have the opposite problem: I have the person's social security number and I need to locate their death information.

    4 AnswersGenealogy1 decade ago
  • Where is latitude 25-25?

    I was reading my dad's certificate from the Navy that he crossed the international dateline at "latitude 25-25" and I was wondering where exactly that might be in the vast Pacific Ocean but I can't figure out the latitude maps, haha.

    3 AnswersGeography1 decade ago
  • What exactly do I have here...?

    My dad recently moved and, while going through his stuff, he passed on to me a vase made out of a 105mm cartridge shell that he had gotten from his dad. I was wondering what exactly it is and if there's any way to determine when it might have been used (time period) as there are indentations at the bottom that indicate it's been fired.

    2 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • Need help getting birth, death, marriage, etc records from Denmark?

    I know this isn't travel but I there isn't another category even close to what I need help with.

    I am working on family a tree for my son and my paternal great-grandpa came over from Denmark in 1918 so I am trying to get any kind of records I can from Denmark for him and previous relatives.

    I sent a letter to, I think, Denmark Vital Records or something similar and they emailed me and referred me to a web site where I got census information but the site for parish records, where I think the records I am looking for are kept, is in Danish and I cannot read or navigate it.

    If anyone knows how to get records via regular mail or an email I can use, please let me know.

    5 AnswersDenmark1 decade ago
  • Why would a natural-born US citizen get naturalized?

    We were looking through my great-grandparent's papers and found naturalization certificates from 1931 for both of them, even though my great-grandma was born in Kansas. Any idea why she would need or want to do this?

    They were already married and got them at the same time. My great-grandpa came over from Denmark 25 years earlier.

    3 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • Kids Book Club, reading level grade 3-4?

    My son is in second grade but reads at 3rd/4th grade level. I was interested in getting him into a book club for Christmas but am having a hard time finding one that is for this reading level. Anyone know of one that would be good?

    2 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • Star Wars beginning words needed for all movies?

    My son is seven and learning to read and loves Star Wars but the scrolling of the words in the beginning is a little too fast for him and slightly distorted even if I pause it so I was wondering if there was a site that listed the text for easy reading.

    2 AnswersMovies1 decade ago