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  • Need some help with security cameras.?

    What I want is a single cam at my front door so that we can see who's at it. A dome camera seems the best bet. I then want to split this camera to be viewable on 4 different TV s throughout my home. Here's my rundown of the process. If anyone sees a problem please let me know.

    Dome camera mounted, powered and a BNC to RCA adapter. RCA split via a 1 into 4 (I can either make one or buy one if they're cheap enough). 1 RCA ran to each TV and plugged into the AUX/TV1 (or whatever it's labeled as). Then whenever a knock at the door is heard, just flip the TV to AUX to see who's at the door.

    I was looking at wireless/WiFi cameras but most, if not all, require you to login to a website to view the cam (as far as I can tell by their descriptions). I've used those types before at job sites and the host sites are always slow and take a few minutes to login, load a page, select a camera etc. And that's not including the time it takes to go to a PC, wake it up, open a browser, and go to the host page.I want quick access that's why I think wired is the best bet. Just 1 tap of the 'Input" button once (or TV/VCR button) on the TV's remote and I'm there.

    Anyone have a better suggestion, wired or wireless? See any problems with my theoretical wired setup? I'm not using a DVR or anything but I may run one of the RCAs to record. I have a few extra PCs set up as servers and can easily re-appropriate one for recording if I wish. Thanks in advance.

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