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  • How do you get people to stop with the past?

    Well, when I first moved into the community I had severe acne and my hair was ugly and I would understand people telling me I'm "ugly" ...................2 years and 3 months later.......

    I have money always in my pocket I have been trying to go to church. I got my own intrustment for band I got new clothes that look good on me and I have a awesome hairstyle and I where eye makeup know and it makes my eyes look attractive and bigger and also I've changed from annoying to quit BUT the problem is people still talk about I'm ugly and laugh at me and say that acne is horrible and first off I DON"T HAVE ACNE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!! so like how can you get people to get rid of the past it is greatly affecting my eduction why won't they stop what's up

    And i know I ain't ugly and there is nothing wrong

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  • What would you think if a person of the opposite sex ask you to sit next him/her?

    This boy ask me to sit next to him and I was like why and he responded with just because and I really don't know him that well I was on the bus and he ask me can i sit with and he ask me are you o.k and I was like i'm fine I'm a little tired and than he asked me what grade you in and I said i'm a freshman and than he looked at me for like 4 secs and than his phone vibrated and he was talking to someone and that was it and I got off so yea and like so i don't know what to think?

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  • Why do teen boys care so much by your outer apearance as a female?

    I don't understand ever time I see a girl pass by some guy he always got to say she got those nice boobs or the opposite of that she ugly but either way they always judging a girl how come girl can't just be friends why does she have be attractive in order for you to respect her I don't understand that ?

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  • How come people always brother you more when your quit?

    The reason why I ask this question because i can't go anywhere without people looking at me wondering why I don't talk and being in a all black school and being black really does not help but, the problem is that i could be sitting down and people just start coming up in my face stuff asking I'm I ok and jazz and like I just don't like to talk that much so just leave me alone and people making up tales about because I'm a quit person that does not make any sense wouldn't that be like the total opposite like for real.

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  • What do you do when your parents are verbally abusing because of your sexual orientation?

    I have a friend that parents are talking about her because she is a lesbian and it is really brothering her because she gets a lot of **** at school and she does not want the same thing at home but, now her mom is saying things like one time I heard that she was talking about her when she was running to the car when we had to get picked up from a basketball game she said to her daughter that she shouldn't had ran faster because she is a man, I was very shocked that she said that so I was like wondering what can a person do about that when soemone is verbially abusing you period not just because of your sexual orention/ being as your mother or dad someone that takes care of you?

  • Why do band music make me cry?

    Well, every time I'm in band i begin to feel sad and cry a little why is that?

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  • How do you get over a teacher crush?

    I have a lesbian teacher and I'm really pissed that I'm am in to her and I would like to know how to get over it note: I'm a female into a older female.

  • What about that lip service?

    Anyone know the show lip service my question is are they going to have new season I know if your in the untied kingdom you may know more can someone tell me if there is going to be a new season if you don't know what lip service is you should go to youtube and watch it

    Youtube thumbnail

    it is awesome! and if your a fan like i am just put fan for the answer and favorite character!

  • What is the must listen music?

    What is your most favorite band artists or anything that you like I want to listen to some new music

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  • What do you call a person that don't know who they are?

    I know person that told me that she does not know who she is like not like gender or sexuality it is just that she does not know who she is as person she just don't know who,what she is and where she was on the bus today to a parade she was really acting crazy and than after wards she was like I don't even know what I just did man I just hate myself and I'm not understanding What do you call a person that don't know who they are as a person?

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  • What are the greatest LGBT movies that you most see?

    I just want to know because I love watching LGBT movies so better than heterosexual movies!

  • Can someone give me a random topic to talk about in school?

    I'm in class right now and I need a topic for class anyone got anything thank you

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  • Is okay to be nervous around lesbians as a female?

    Now, I have ask this question before but that didn't really help I really want to know why,how come when I try to be around lesbian I get to nervous around them I always do and I can't help it I'm gay myself but I stay to nervous around people that I know that is gay and I just feel so weird is their anything like to control? is that bad thing good thing? I'm like a sensitive person? I'm going to grow out of it? I like don't understand what is going on there that is just to much for me to understand how that can happen to me I just don't get it !?

    Also, I know that when I'm like in a group of people that are gay like I always want to like go away from the crowd of lesbians I always feel weird I have never talk to lesbian in my life and anytime I have talk to a lesbian it was not that long or no eye contact!

    I'm scaring myself now......

  • Is it normal to like older people?

    Hi, the name is sam I'm 15 years old I'm a freshman in high school, i'm also gay I like female but lately I been liking more than females lately I have been liking older lesbains, this one teacher that is so evident that she is gay is so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sooooo aaaaaoo adffhjkahdfjhdfhjhfjdafdjahfjdhf

    It is crazy everytime I see her I want to just jump up and grab and just do want ever and than this morning I has a dream while I was sleeping she was giving a test that I needed and I did not feel like going up stairs so she give me a test from the pile and out of no where she was like just like out of no where said you can email me I was like huh?! and I did not pay attention to it and so I just sat down and someone reason I felt that she was watching me

    So, the question is it normal to like people that are way older than you!

  • How do you hack someones myspace!?

    I don't want a stupid download crap and survey s h i t just give me a easy free no survey no reward thing hack ok hack for free please pretty please!

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  • Is it o.k to feel nerves around other lesbians?

    Well like I'm bisexual but every time I see I group of lesbians I always like try to walk away slowing for sum odd reason I feel kinda like they are judging me what does that mean cause I feel weird anytime a feel a lesbian I want to move away from them tell me please I don't get?

  • I'm Bisexual but I don't want to have sex with neither?

    So... the problem is that I like females when I was like two years old I thought it was normal and so I had to act like I was not gay when I went to church because of my mom and than I started gaining interests in boys~

    But, Now I see that I'm a bisexual person but now the problem is that I don't won't to have sex with neither sex even through I want to to touch and all of that good stuff but I just don't won't sex with neither of the sexes I don't know why.

    My boyfriend one time ask me to have sex and my first reaction was to run and guess what "I did"! So I'm just wondering is it good to be a attracted to someone but not attracted sexually. what does that mean?

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