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    So my boyfriend and i broke up a month ago because I wouldn't stop self harming but I stopped the day we broke up becuz I thought that no one would ever love me with cuts on my wrist... two weeks passed and then he started talking to me again and hugging me ( he hugs everyone) so we became friends again and then I mention that I haven't cut for a month recently and he asked me why I didn't tell him... he says hi and hugs me in the hall but now he has a girlfriend and I still love him but don't know what to do... we're both bisexual btw.... n I really love this girl but we tried to go out but I was scared to go out with her becuz I was afraid of getting hurt again...she goes to a different school but u see her everyday she's bi and harms too so she accepts me... Any Advice?

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  • im getting a hamster need help?

    what type?


    places to get a hamster?

    things i need and prices with them?

    names for hamster?

    what temp. should the habitat be?

    do i need a heat light?

    How to choose the right hamster?


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  • Help me kill my leopard gecko?

    my leopard gecko is dieing she wont eat her tail is smaller than a pencil and she wont drink she wont open her eyes either she moves around but is still dieing.... I have no way of taking her to a reptile vet because the closest one is 300 miles away and i cant freeze her or hit her on the head with anything.... Ive been crying for hours now.... please help...

    ps i cant freeze her because my parents would see her in the fridge/ freezer and i cant hit her on the head because it will make me sad and my parents would like to see the body before burying her


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  • Math Question plz help i am to lazy to do?

    ok im to lazy to do this so ummm here it is

    Corinda has 400ft of fencing to make a play area. What dimensions should she use in order to enclose the maximum possible area?

    AND PLZ DONT GIVE ME ANSWERS LIKE GOOGLE OR BING OR SAY "this is tooo easy math just do it yourself"

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  • Plz help me? this is a dog problem so plz help?

    My cuz and i were walking my uncles dog that is in heat and then she broke free of the harness and then a black male dog jumped over the fence and he started humping her and then she started yelping and i then we kept trying to pull them apart but he wouldnt stop and then they both stopped and he got off but they were stuck together and then i tried pulling the male dog apart but she kept yelping (me and my cuz were crying and scared) NOW IM SCARED TO TELL MY UNCLE WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! HOW DO WE GET THEM UNSTUCK CUZ WE HAVE TO BE HOME IN 5 MINUTES she was apposed to get fixed on the 25th but now i dont know and im only 13 and my lil cuz is 10 and i am freaking out what do i do?

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  • My daughters got into the pet rock thing...?

    I want to make a surprise for them something they can use that their rocks can use 2 please help i don't get the pet rock thing. My daughter Aimee's rock is name Rae and My daughter Riley's Rock is Alain. I need to make something quick there surprise needs to be done by Sunday.

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  • what are some good rock songs for a female solo for auditions?

    i need it for my school im gonna be in the solo vocal festival

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  • What are the top 10 4th of july songs?

    Im gonna pick one of the songs to sing for the 4th of july talent show PLEASE HELP!!!

    4 AnswersIndependence Day9 years ago
  • Can you help me with my printer?

    My printer is an Epson nx 400 i lost the installation disc i already tried google and didnt find anything useful. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • which band is better?

    In rock music which one

    -Avenge Sevenfold


    -3 Doors Down

    -3 Days Grace


    -Insane Clown Posse (ICP)

    In pop which one

    -Katy Perry


    -Kelly Clarkson




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  • Can you help me get in shape for city meet?

    The city meet is on thursday heres what i need:

    - I have to run the 100 and the 50 meter dash

    - i have a relay team a 1 by 400 run

    OK i eat healthy i have like 2-5 oranges a day and once in a while a banana

    - is there any exercise routines i can do to get fit

    - i HATE water because its so boring (but i still drink it) what other drinks can i drink other than water Gatorade is bad for you it has ALOT of sugar so not that


    3 AnswersRunning9 years ago
  • what should i get my 7 ( turning 8) year old sister for her birthday?

    she doesnt like pink she likes animals and likes to swim but something not to expensive will do

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  • I need a review for Bobos in El Paso?

    Hey so im gonna go to bobos leave me a review on what you thought about it like the games, food, and RIDES and which ones are the most fun

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  • What 10 songs should i get for my Mp3?

    I like Rock, Grunge, rock n roll, Gothic rock, pop, NO RAP please ummmmm.. O I just want some request and see if i like them THANK YOU!!!!!!

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  • does my life suck? and can you help?

    OK let me tell you my mom died from 3 types of cancers breast cancer, ovarian cancer and a reoccurred of ovarian and it spread through her body and she died because the cancer spread to her liver and most of my aunts have died of cancer and my dad just got out of prison and is marrying another person right after my mom died im gonna be moving soon i live my aunt and my grandma my aunt is paying for 2 houses right now and its hard for her my cousin has schizophrenia im advanced in school but with all this its hard ive tried yoga track ive even tried to push myself into doing sports which i dont like i used to go to a grief counselor but i don't need that PLEASE HELP

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  • i just saw my boyfriend with my brother and they were having sex with my friend?

    HELLP ME understand what just happened is he gay or just angry at our relationship

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  • how much is a circle if the diameter is 3ft and the radius is 1.5 ft converted into yards?

    math question! i know pi equals 3.14 but i have alot more questions to answer please help

    2 AnswersMathematics9 years ago
  • how much does it cost to resurface a disc at hastings?

    I want to resurface wii games my kids scratched i checked their website but it didn't tell how much it is.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games9 years ago