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Hey there. I'm Kyo~!! Nice to meet'cha! I'm a jack of all trades in the business of answers, and know a bit about just about everything. I'm "athiest". But really, I just don't believe in god, and am very happy knowing the the universe has, can and will work on its own, without the help of a higher power or fate deciding what becomes of us. I'm crazy about anime and manga. I translate languages. I love science. I abhore people who try to shove religion down your throat on here. I dislike when people try to give a reason for obvivous prejudice against things that should be considered natural. I enjoy answering... everything. I don't like math. I want to learn more about stuff like travelling and fashion. I love helping people with relationship (and funny sexual situations for the LOLs) I give the best advice I can I actually use my shift key, commas and periods. I love rping. Talk to me, I listen.