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  • how can i get the iTunes library on my laptop when i already have one on my computer for the ipod?

    i have got an ipod and it's about two years old now. i have a computer downstairs where i have the library for my ipod. recently i got a laptop and want to put the library on there. how can i put the library on there? do i download a new one? :)

    4 AnswersMusic & Music Players10 years ago
  • small bum and skinny legs?

    well, i have a very flat stomach, skinny hands etc. but my bum is absolutely massive and round. it looks like someone stuffed a ball down there! ;) it just looks so strange and it really imbaresses me:'(

    my legs aren't really skinny but their not really big just skinny/ medium. i want skinnier legs though:/ and a much smaller bum. this problem with my bum started about 2 year and a half years ago when i ate a load of sweets and chocolate. i almost completely stopped now but i need help with exercises to make my legs skinny again and have a tiny bum. please, please help. i will give anything to have a small bum again:) thankyou. oh and i don't really want to use any tablets or anything like that just exercise and healthy eating:))

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 years ago
  • how can i always look really nice in pictures?

    i have got a lot of parties coming up and other things like birthdays. i would love it if i looked nice in all my pictures so i'm not annoyed with people if they put them up on thing like facebook. i am in general quite a pretty person but just before a picture is taken i usually pull a stupid face without meaning to:( any advice? how do supermodels always look so nice in all their picture? thankyou for all the help:))

    3 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style10 years ago