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  • good online websites to buy cheap formal dresses?

    Hi I have an important formal event coming up and I want buy a classy dress on-line. I want the company to be reliable and ship worldwide. I also want the dress to cost less than $100NZD. Could you guys recommend a website that will be good for me? I found this website, but I'm not sure if it is legit . I also looked at, but found out that they were scammers. Please help. P.S I'm not looking for 'cup cake' style prom dresses. Thanks :)

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  • Panic, anxiety and help?

    Lately I have been under a lot of stress. My family life is terrible, I always always always get yelled at and get no positive re-enforcement, even when I do well (eg. get goods grades). My family life is like walking on eggshells, if even if I make a noise I get yelled at. When I've had my whit's end, I breakdown and silently cry in my room almost everyday. I hyperventilate and begin to shiver. But growing up my life was worse, I got abused (verbally) and hit so much as a child that it drove me into an anorexic state. I'm trying to be strong, but its so hard. lately I've been having suicidal thoughts. I want to leave my family home but I'm only Sixteen and have no means of income or transport. I freak out and constantly second guess myself for stupid things, like if it's the night before school I pack everything meticulously, making sure that I've not forgotten anything and the next day I start getting these thoughts that tell me that I've forgotten books or stationery, even though I know I haven't and it sends me into a panicked state. My parents have never told me that they love me, but have mocked me about being stupid. Right now, I'm freaking out because my History teacher hates me and has very unfairly graded my practice exam papers, and I'm scared because my parents are going find out that I've flunked and they're going start yelling. I want help, I want to know if I can can control my thoughts, I've been shivering all afternoon even though its not even that cold. No one knows about these thoughts or about my anxiety, I almost wear a mask when I'm around people. I feel like a need a therapist or that I need to check into rehab, but I can't approach anyone for help.

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  • Emotional and physical abuse from my parents?

    I feel so lost and belittled in my family, in the exterior my life seems perfect; I have a home, food to eat,I get good grades and have more than enough money, but my parents have physically and emotionally abused me for years and I am beginning to feel depressed. My mother has openly told me that she didn't wish to have a second child (me I'm 16 years old) and that if the circumstances in her life were different she would've aborted me. My sister always gets better grades than me, my parents constantly compare me with her and call me 'stupid' and tell me that I'll never be as good as her in anything. When I was six years old I danced at a ballet studio until I was nine, I loved dancing and I wanted to be ballet dancer, when they heard this it infuriated them and they pulled me out of dancing classes, and told me that I shouldn't even try and that I'll never be good enough, because of this I became depressed and started to eat all of the food I couldn't eat when I was a dancer and I eventually gained a bit of weight and my parents mocked me everyday they called my 'fatty' and my grades started dropping. My mother offered to help me with my maths, so I accepted, I didn't understand how to long division (I was nine) so my mother got so angry that she got a rolling pin from the kitchen and started beating me with it and her she also used her fists, I felt so sore and retarded (for not understanding long division) the next day and I realised that my mother had given me several bruises and a black eye. I had to lie to friends at school I told them that I ran into a wall with my bike. It was my twelfth birthday and a family friend had given me $50.00, I wanted to buy a tamagotchi with this money, but my parents took this money and gave it to sister as she had wanted to buy herself a ball dress with this money, I had no idea that they took my money when I found out I was naturally really angry my dad told me 'shut up' then then grabbed me tightly by my arm and slapped me so much until I bruised. Since my parents mocked about my weight I decided to loose this weight had gained when I was fourteen years old, I started off by weighing 52kgs at the height of 158cm and at the end I weighed 45kgs at the height of 163cm (since I had grown) clumps of my hair was falling out and I only ate one meal a day, I exercised excessively and then I realised that I was anorexic, even when I had lost the weight my parents still mocked me about being too thin. It's like no matter what I do I can never please them. They didn't even bother finding me professional help for my anorexia, so I still suffer from this. Yesterday my parents took my sister and I to the public pools so we could 'bond' while I was swimming with them, they suddenly started telling me that I was 'rude', 'ungrateful' and 'immature' I didn't understand why they were saying this to me as I had done nothing to provoke them, so I got out of the swimming pool and sat in a different one to them because I didn't want to create a scene. When I got home they told me that I was 'disgusting'. I am getting tired of living this way, I feel as though I am being emotionally and physically abused by my family, they have NEVER told me once that they love me. I don't know what I have done to make them hate me so much. My grades have improved so much and I hope to be a lawyer someday, but they constantly tell me that I'm too stupid to achieve this goal. I know I'm too young to take matters into my own hands, but I just can't wait to be old enough to move out of this terrible situation I am faced with. I feel as though my problems aren't even that bad compared to some other peoples problems, and I'm really beginning to feel depressed. I just want to know if I am being emotionally and physically abused by my parents.

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