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I was a passionate Christian for 30 years. I read the Bible with a devoted, believing heart. The more I learned the tougher my questions got. When I learned the Bible's real history. I was shattered. Everything I'd based my entire adult life on was a lie. Now I'm an atheist trying to help others.

  • Who coined the expression "Christians are the only army on earth who executes their own wounded?"?

    It's a common expression and sadly true if Christian posts here are any indication. But who said it first and made it famous?

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  • What is Catholic reacton to Nuns murdering or starving to death infants of unwed mothers?

    I just read the following article.

    How much more of this will Catholics excuse or rationalize? No matter how many Inquisitions, pedophile priests and unimaginable atrocities against humanity that the leaders and members of the RCC commit the adherents find a way to rationalize it all and still belong to such an organization.

    Yes, I'm an agnostic atheist and yes, I'm sick to my stomach over this latest revelation of Catholic Christianity and its pure, unadulterated evil. And you people call US evil.

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  • How exactly are atheists a detriment to society?

    Once again a Christian is blaming us for all sorts of imagined things.

    So let's hear it. What exactly is it we're doing that's so awful? We work, pay taxes, love our families, friends and pets. Moreover, we're asking for the freedom to live our lives in peace without being forced to adopt anyone else's values.

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  • Why do Christians love lying about atheists?

    A recent poster answered a question with the following regarding atheists supposedly finding some grand leader, beginning the war of all wars and what that leader would look like.

    "Fangs, and number 666 etched on his forehead.

    To be fair, all atheists look like this, so anyone of them is a potential candidate."

    The question itself was disturbing enough. This poster's answer was beyond comprehension. Do Christians like this realize they're talking about other human beings? Yet, they want us to believe they're loving and holy?

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  • How offended will Christians be if this atheist wishes them a Merry Christmas?

    I'm an atheist. I adore Christmas. I adore the family, the friends, the food, the expressions of love, the presents and the overall joy.

    Whatever your beliefs are, may the season bring your lives more fulfillment, joy and peace.

    Gotta go, my lovelies. Another batch of Christmas cookies smelling done. (((hugs to all, regardless of what you believe)))

    bye bye

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  • Which of Richard Dawkins' books is "on the Bible?"?

    Earlier today, a Christian answered a question, mentioning that he'd read "Dawkins' book on the Bible." I was unaware that Dawkins wrote an book devoted to the Bible.

    Does anyone have a clue which of Dawkins' books that guy was referring to? I'm not having any luck finding it.


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  • What denomination believes this?

    A few minutes ago, a poster wrote the following -

    "Death penalty is murder. Aborted babies go to hell for 33 and a half years. Mothers of aborted get cancer. Soda (Pepsi, etc.), cosmetics (make-up), anti-cancer and anti-aging products contain cells of aborted fetuses. Abortion is murder. Euthanasia is murder. Surrogacy is prostitution. Sterilization is a sin. Castration is a sin. Thou shall be merciful."

    Is this just a random person, or is there a church somewhere that actually teaches that?

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  • Help needed with litterbox training?

    I'm an experienced cat owner who just adopted a kitten rescued from a devastating animal hoarder situation. There were dozens and dozens of cats in the home and ZERO litter boxes. Tori was pulled from the home on 3/25. Urine and feces were caked so hard to her paws and legs it took considerable effort by shelter volunteers just to get her clean.

    I brought her home last week and her paws are still extremely tender. Kitty litter hurts her feet so she won't use the box. The good news is that she's doing her business in the same place - the bathtub, a super easy place to clean. Also, it's a clear indication she wants a spot to call her own.

    I'm thinking about getting some extra fine sand to try transitioning her to the regular litter over time. But I'd like other cat people's ideas first in case there's something better.

    Any thought? Suggestions?


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  • Dinos Living Underground? Demons in spaceships?

    I'm only looking for information with this, not an argument. Someone here wrote the following today --

    "Antichrist is an evil flying pale gay Jew-mason from tribe of Dan with red eyes. He's possessed by Satan since he's 12 years old. He's born to a 12th generation prostitute. He's surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light.

    666 is given by lasers (isotope rays) when people stretch hands to receive plastic grey card (world passport).

    Praying head down + on knees (the way Muslims do) is devil worship. Kabalists pray the same way; they pray for the imminent arrival of the antichrist.

    Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out thru sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves.

    Demons will invite people to be healed in their UFO ships. Don't go."

    I realize that the vast majority of Christians do not believe this, but can someone shed a light on which groups teach this?

    What is the basis/origin of these beliefs?

    I'm just after info to research not an argument.

    Atheist Grandma

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  • Do Christians ever really think through the ramifications of the Biblical flood?

    According to the Bible hundreds of thousands of men, women & children drowned - all of humanity except 8 people.

    Poster Tylertxan put this up this morning -

    "I was bethros

    A boy of 6

    who just wanted to farm like my dad

    I got scared as the water washed away the fields

    I got scared as it came into my house

    I started crying when my toys washed away

    I started screaming when my parents washed away

    I screamed so much I could scream no more

    And then tears as I tried treading water

    I got so tired

    And then the pain as I breathed water

    And the darkness

    Should I be happy now in the arms of my murderer?

    All i wanted was to farm like my dad"

    I can't think of a more glaring way to put real faces to those people than this poster's words.

    Christians, how can you brush off such a horrific act?

    ***IF*** God was real, don't you think he could have handled it far more humanely than this? Drowning is one of the most terrifying ways to die.

    Have you really thought about this? Why do you so blithely accept the belief that the Biblical god had no choice when that's clearly not true?

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  • Christians, what if you're wrong?

    You ask atheists all the time "what if we're wrong?" So let me turn the tables on you.

    Everything you believe is in the Bible - a book you've never researched. You trust other Christians when they tell you it has been researched and proven to be true. Yet you never say "show me." Or you only look to teachers you know will agree with you.

    So what if you're wrong? You say you're not. Ok, does it hurt to do your own research just to be sure? And what will you do if you discover the Bible isn't what you believed it was?

    Are you strong enough to put your faith to the test, or will you hide behind blind faith and put your fingers in your ears?

    What will you do if you're wrong?

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  • The spiritual importance of spelling, grammar and punctuation, do you get it?

    This is a written forum. How we communicate in the written word is a big part of the impression we give to others. Yet so many religious people can't be bothered to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. It's hard to take what you say seriously when my 1st grade grandson understands English better than so many of you.

    If you want to come across as anything other than backwoods illiterate, don't you think you'd be more credible if you picked up your game a little bit?

    So why isn't this important to you?

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  • Spiritually speaking, am I the only woman out there who dislikes Valentine's Day?

    I'm a very romantic person. But Valentine's Day strikes me as a contrived test. If you don't come up with all the proper romantic gestures (particularly the guys) you've failed and are in the doghouse forever.

    I'd rather get flowers or a romantic card on an ordinary day as a surprise. To me, that's far more romantic.

    What say you, R&S?

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  • Can we show some respect regarding the school shooting?

    I've seen several questions this morning using this tragedy to promote their own views. One question insisted this would never happen in an Islamic country. Another used it as evidence there's no god.

    I don't care what country you live in. This could have happened in your town, your kids's or grandkids' school.

    Isn't this tragedy is too profound to be used as fodder for our discussions here? Or is it just me?

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  • Why do so many Christians believe atheists?

    worship Darwin, Sagan, Hawkings, et al? We don't. Where did you come up with the idea that we worship other people? I've seen many questions here where Christians claim assorted scientists past and/or present are our gods, etc.

    That's like saying since my mechanic was right about my car's transmission that I now worship him because I believe what he said. Functionally, there's no real difference.

    We don't worship people. Why do you think we do?

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  • Are these two posters the same person? Are they serious? Or is she/they just being trolls?

    So I don't get accused of calling someone out, I won't name names.

    However, we have a poster here with an avatar that looks remarkably like a Japanese porn star, claiming to be a Christian yet spewing hate filled diatribes against atheists, gays, etc.

    The other one just opened an account, has a sexy brunette avatar with a fair amount of cleavage. She's doing the same thing and even words posts the same.

    So does anyone else think it's the same person but me?

    With that much venom, there's a good chance she (they?) aren't Christians at all but trolls making Christians look as bad as possible.

    Either way, I'm finding it pretty bizarre. Any thoughts?

    BTW, I'm an atheist.

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  • Why do Christians say evolution teaches people evolved from monkeys?

    Seriously. Where do Christians get that? Evolution teaches no such thing. So why do Christians say it does?

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  • Do people like this embarrass Christians or do you agree with him?

    A recent poster said: " Belief in the bible stopped murder .Shall not kill is written in the bible .Without biblical laws there would have been kaos .Atheists are the murders in society."

    Are Christians embarrassed by people like this? Or do you agree with him?

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  • Why is the website a legitimate source of information for some people here?

    I've seen a number of posters suggest that people go to that website for counter arguments to Christianity. What is the value anyone sees there?

    The whole thing strikes me as juvenile superstitious conspiracy drivel. That site lost me completely with the heading - "Exposing Spiritual Corruption: Spiritual Alchemy & the Bible- Proof that Satan is our Creator God"

    So what are you guys seeing of value over there that I'm missing?

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