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I live and work in the USA. I am a complete auto insurance geek. I have worked in underwriting, as an agent and am currently a claims adjuster. I have worked with three major insurance companies nationwide, and so have all sorts of obscure information stuffed into my head. Since insurance issues can be so stressful for people who don't deal with it everyday, I am glad to help if I can.

  • How to replace violin tailpiece?

    I bought an electric violin, several reviewers stated they upgraded the tailpiece, so I bought it with my eyes open. I'm very comfortable changing strings and bridges, but this is my first tailpiece and I am a little nervous. Anything I absolutely need to know?

    I do all my own work on my violins, I play for pleasure and buy inexpensive instruments so I won't cry too hard if I do something wrong, still, I really like this one.

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  • I already paid for Office, but my file vanished and I can't find my key.?

    I bought Office Home and Student last February (2008) A few weeks ago I went to use Word and couldn't even find it in my user! It's not in my registry. I re-downloaded it, figuring I could locate my key and enter it, but I can't find it. Surely someone at Microsoft has a record of my purchase, but how do I get that info?

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