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  • I need some serious help with a horrible boss?

    My boss has every bad boss trait you can imagine. She yells at us when we take vacation days, she always takes credit for our hardwork, she is a micro-manager and even though she puts others in charge she proceeds to come into the store and check up on us. At the end of every month she is supposed to fill out a sheet and send it to owner's office saying she did such things as reviews which if good lead to raises and she always says she does them even though she never does. Our assistant manager hasn't gotten a raise in 3 years and she works 40 hours a week and basically runs our store. She is a horrible nasty person and every one of us who works there loves everyone like a family except her. She recently got a promotion and became in charge of all the managers of all the stores in our chain and we thought this would get rid of her but she still "manages" our store even though she's hardly there. We want to get rid of her but we really don't know how, but we all agree that we can't stand her and she is horrible. Is there anything we can do? And please don't say you could all quit because with the economy the way it is we honestly can't. So please help and if you have a question that would help you answer this question I will be more than happy to answer it! Thank you for the help in advance!

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  • I need some serious help yahoo answers user..?

    I am finishing my second year of college all I have been taking is my general studies requirements and I don't have the slightest idea on which career to pursue. I love watching movies, listening to music and taking pictures. So obviously I'm interested in the media arts. Any suggestions on jobs that possibly might be of interest to me thanks in advance for the help.

  • Ideas for awesome goodbye cake?

    At my work we have someone who is leaving us, she hasn't been there super long but long enough for us to become attached. So we want to get her a goodbye cake. Basically she moved across the country to live with her fiancee and she wasn't happy at our job because she loves working in a flower shop where she worked for years before she came to our state. So she got a new job at a flower shop and basically we want to wish her luck, but we want to do it in a sarcastic way because she constantly teases all of us and is a total smarta** so an thoughts on what we could put on her cake? Thanks in advance

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  • What do I say to her?

    Well the girl who I dated and know want back is coming home for spring break she is only here for 5 days and I asked her if she wanted to get together and she said "I'd love to" I take that as a sign that she may still like me too, so when I get together with her I don't what to say to her that would make her want to get back together with me, any thought?

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  • Girls I need some advice...?

    Okay so I broke up with my ex in July and I now want her back, I've told her this repeatedly and she shows signs of wanting me back too. But I really need to just talk with her and have both of us get our feelings out on the table, so both of us can tell each other how we feel. She agreed to talk to me but I really don't know what to say to her. The reason I asked for just girls is because I want to know what they would want to hear from a guy. Any suggestions, and answers like no comment do not help so please don't waste my time or yours. Thanks to everyone in advance

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  • I need some help with a girl...?

    Okay so, I've been talking to my ex alot recently and I have realized before we started talking again that she's the one for me and that I don't wanna be with anyone else but her. So after talking and stuff I told her this and ever time I try to ask her how she feels or anything like that she says that she doesn't like to talk about her feelings and stuff but there's other nights when she seems like she's into me to like she posts things on my facebook wall and when I didn't talk to her at all for a day she texts me asking if I'm mad at her. Another day she sent me a picture of hearts in the snow outside her dorm room, that said Love from her school. We've both seen other people since we've broken up but we are both single now. I just want to know if you guys think it's possible for her to still have feelings to me and what I should do. Thanks :)

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  • Thoughts on Laser Eye Surgery?

    I have had to wear corrective lenses for 13 years of my life. Since 2nd grade until 7th grade I wore glasses and 7th grade til now I wear contacts. I am seriously tired of them and would like to not have to wear either anymore. So my question is if you have gotten laser eye surgery, would you reccomend it, did it hurt, how long did it take and did you get both eyes done? Thanks!

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  • Disney Vacation using Disney Rewards from Disney Chase Visa Card?

    My mom and I are going to try to go to Disney World in January using her Disney Rewards Dollars from her Disney Chase Visa Card is there anyone who has done this and if yes, what did you use them on? My has about 1700 points on her card so would that cover a week vacation minus the flight or what? HELP!

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  • Pretty Little Liars Tv Show and Books?

    I started watching the show and I became addicted to it so now I'm reading the books! I'm on the second book and I'm just wondering where do the books cross over on the show like from what they've shown on the show which books was that in like the first three or two or what? Like Have they shown the first three books on the show or what did they do cause the show was definitely not just the first book

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  • How did you meet your first love?

    And I mean the first true person you fell in love with not your first girlfriend/boyfriend, and no stupid answers please...

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  • Why does King Arthur fit into 1100 A.D. better than 500 A.D.?

    Can someone answer this question I thought he was around in 500 A.D. but my mythology teacher says he was not and that he was around in 1100 A.D. so why does he fit better in that time period...

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  • Moving out on my own and how do you handle everything?

    Okay so me and my best friend are moving into together and she is gonna get a job and I already have one but both would be minimum wage how can we afford to rent an apartment in Buffalo, NY? How did you afford to rent your first apartment

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  • Ideas for A Going Away Party?

    I am throwing a going party for my best friend, she is moving to California from Buffalo, New York and I need some ideas on where I could throw her party at in Buffalo, NY for roughly 40 people. Any suggestions would be great! And please no dumb answers. Thanks!

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  • Can anyone name a greek myth where the god took extreme measures to get their way?

    I already thought of Zeus swallowing Metis because he doesn't want his son to overthrow him so please help me think of some more. Thanks!!!

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  • Sims 3 How do you know if your Sim is Pregnant?

    I had my sim "try for a baby" after they got married but how do I know for sure if my sim got pregnant?

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  • How can I help a friend who is suffering a breakup and I kinda like her?

    Okay So I have a really good friend who was dating this guy for a over a year then he takes her out to dinner and breaks up with her! I know what a a** right? So anyway she seems to be taking it well I already told her that I'm hear if she needs someone to talk to and I also told her we are hanging out tomorrow so we can have fun and she agreed. So what else can I do to make her feel better and also her and I have a lot in common and because of that and the fact that we are so close I think that is why I kinda like her so how long should I wait to show her how I feel or should I never show her and just continue being her friend and also like I asked what else could I do to make her feel better?

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  • Can somebody please answer this for me? (Girls only)?

    Alright, I've been told I'm a good looking guy and I'm really nice and I don't understand why girls only seem intrested in the guys who love sports and all that stuff and they don't have anything in common with them. I on the other hand am more sensitive I cried while I watched the Notebook and Marley & Me and I completely dislike sports and I fill that I would have more in common with a girl than most guys do so can somebody please explain to me why I'm single and all these "Jerk" type guys have beautiful girlfriends who they really don't deserve. And no I'm not g ay if that's what your thinking and please no stupid answers like I don't know or something okay. Thanks!

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  • Ladies what haircuts are sexy on guy?

    I am going to my first day of college on wednesday and I wanna get my haircut and I kinda want a new look but have no idea on what to get done, so any suggestions that make you ladies stop look at guy would be really helpful... Thanks!!

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