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I am taking a break from fighting the ungodly liberal horde. Even God rested on the 7th day I Believe in God... That salvation and eternal life is only possible through His Son, Jesus. The Lord was not political.... He said to give unto Caesar that which was Caesars, and unto God, that which was God's. The theme of The Lord's message: Salvation is only possible through Jesus. He also made it clear he came to do the Will of the Father. Morality and family values (as we on the Social Right believe), is a direct connection to God's will. God has made it clear many times what His views are of homosexuality, murder of babies, slothfulness, adultery, fornication and other sins. The democratic party supports these sins. People who claim to know The Lord, yet cast their lot with spiritual darkness (dems).. They will give an account before God.... I can not judge that outcome, that would be solely God's decision. Beware of that time!!! it will be too late to

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