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Formerly of the USMC (MOS 0311), I was among the large quantity who signed up with an age waiver at 17 with the war in Iraq with the starry-eyed idealism of patriotic duty. During my enlistment, I began college and this year (2008) have received my Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy. I'm a Conservative Republican and spend the majority of my time on the Political forums of the Y/A field. When my stomach can take the rampant idiocy, I'll occasionally dabble in the atheistic dregs of the Religion forum. (Which is not to say the Liberal opinions rank much higher.)

  • Is anyone else tired of this?

    The incessant comments from Liberals of "If you were TRULY an American, you would support our president-elect Obama!" Granted, I intend to stem my insults for the man when he gets sworn in out of respect for the office, but the last people I want to see harping on showing respect for the president are the Liberals who haven't been quiet for the last eight years about the president.

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  • Your opinion on the Drug War?

    Specifically as it pertains to marijuana. I don't honestly care a whole lot either way if its ever made legal or not. I wouldn't vote for it being decriminalized, but I wouldn't lose any sleep or tears over it. But on every Y/A! board related to it, I keep hearing

    "The war on drugs has raged for decades and never worked, we should just give up!"

    Do you agree with that sentiment or not? Frankly, that smacks me as the faulty reasoning along the lines of "Why do we keep trying to stop murderers? We've been trying to stop it since Cain and Abel, we should just give up because its not working!"

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  • Opinions About Abortion?

    I know some people here are for it, some people are against it. I see an endless tirade of over-simplified responses when it comes up (on both sides) and would like to see some genuine 'I-sat-down-and-reflected-before-I-answered' type responses here.

    What are your opinions on:

    1) Abortion for convenience?

    2) Abortion for rape?

    3) Abortion for proven deformed / mentally handicapped fetus?

    4) Abortion for health concerns?

    If you're for abortion on all fronts, please add something a little more detailed than "we shudnt tel a women wat 2 do wtih her bodi". Explain why you think what you do, facilitate a sense of understanding (even though acceptance is a forgone failure) and really try and sell your belief rather than just angrily spout it and condemn what other people believe.

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  • Your opinion of the new president-elect?

    I voted proudly for McCain. I cannot deny I'm disappointed in the outcome, but now that Senator Obama has won, I'm willing to stand by the man for respect of his office if for no other reason. I've always considered myself an American first and a Republican second.

    What's your opinion?

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  • What about small businesses?

    Is there anyone out there who thinks that $250,000 a year is "rich"? I mean, that income is roughly ten times what I personally make, so I agree its "wealthy", but its certainly not "rich". That sort of income in a business is really less of a Wal-Mart and more of a family business that might employ five to twenty people maximum. And I guarantee it'll cripple them wholly.

    While I'm not against Wal-Mart per se (Lord knows they get enough of my money), hasn't anyone realized that Obama's proposed tax will demolish what remains of small business across the US?

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  • Are the Republicans as racist as the Democrats say?

    The first Republican president ever elected to office was done in March 4th, 1861. Like several other Republican presidents after him, he was criticized as being a war-mongerer and violating the personal rights of the country's citizens.

    He was Abraham Lincoln.

    The idea of the southern white racist seems to have been grossly misinterpreted over the years as a Republican stereotype. Granted, second amendment supporters tend to be Republicans, a redneck does not a Republican make.

    Looking historically at the parties, Jesse Jackson, once the vanguard of the African American's hopes for the presidency lost out. But... he was beaten out by a Republican, he lost his party's candidacy in favor of a caucasian runner. The Democrats didn't support him to run. (Not touching base on Jesse Jackson's own racist comments of the 'hymies' from 'hymietown'.)

    But what about the Republicans? We never have anyone running for the candidacy that's African American, right? It wasn't that long ago that America was excited about two black nominees, Obama and Alan Keyes. Keyes ran from a Republican platform.

    Although most people are quick to accuse Fox News as being right-wing and Republican fodder, the right is just as quick to accuse CNN (humorously dubbed the Clinton News Network) of being the same for the left. Alan Keyes was deliberately excluded from the televised debates by CNN.

    Long before anyone on the left side ever heard the name "Obama", everyone was already well-acquainted with names like "Condoleezza Rice" and "Colin Powell", Republican African Americans.

    I guess if you're looking for racism on either front, it only takes being blind to certain truths and happenings and searching out single instances as a basis for an attack, yeah?

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