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  • Question about base pay for marketing sales?

    The company I work for was dissolved end of June so I've been looking for work about three weeks. Was there 15 years, have a severance that will be going on for a while.

    Last 15 years my title was "Major Accounts Manager" and responsibilities were a hybrid between marketing management and sales. Given my role I was weighing heavier on my base and less on commission.

    Most of the jobs I've been applying for are sales. Earlier this week I received a work from home offer where the commissions seem okay, but the base seems very low.

    I'm debating if it would be smart to take the position so I'm getting a pay check and continue to keep looking on the side, or would it be smarter to just pass on this all together. Not sure how either option would reflect on my resume....

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  • Company closed end of June and am looking for a new job?

    I was there for 15 years and am new to the job search scene. Looking in marketing/advertising sales for last three weeks. My better half has a decent job and we have a severance that will cover me for a long while. I was given an offer for a work from home gig that has a very low base but high commission potential. They're also saying first year is unpaid vacation which seems insane to me. Not sure it's exactly the job I'd want to take for the long haul, but am wondering if it would be worth it to take it for the time being and have income coming in, bank the severance and keep looking, or should I decline the offer? Don't know if it would be good to have this new job on my resume showing I've only been there a few months and am still looking or not. Any insight is appreciated. I have to respond back to them by early next week.

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  • Which is better for back pain - heat or ice?

    Every now and again I'll pull a muscle in my back, which happened this past Sunday. Seemed like it was getting better but is pretty tight this morning. Is it better to put heat on it, or ice? Guessing heat but want to be sure. I do have pain killers from a back spasm last year, but really don't want to dip back into those so want to try and fix this naturally before my son's scouting camp out on Friday....

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  • How many people can occupy a 3 bedroom condo in Chicago/Cook County?

    Me and my family (total of 4 of us) live in a condo in Chicago. Neighborhood is pretty compact - recently a group of 23 year olds moved in the building right next door (mommy bought it for one of the girls). Their deck is right off our bedrooms and the late night weekend partying and garbage getting tossed on our property has gotten out of control.

    Trying to find online where it notes how many people can legally occupy one unit. I know there's 5 of them in a 3 bedroom place. Their building is partially own/mostly rent and the owner of the buidling is concerned because his tennants are threatening to leave. When I saw how many names are on the buzzer walking our dogs, I started to wonder if that's legal.

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  • Which is a more managable pet - gerbil or hamster?

    We were at the pet store this weekend picking up food for our guinea pigs and fish, the kids caught glimses of the gerbils and hamsters and now want to buy one with their own money....given we live in a condo in the city, they seem like a good urban pet and will get them off wanting a dog.

    Question is, which of the two would be better to have in the house? Specifically, I'm curious to know if one of them is more aggressvie than the other? The guinea pigs are great pets - we've had them for 3+ years and they only bit twice, and that was when another kid was being rough with them. I'd like to have the same experience with either a gerbil or hamster....

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  • Question for when an interview goes wrong?

    I work in the sales/marketing field and had an interview yesterday, which was set up by a head hunter that initially contacted me. I interviewed with them, they sent my resume along and the point person at the other company apparently liked what he saw and wanted to meet.

    So I make up an excuse to cut out of my work early, drive out to meet with this gentleman. The interview started with him refusing to shake my hand after I extended it to him and it went downward from there. He criticized the way that I handle my business (each company has a different approach to what they do) since I don't handle it the exact same way that they do, and if I worked for him I'd be fired. I made a comment that I put in many hours in the evenings after I put my kids to bed (understood that family life shouldn't be a big selling point in an interview, but that was the only comment I made) in order to meet deadlines - he said he doesn't care about my kids and acted as if he didn't believe my dedication. Then the interview ended and he refused to shake my hand again.

    I would love to forgive, forget and move on, but am having a hard time with this one. I don't want to write a thank you letter, but will do so out of respect for the recruiter. I'm also trying to decide if I want to express any of this to the head hunter - I know this guy is a client of theirs, but the way he acted was completely unprofessional and I hope he treats his employees, friends and family better than people he's interviewing for his company. I've been in the business I'm in for 16 years - I know what I'm doing and have confidence in my abilites, but this one really burns me. So my question is, should I politely express any of this to the head hunter I've been meeting with? I don't want to attack one of her clients, but seems like she should be aware of the way he conducted himself in this meeting that he arranged.

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  • Is it possible to block specific websites?

    We recently bought our 9 year old a computer for his birthday with the intent that he'd use it mostly for school purposes. I recently caught him on You Tube watching some really wierd crap (there's no better way to put it). All the other sites he views/goes on are okay, but I really don't want him on You Tube anymore.

    Is there a way I can block out that one specific site? We use Windows 7 Home operating system. I can see where you can block categories of sites, but not just a specific one. Thanks in advance.

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  • Question on office behavior?

    Looking for advice...I work in a remote office with two other people and am not used to "drama in the workplace".

    My employer recenly hired a new person (the 3rd person in our office) 6 months ago into a sales role. Since starting, this person has generated very little business and it seems like social behavior rules over professional for this person. This person is having some problems at home in their personal life. We're in the same age range and because of this, I think this person feels like it's okay to vent and share every little detail with me when I'm trying to get my work done.

    Whenever the manager is out of the office on calls or travelling, this person also thinks it's okay to take 2 hour lunches, have extended personal conversations, come in a little late/leave a little early. This wouldn't bother me if they were actually doing their job.

    I've spoken to the manager about what goes on when they aren't here, and was told to mind my business. However, the graphic personal details are startng to get to me.

    I don't know if 1) I should talk to my manager about this or 2) tell the person I don't want to hear it. It's tricky because we are small and half of the time it's just myself and this other person in the office and I don't want it to be awkward, but feel like something needs to be said.

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  • Question about Sorrano pepper plant?

    I planted a Sorrano pepper plant this year and some of the peppers are finally looking ready to be picked. Went out this AM and one of the peppers turned 100% red and I could see another was starting to turn red as well. Was curious as to why that would happen since they should be green. Are the red ones still edible?

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  • Question on Homebrew for Wii?

    I'm trying to install HackMii onto my Wii though the BootMii website....when clicking on the Installer link, it looks like it's trying to download a Zip File and I'm getting the message "File format application/zip not supported".

    Does anyone know how to work around this, or how to download Zip files onto the Wii?

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  • What's the difference between Rock Band and Band Hero 3?

    My son wants one of these systems for Christmas. I used to be knowledgeable about these sorts of systems, but I'm starting to get old...

    Main question is, which one is the better option? We need to buy the entire system...where is the best place to buy it?

    This would be for the Wii system....thanks in advance.

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  • Drop Roy Williams for Malcom Floyd?

    Wondering if I should do this in my fantasy league...waiver wire opens tonight. 10 team league, each team starts 3 WR and carries 5.

    Williams has been useless, but don't know if Floyd is too much of the unknown. Not sure to take a flier on Floyd.

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  • Knowshawn Moreno or Justin Fargas today?

    Not sure who to go with as a #2 today....Moreno at Balt or Fargas at SD....any advice is appreciated.

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  • Who would be the best FA RB option for week 7?

    I know none of these are overwhelming, but here they are:


    J. Stewart

    L. Johnson

    Fargas, Mike Bell and Cadallac Williams are available as well, but I don't think they're feasible options.

    I have S. Morris and am thinking I can handcuff him to Maroney, but if Morris couldn't get off the field on his own power, I'm guessing he won't be playing this next Sunday. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • Smart move to pick up Jerome Harrison?

    I'm in a 10 team league, each team carries 4 RB and starts 2. I have Forte, Steven Jackson, Moreno and Fred Jackson.

    Thinking of dropping Jackson to try and get Harrison. Seems like Jamal Lewis is past his prime. I don't see much of the Browns, but it sounds like Harrison did a serviceable job last week.

    Would this be a smart move?

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  • Anthony Gonzalez on the waiver wire in my league?

    Someone dropped Anthony Gonzalez...I'm in a 10 team leaguge, each team carries 5 WR and starts 2.

    I have Justin Gage on my bench and am wondering if it would be worth dropping him and keeping Gonzo on my bench for a few weeks until he comes back.

    Other question mark is that I have Dallas Clark.

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  • Steven Jackson or Fred Jackson in week 3?

    Not sure who to go with....

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  • Thinking of dropping Ray Rice for Knowshawn Moreno?

    I'm in a 10 team league and each team carries 4 RBs, starts two. I have: Forte, S. Jackson, F. Jackson and Rice.

    I'm trying to trade Rice for a WR before the waiver deadline tomorrow but if I can't, I'm tempted to drop Rice for Moreno. Seems like Rice will have to break a long one in order to score this year, media is all over McGahee's jock and seems like Moreno has more potential upside. It might be jumping the gun, but I'm thinking Moreno could have a big week and he'll get snapped up quick by one of the bottom feeder teams of waivers next week.

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  • Who to start week 2 at RB?

    We start 2 RBs -- options are Forte, S. Jackson, Rice and F. Jackson. Forte and Jackson were my first two picks, but I think all are good options right now.

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