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Im 26 and have 2 beautiful lil children, a boy of 4 and a girl of 16 months, been living with my partner for 9 years, and unfortunatly sufer from depression and anxiety, not helped by having 4 miscarriages, im easy going and easy to talk to, plus ive been through a few things that make me give relativly good advice

  • 7 MO being sick after solid food any advice? please!?

    hi all, my son is being sick after every solid food meal, but not his bottles, he has been on solids since being 18 weeks as he is lactose intolerant and there is no second milk so we had to feed him slightly earlier than usual as bottle wasnt satisfying him anymore, he has been taking foods no bother, withthe exception of the episodes of bringing all his solid food up, it usually happens every 4 to 6 weeks he can keep his milk down but the solids he cant, we tried giving him pureed again as we had just recently added lumps, but still sick, he is even being sick off plain mash no marg or milk, which i find weird as there is nothing added to make him sick so its not another allergy, he is crying from hunger and tiredness day and night he wont sleep cos he is not full enough to settle, we have informed drs etc but they just say he is teething all the time (i must add when he was on the bottle he did have episodes where the full bottles would come up) he cant have been teething since being 3 weeks old and still have no teeth can he? these episodes usually last a few days, other than the being sick after the bottles he is his usual self, aside from being tired, he still giggles and plays and is still as attentive, please can anyone advise as drs are just not helping at all

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  • labour? soon, now or just hoping lol?

    hi all just a quick question regarding some goings on over the last few days, im currently 37w 4d preg and have been experiencing some pretty nasty goings on when using the loo, basically everything i have ate throughout the day has gone straight through me and been very watery TMI, the last week bowel movements have been looser but not to this extent, i have had tummy cramping on and off for the past few weeks which i was informed was braxton hicks, and last night had some pinky blood a few times when i wiped (again TMI) i went into hosp last night due to right sided abdo pain (which they couldn't decide what it was so sent me home) and after having an internal exam i was informed that my cervix has gone, 2 Dr's and a lot of moving and uncomfortableness for a good 15 Min's of looking, anyways im now getting lower abdo cramps again with stabbing like sensations coming and going, the hosp im going to isnt very friendly if u ring more than once ur whole pregnancy (which has been the case with all hosp roind here as of late) so i dont want to ring if nothing is wrong, any ideas anyone?

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  • severe spd during pregnancy... when to....?

    hi all just wondering if may be i could have a little advice from anyone else who has spd during there pregnancy, i had it with my daughter who is now 16 months old and am currently suffering from it again, im now 30 weeks and have had it since week 11 :( im back on crutches, have been from 4 weeks, taking cocodamol every 4 hours, which are not working at all, not even taking the edge of the pain anymore, just wondering if i should be going back to the drs, ive been unable to walk at all the last few days, even stuggling to walk to the toilet, which is 10 steps away from my sofa, i just want to cry all the time cant get comfy, i was induced with my daughter due to the pain, but that was nowhere near as bad as it is now, im actually fonding myself wishing for tht pain to come back and it hurt with her.

    please help me, my dr took ages to prescribe me with anything, in the end i had to ring and demand something to help with the pain, so i cant see them giving anything stronger, which i know they can cos i has stronger with my little girl, even a bath, which my OH has to get me in and out of, doesnt help at all ;(

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  • pain in chest, worse whn breathing, coughing, laughing etc?

    just to mention im 29 weeks pregnant and having this nasty pain, also i have asthma, but its not an asthma attack, at least its not getting better with use of my inhalor, just wondering if i could have done damage to my chest as i had a sickness bug yesterday and was sick a fair bit

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  • Another miscarriage? ?

    Hi all hope u can help, im 11 weeks pregnant and hav been gettin some similar symptoms of mc, I have been gettin pains in my tummy across my belly button and to my right side for a few days, also I hav lost all pregnancy symptoms over the same period of time apart from being tired and I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had a clear jelly like streak of cm on the paper, are these signs pointin to mc again, I havent had a scan yet and lost a baby in august, the baby wars 5 weeks old when it stopped growing but I didnt lose it till what wud hav been my 14th ish week

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  • Ok so I got a pos test on wed gone and now ?

    Im havin really bad lower back pains plus pulling pains in my tummy. All my pregnancy symptoms hav gone apart from the tiredness however I hav a cold so it cud be that. I had a mc 31st august so im a bit worried

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  • TTC! what's is going on!?

    hi all, so this is whats happening and its driving me mad. i had a mc on the 31st august this year, had my first period on the 21st of sept, i bleed for 31 days, on the 11th 12th and 13th i had pinkish discharge very light and only when i wiped, and up to now no period, i feel sick, trying to eat makes me retch, boobs are sore (tho this happens when im due) having stomach cramps but not af cramps, feeling very tired and having a few headaches, im also feeling very dizzy, i have dont tests, one tue morning and one this morning, both bfn so i dunno whats going on, any suggestions cos i dunno, i thought i may be preg, but now it seems not!

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  • green lines turning red sims 3 when placing objects?

    just wondering if anyone knows why im seeing green lines, or red lines, they look like a sunbeam, appearing when i place certain objects, not all, its very off putting and annoying, any ideas anyone?

    thanks for your help

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  • pregnant with implant?

    hi all could do with some advice here:

    well i had a baby beg of dec last year, and opted for the implant, which was terrible, i bled constantly the thing kept itching and it stuck quite far out of my arm, you could see where it was, i was advised off a dr to have it removed for these reasons and the fact tht it was making my raynauds worse. common prob app...

    anyway, about 2 weeks before it came out i stopped bleeding, then 10 days after i had a little pink blood on tissue when i wiped, i had the implant out 4 days later and have since NOT has intercourse, however i started to have preg signs, back ache, headaches, tiredness, sickness, tummy cramps, lack of period, moddy etc so a week after removal i took a test, it was negative, yesterday i took another test and it came back positive, its been 6 weeks tomorrow since the implant was removed i have all preg signs, obv a pos result, but could i have fallen preg with the implant in? the last time i had sex was 4 days before removal, and since then ive been too tired to do anything........ thoughts please?


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  • employee on sick but.......?

    hi all hoping someone can help me, my owns a shop, and has had the same person working for him for 4 years, in that time the person has never had any days off sick, only a few for family deaths etc, he has run the shop on his own, albeit a bit crappy (takings have gone down by £100s, over stocking things that dont sell, not stocking things tht do etc) he has basicalyy been left to run the shop and it was up until a few weeks ago going to get closed down, my friend has now hired someone else to take over the management part, and the other person is now only there to sort stock and serve customers, the thing is, the manager that has been took on was upset to hear the guy demanding to know what customers wanted when entering the shop, in an abrupt very nasty way, obv the customers walked out without purchasing anything, the manager had a word with the other member of staff, who promptly went on the sick for migraines (can i just add, some security cameras were installed due to the manager insisting that some shud have been in years ago, and the guy decided to play with them 5 mins after the opening of the shop)

    anyway, this guy has gone on the sick, leaving my friend and his manager running the shop, since this guy has gone takings have gone up, and a lot of customers have advised tht he should not come back due to his attitude, the guy in question was seen the other day, out drinking with his friends, this is after his wife had phoned to say she would be coming to pick up his pay as he was unable to get out of bed due to the headaches. the dr gave him a sick note for 4 weeks, due to the migraines, but surely if he can go out drinking in a loud club he is not sick.

    any advice on what can be done here

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  • mucous plug lost at 34 weeks, do i need to contact my midwife?

    im 34 +3 today, and i have lost my mucous plug, it was just clear no blood, baby isnt moving as much and ive had lower back pain all day, do i need to contact my midwife and let her no, ive been having white blood cells show up in my urine at plus 2 for the last few months, dunno if this makes a diff, just if the plug is gone, will i end up with an infection, nothing has shown up in tests, just the blood cells

    ps, my bump has dropped alot too

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  • would you seek further advice on this....34 weeks pregnant?

    hi all. im just over 34 weeks pregnant and have a few signs of pre-eclampsia.

    i saw my midwife last thursday, who done a urine test which showed protein, and white blood cells, the blood cells were plus 2. but i have no infection as urine was sent to lab to test, been having this for a few mnths now.

    anyways, when i visited my midwife i mentioned about some headaches i have been getting, i just cant seem to shift it no matter what i do, i keep seeing spots in front of my eyes, my vision is becoming blurry and i am constantly tired, like rediculously.

    as yet i have no significant swelling, and my blood pressure was normal (but high for me, mine is normally 90/65, its been reading at 125/70 lately)

    my modwife told me to go home and i would see her some time in the next few weeks, thing is i had pre-eclampsia with my son got it at 35 weeks, so im worried i have it again, also my dr at the hospital sed to have my blood pressure checked avery 2 weeks from 20 weeks pregnant, and this has never been done

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  • maternity notes help please....?

    hi all, im currently 33 weeks preg with baby number 2, i have just noticed on my notes in relation to brim it says full

    the last few weeks it has sed free, but i was told that baby had her head just on my pelvic bone, does full mean she is now in pelvic region ready to engage???

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  • any one else have SPD, wondering if you can...?

    give me some advice on how to get comfy lol, i saw my physio today who gave me crutches cos walking is really bad, but she said she couldnt really do much else as im already 31 weeks, so any suggestions to help ease pain would be good.


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  • trimethoprim and pregnancy ?

    i have been given trimethprim 200mg by my dr today for a uti, read the leaflet online, didnt get one with my tablets, and it says not to take them when pregnant, any body else took these, is it safe, im 30 weeks pregnant thanks

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  • please help, is this normal?

    im having a few pains down in my lower abdomen, which i have been told is the baby moving into position, im mentioning this incase it has anything to do with the outcome of my next question,

    ok so im having a little trickly feeling from my vagina and i have just noticed a very sweet (smells like sugar) clear watery discharge, is this normal in pregnancy? im 30 weeks

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  • 30 weeks pregnant and i have.....?

    got some very unusual pains going on, just above my pelvic bone, it starts in the centre and goes out to either side, its like a stabbing type pain, and very uncomfortable, any body any ideas as to what this could be, its starting to make me double over in pain

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  • will i feel better anytime soon? depressed?

    hi all im a little over 29 wks pregnant, and im terrified, not of giving birth, im terrified something will go wrong, i had 2 mc last year (both before 16 wks) and im petrified something will go wrong still, i feel plenty of movement, but im in pain from spd, which has me worried, a suffer from anxiety and depression severly i dont know if that is part of the reason why i feel terrified, the thing is now birth is approaching im getting worried i will wake up one day and my baby wont be breathing if i do manage to have her. help, its getting me down that i cant relax, i havent enjoyed any of this pregnancy due to the worry, and i had post natal depression after my son, and im worried i will get it again if i dont start to feel positive about things but i cant

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  • so everyone, im now 22 weeks pregnant and im having?

    ....... a little girl, i ad a feeling from the start, anyone else had a feeling and it turned out to be right?

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  • would you find a new community midwife?

    my midwife doesnt seem to care and im wondering if i should see if i can change her, im 17 weeks pregnant and have only seen her for about 10 mins in all, she rang me for half and hour the night befire my first appointment to try and get me to go to a different hospital near us as it was easier for her, i told her there was no way i was going there, when i went for my appointment the next day she tried again to get me to change my mind, again i told her no, so she said she couldnt do my booking forms as she hadnt brought the right ones, then she came to my house a few days later filled her info in and left me to complete the rest (another midwife saw this the other day and commented on the fact that i had written it out not her)

    last week i was supposed to go see her for my first proper appointment, she phoned the day earlier to say she was going on holiday instead, and that being 16 weeks pregnant at the time i had to go and get my bloods took at a nearby hospital from another communtity midwife, when i got there i was told that because i had chosen to go to a diff hospital i couldnt be seen at that one, and my midwife would know this, but she had sent me anyways, so i then had to go to the hospital i had opted for, which is a 45 min drive away from my house, when i got there i got told i didnt need to have the bloods took cos i had already opted out of getting these particular ones done, so id travelled there for nothing.

    i have a friend who is preg and she has stated a few times that when she tries to talk o her about any problems she rushes her out of the room just saying everything will be fine, without explaining what is wong, and she took her bloods to test for low iron 5 weeks ago, my friend keeps ringing her for the results and she tells her she will ring back and never does.

    i had 2 m/c last year and i dont want to be seen by a midwife who doesnt care, everything has me on edge and i need to phone her cos i have been getting nasty pains, but im bothered incase she tells me not to be silly or something, should i get a new midwife????

    sorry for the long post!!

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