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  • Artist, photographer or writer?

    I still haven't found out what i want to be. I have three choices and i can't pick. Help!

    Artist: I always loved the thought of being an artist. It has always brought an interest to me. Although I've never learned how to perfectly, I want to learn.

    Photographer: I may not be photogenic but i love taking pictures! Its like art to me only more realistic. I find myself walking outside just to take pictures of random things. I can never wait to see how my photos turn out afterward and i love seeing people's reactions to my best photos.

    Writer: Ever since I was eight I have always wanted to be a writer. Writing is like my passion. From poetry to romance, I've written it all. i love to read books. in fact, that's all i do in my spare time. And i enjoy hearing other comments on my stories...including criticism. i would do anything to get my stories out for the world to read.

    Thank you for your help! :)

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  • Would you rather eat broccoli or spinach...?

    Brownie or cake?

    Waffles or pancakes?

    Chocolate or other candy?

    Got bored...thx for answers

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  • Poll: Piercing or no piercing?

    I was thinking about getting one on my nose.

    How many of you agree...or disagree

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  • Why am I ashamed to be Christian?

    Sometimes i feel like I'm alone. I have no one to support me on my religion. Of course I love Christ Jesus. But sometimes whenever I'm with friends or even strangers it seems like they all are against me. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be a Christian. I can't fit in if I believe in an unseen God. How do I overcome that? Do you ever feel that way?

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  • I like my best friend. What do I do?

    I have a guy friend that I have a crush on. My other friends say that he likes me too. Yet I have a doubt because he is always dating all the other girls besides me. I want to come out and tell him I like him but it might ruin our friendship. I need help here.


    (this is my sister's question and she's leaving in two days so answer quick)

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  • What's your favorite character from Twilight?
























    And many others...

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  • Are there still ppl out there who like the Twilight Saga?

    There seems to be so many ppl criticizing the wonderful Twilight book series, I'm starting to wonder if there are still fans out there. Am I the last of the Twi-fan kind?

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  • What is most embarrassing for a woman to buy? Condoms or vagisil or ept?

    What is most embarrassing to buy? Condoms, vagisil or EPT?

    Got bored so I asked.

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  • Do you like my poem called "Unknown Secret"?

    "Unknown Secret"


    The camera's here

    Yet we both know

    There's something to fear

    The closet is your only home

    It's the place where the secrets come out

    Those secrets

    You know not to doubt

    They control you

    They taunt you

    But we both know

    There's nothing you can do

    One day

    They'll take over

    And the time's date

    Isn't getting any slower

    So enjoy it now

    Hold the secrets close

    Before it all comes out

    Before everyone boasts

    Act like nothing happened

    Hide the cause

    But when you're in your room

    Press pause


    And say:

    This is my

    Unknown Secret

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  • How does/Why does...?

    Why does...

    1. Truck sound like F*ck

    2. Beach sound like B*tch

    3. Sheet sound like Sh*t

    4. Sofa King sound like So F*cking

    (Yea, pretty bored so i had time to come up with this)

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  • Is love found in the heart or soul?

    Is love found in the heart or soul...or is love is never found?

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  • Three guys but i have to pick one?

    question details:

    As u already know, i broke up with my last bf. So now about three other guys r asking me out.

    One of them is like my bestest friend ever.

    The second one was an ex.

    And the last one is my old crush which, for the record, i'm not as in love with anymore.

    My best friend is kind and sweet...

    The ex is buff and tall...

    The crush is all that but less interesting...

    which should i go 4? or should i run back to my recent bf?

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  • umm, few questions...need answers plz...?

    I have a boyfriend (don't i always) and we've been together for about a month now. Our relationship is normal and blah blah blah...

    Before this boyfriend, I had another "friend" who I still hang out with. My original boyfriend feels that I've began to like my friend too much. I convinced him that we were just friends and nothing more.

    A couple of days later this friend and i went on a walk to a park down the street.

    This is how our convo went...kinda:

    Friend: Um...i like your hair.

    Me: uh, thanks.

    *minutes l8er* Friend: How's your bf?

    Me: ok...

    Friend: I thought you...never mind.

    Of course I'd say: You can tell me.

    Friend: Well, I thought you and i had somethin' together, ya know?

    Me: ...oh...

    Friend: I thought you'd say that.

    Me: we can't be anything more than friends. I'm srry

    Friend: We don't have to...

    Then he said sumthin I forgot and then he kissed me (no not a peck but like the french long one)

    I didn't know how to react.. so i basically stood there in awkwardness letting him do his thing.

    Anyways, the questions are, what do i do now? Do i tell my bf? Can i still be friends with this guy?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen?

    Ok, in Twilight, most people know Robert as the guy who plays Edward. He has so many fans, even old people like him (no offense to oldies). Its like ever since Twilight saga came out everyone is going crazy after him but are they going for Rob Pattinson or Edward Cullen?

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  • What is your favorite book in the Twilight Saga?

    Well, I can't seem to to figure out my fav book. I mean, it's not Twilight and it's not New Moon sooo...idk wat it is.

    The point is, I want to know ur fav book from the saga. Plz give a reason why u chose it...or not.

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  • Have u ever glipsed at a 10 paragraph description then just skip it?

    You know how when ppl put a simple question but then write a 10 paragraph description? Well do ya just skip it?

    To tell u the truth, I do. But do u read it?

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  • Why did I do this (plz need answer)?

    I have a boyfriend who used to be my best friend for about four years. We have been together for about one month. I have found myself loving him yet hating him at the same time. He could be so sweet and respectful then the very next day (when with friends) a completely different person.

    So one day I bumped into my dream boy literally (detail about it all in past questions). He and I still liked each other but never really hung out. So, after helping me up with my books he asked me to go out for coffee as friends.

    I said yes. I could never say no.

    After school he and I went to Starbucks. He paid for everything like the gentleman he was, and drove me back to the park. It wasn't far from home or anything but i just so realized that I was supposed to meet up with my bf at his house. Dreamboy was just so nice though and kind. I couldn't help myself when he leaned in to kiss me (no not a kiss but make out).

    The time passed and I was finally dropped off at my house by the end of the day. I explained to my bf that I was busy and that homework was hard (lying),

    That night I laid there just now noticing what I just did, cheated. I've never cheated before and now I feel bad.

    So the question is, what do I do now? What do I say to my bf?

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  • Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    Honestly I'm team Edward but I want to know what team ur on. Explain why.

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  • I'm not important. Why do they like me?

    As you know two guys like me and...blah blah blah. But when I really think about it, i wonder why I'm the center of attention. I feel like I'm just a regular boring girl. All I do is make good grades and read books all the time. I have only a handful of true friends. Why do these guys like me? Am I being stupid even asking this question?

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  • I luv him but could that be enough to delete my old crushes?

    as you know in my last question I asked who should I pick, my dream boy or my best friend? You answered, "follow ur heart!" and so I did. The boy I chose was my best friend. Although my dream boy was all I ever wanted, Chris (my best friend) was the one my heart really yearned for.

    We have told each other we loved each other and stuff and we also had our first kiss but I find myself still wanting James (my dream boy). If I could chose both ppl I would but I can't so how do I endure the pain of brushing James off my shoulders? Will Chris understand if I did start hanging out with James more and how can I stop my lust for James?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago