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  • If speeding ticket's are about safety why isn't more emphasis placed on actual accident's?

    Accident's happen, but wouldn't it be kind of good to know who is actually making contact with other vehicle's and thing's on the road's? There are literally people on the road who can't drive down a street without running into something or someone. In the state that I live in unless there is substantial damage or injury involved the police aren't required to stop and fill out a report at a traffic accident. I've personally seen police officer's drive right by a minor fender bender and keep on going. How does the police or DMV know that that either one of those people aren't regularly involved in traffic accident's, possibly truly a reckless driver? What does that say about the so called concern for safety? They don't have enough time to fill out accident report's but they can sit along any road writing ticket's to collect money. My problem isn't so much with the police but the ridiculous law's on speed. Just keeping your vehicle at some posted speed doesn't make you a safe driver.

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  • Tainted Pet Food From China Right After Their Slaughter Of Dog's And Cat's?

    Recently China slaughtered thousand's of dog's and cat's, they say it was necessary to prevent to transfer of rabies. When word of it being planned was first leaked it prompted an outpouring of complaint's from people around the world. More than likely quite a lot were from people in the USA. Evidently the complaint's feel on deaf ear's because it was continued as planned. If the complaint's infuriated quite a few of the right people there, especially one's who were in charge of supplying the Gluten that pet food companies use for pet food here in the USA......Hopefully this recent pet food tragedy isn't the result of something that heinous but the world is full of very spiteful people. What do you think, a totally out there thought, or, there unfortunately might be some possibility?

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