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  • If I get a speeding ticket in PA what happens to my NJ license?

    I was driving on route 22 east leaving Blairsville and I was going with the flow of traffic and was clocked going 76 in a 55. I know if this ticket was "in state" that it would be 4 points but does PA give me points or does it show up as " out of state" on my NJ record and I get 2 points?

    this question is just verification, I think that is what happens but I just want to know from other sources.

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  • College Question for the school year?

    So lets say my college bill is going to come out to around $22,000 .... its only one year cause its a tech school...

    so lets say its that price and I get financial aid with scholarships and grants that total up to 30,000.... what happens to the 8,000 left over... Do I receive that or no?

    let me know if Im missing details

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  • How come my computer doesn't run like new?

    My computer isnt SLoOOww but it hasnt been running like that day I bought it.. Its performance index was like 4.5 or something now its 2.4 and I havent even changed anything .... I store music and pix on a seperate drive. And I have minimal games on it.... I just use it for music and pix and one movie.. :-/ now besides the disk defrag and all the system tools is there any way to make it run like new?

    Ill give some info on the computer

    HP Pavilion Entertainment PC with Vista ( -_-) ( I hate vista)..... but anyway...

    it has 137gb of HD space... and about a gig of memory

    whats wrong?

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  • Is this Legal? if so is there hope?

    Ill give a little background before I start to tell the story. My friends car was hit in the drivers side fender and has a little body damage and is missing the marker light/blinker. The car also has a small exhaust leak from rust and age and a slightly bald tire in the rear.

    now for the story.

    She was traveling down a popular road and there was a checkpoint/Roadblock/Seat belt check area or w/e its called.

    the officer saw the damage and flagged her down.

    he then preceded to walk around the car and decided on a roadside inspection.

    Meanwhile her inspection sticker is good till 12/2010 and here it is 7/09

    so they complete the inspection and it failed

    The officer comes back with the results and three lovely long little papers.

    Statute Number 39:3-66 Maintenance of Lamps ( Missing marker)

    Statute Number 39:3-72 Hazardous Tires ( Slightly bald tire in rear)

    Statute Number 39:3-76 Dangerous Exhaust Gases

    on top of that they ripped off her old sticker and gave her a rejected sticker.

    now like I said earlier.. the accident was fairly recent. about 2 weeks prior to this but money issues made it hard to get it fixed right away.

    the exhaust leak was recent as well but same situation.... no money to fix it

    She planned on fixing everything this week or next but then this happened.

    Now my question to the community is, Is this legal what they did? to take an inspection sticker that was valid till december of 2010 and shorten it to july of 09?

    and the car has to be reinspected in 45 days, that's not the issue.. the issue is the tickets. can any be dropped? moneys tight these days

    thanks in advance for helpful answers and no thanks to the people just say that " Should have fixed it sooner"

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