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  • Define the Marine Corps MOS: Security Forces Personnel Reliability Program?

    I last year joined the United States Marine Corps, hoping to become an Infantryman. I was disappointed to find that my job openings had been taken. I've been now given this new MOS, (my recruiter found it to be the best thing available for me since I wanted an 0300 MOS) But there's a few details that I need cleared up.

    1.) I've heard this MOS is a 5 year contract. True or False? Explain, please

    2.) After a few years, is it true that I'll be sent to a Infantry Unit?

    3.) What is this FAST Co. I hear about on the Internet regarding SF?

    4.) On this MOS, what will I find myself doing in the Corps?

    5.) True or False, do I still have to go to SOI?

    6.) I hear my rank will rise quickly if I keep my nose clean in this MOS. Fact or Fiction?

    7.) What is the difference between the UW and UV? (I'm not sure which one I got?)

    8.) I hear this MOS is great for those looking for Criminal Justice background for college, is that true?

    9.) How exactly would I enter the Recapture Team or CQB School?

    Sorry for the ship load of questions. I'm just unsure of what this MOS is about and would like to know more about it before I get into Bootcamp in September 2015. If anyone of experience or knowledge please try to answer all of my questions. Please and Thank you.

    -Confused Poolee Brown.

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  • How to fix my page layout on Microsoft Word 2007?

    Currently writing a amateur novel of mine for the summer once I get the time to after work.

    Tonight however while I was trying to edit the left margin, the page layout suddenly turned... "odd."

    So I tried to change everything back to the margins, when I did, the page layout turned into a very slim and long layout. For the past hour I've tried to fix it and looked online for answers and have had no results. I'm desperately asking for help. I hope to make the entire page layout default again and then arrange back to the normal novel look that I had originally. Please someone help me, and thank you.

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