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  • Mizzou single suite housing?

    At university of Missouri, do you get to pick te suite mates who will share the other three single bedrooms, or do you only get to choose if you are sharing a bedroom? Thanks :)

  • What is a good women's electric shaver?

    I am looking at buying an electric razor. I would like to get away from regular shaving because it causes awful razor bumps, and they are starting to scar my legs. I have an old remington, but it doesn't seem to work very well. I have tried two different epilator as well, but those did not work at all.

    I would like something that shaves pretty close. What electric razor would you recommend? (Not looking for a cheap one, I would rather spend more money for something good)

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  • Where can I buy the song "Bottle Up Lightning" by Lady Antebellum?

    I LOVE this song, but cannot find it anywhere. Its not on iTunes or on their CDs......I need to buy this song because I love it!!!!


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  • if done with a needle, is it safe to get your cartilage pierced?

    I want to get my cartilage pierced, but I am a bit nervous. I have heard that it can get infected, or damage your ear. I have heard that it is safer when done with a needle. Should I get it pierced?

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  • Should I take my car with me to the University of Missouri?

    So if I attend the University of Missouri as a freshman, should I take my car? Is the campus pretty small where you can walk everywhere, or can you drive around the campus to classes and all?


  • Should I attend University of Missouri or University of Florida?

    So I am a senior in high school. I have applied to a few schools, but have narrowed it down to either the University of Missouri or University of Florida. I have already been accepted to Missouri. I find out in February about Florida. So if Florida accepts me, I honestly don't know where I want to go. Both schools are great, I just don't know which I like more.

    I plan on becoming a veterinarian and both have good vet schools.

    If you could give me some input about one, or both of these school, that would be great!! Thanks!

  • Should i get an iPhone 4s or stick with my LG Ally?

    So right now I have an LG Ally, but I am looking at the iPhone 4s. The one thing I am unsure about with the iPhone is only having the virtual keyboard. I enjoy being able to type fast with my actual Qwerty keyboard. But one thing I don't like about the Ally is the camera. It takes forever to focus to take a picture.

    Please give me some guidance on which phone would be best for me. I am going to go in and see the iPhone before I buy it, but wanted some opinions first.

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  • How do I make it on Facebook so people who are not my friends cannot see who my friends are?

    So how do I set my facebook accout so that when people who are not my friends look on my profile do not see the list of who I am friends with?

    4 AnswersFacebook9 years ago
  • how would i factor factor 2x^2-23x-27?

    I have gotten this far in my math problem and now i am stuck because you can not take the 2 out. and 27 isn't a multiple of anything but 27 and 1...which doesnt work out.


    3 AnswersMathematics9 years ago
  • In Pride and Prejudice, what is the significance of Mrs. Jenkinson?

    I don't get why she has any importance. Up to chapter 30, she doesn't do much.

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  • Upbringing in Pride and Prejudice?

    I don't get the whole concept of upbringing in Pride and Prejudice. Could someone please explain this concept to me? I mean is it raising their girls in order to marrying them off? I am at a total loss! Thanks!!

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  • Would it be weird to wear my bangs always pulled back?

    So my mom cut my bangs too short the other day. I wanted them at my lips and she cut them at the top of my cheek bone. They look awful because the just hang there. Would it be weird to wear my bangs pulled back in a clip every day?

    7 AnswersHair9 years ago
  • 2001 Ford Escape with 133,000 miles good deal?

    I found a 2001 Ford Escape with 133,000 miles for $5,500. Is that a good deal? I am looking for my first car.

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  • Thinking about buying a used car?

    So I am going off to college next year and want to get a car. I have been looking online and these are some of my options:

    2002 BMW 3-SERIES 325i SEDAN with 120,790 miles at $10,000

    2005 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5 S with 159,540 miles at $6,000

    2005 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT GLS with 77,409 miles at $10,000

    2000 FORD EXPLORER XLS 2WD with 116,270 miles at $4,500

    I like the Nissan altima because it is newer and nice, and at a good price. But is that too much mileage? I really like the Volkswagen too because it looks very new with few miles, but it is more expensive. The ford explorer is not as nice, but it is cheaper. Could you give me some pointers on what you think would be a good option?

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  • Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound a good major for veterinary school?

    So at one school I am looking at, they offer Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound as a major. Would this be a good option if I am looking at vet school? I mean I know I will also have to meet the vet schools prerequisites, but would this be good?


  • How do I become a veterinary pathologist?

    So I know you have to take the prereqs and get into vet school and all. Then afterwards you take a residency in veterinary pathology. Would microbiology be a good major for me?

    Also, after vet school could I be a vet in a private practice and then go back and do a residency for pathology?

    Could it also be the other way around where I do my residency for pathology, work in that field a while and then switch to being a vet at a clinic?


  • How close are the Croatian and Slavic languages?

    I know that these languages are derived from the same roots, but have their differences. The reason I want to know is I want to learn Croatian, but there are no classes on it. I have found classes for Slavic. Would taking Slavic give me somewhat of a basis for Croatian?


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  • Is a 23 ACT score good enough for University of Florida?

    I got a 23 ACT score (English 24, math 19, reading 23, science 25). I was planning on taking it again today, but I am really sick. Are these scores good enough to get into the University of Florida? I have a good GPA, good grade, I'm taking a full load of academic courses. I also have a lot of community service hours behind me and academic awards. I really want to get into this school, but I am afraid my test scores are too low.

    Additional Details

    I found this of UF's website:

    On the ACT With Writing, a composite score of 19 is required with a minimum of 17 on the English subsection, a minimum of 19 on the math subsection and a minimum of 18 on the reading subsection. ACT scores without the Writing component cannot be used for freshman admission decisions.

    But then this on another site:

    Combined ACT middle 50% range : 26 - 31

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  • Help with writing the standard form of an equations of a line parallel to this:?

    So the directions are: write the standard form of the equation of the line that is parallel to the graph of the given equation and that passes through the point with the given coordinates.

    2x+y-5=0; (0,4)

    when I worked it, i got 2x+y=4, only for some reason it just doesn't look right. Please help!

    1 AnswerMathematics9 years ago