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a lot of people say my advice is the best they know so thats why i decided to open an account on here in the first place :) i seem to somewhat specialise in the singles and dating area of things on here but in all honesty i do tend to try and help any problem whatsoever :) feel free to contact me if you have a problem or if you have put up a question you would like me to answer incase you did want to know i'm from England and i'm in senior school ok thats about it :) xxxx

  • Should I forget it and just be friends?

    I'm useless at taking my own advice so I need some help :(

    Basically, I'm very good friends with this guy and we've been friends for about 4 years. I really like him, but he's just recently split up with a girl who I know but I'm not close to. Anyway we have loads in common we get along really well and talk like everyday but because we are such good friends I feel like actually doing anything about my feelings could ruin our friendship?

    Please don't tell me to just blurt out how I feel because I honestly can't do that.

    (we are both 18 going on 19 if that's of any importance)

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  • Yes, its a guy problem. any advice?

    [ I do answer everyone elses relationship questions since according to my friends i give the best advice out of everyone they know but i find it hard to take my own advice which is why i need help now. ]

    Ok, so heres the problem. I've been talking with this guy on msn for about 5 weeks now, I'm 15 and he's 18. We go to the same school and the last time i saw him i smiled and he pulled a face to try and make me laugh. We have loads in common and he likes to ask what my type is and tells me that he ticks most of the boxes.

    Does he like me? What do i do? Is he too old?

    Sorry about all this but this is the first guy i've liked in this way in ages.

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