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  • Our 10 week old puppy died yesterday?

    Hello,and before ANYONE answers,please don't bash me with "what I should have done before",or criticize me for doing something incorrectly really am a responsible pet owner and my heart is broken.My husband and I adopted a brother and sister pair of beagles from a reputable breeder,great credentials,champion sired,these were pet quality.I'd had my heart set on the so called "mini" beagles(I KNOW THEY DON'T EXIST!)but really wanted a smaller packaged beagle.We were able to get 2 GORGEOUS puppies,in a stunning golden/khaki color.We'd had them just 4 weeks and 2 days!The male pup was eating and growing by leaps and bounds,the female,his little sister is far smaller.We've been crate training them,keeping both together in 1 crate temporarily,until they adjusted.I had just brought the male puppy inside,the weather was gorgeous and not an issue.I placed him in the crate with his sister(I take them out separately to 'do their business'),and my daughter and I left our home for about 30 minutes.Upon our return,my daughter ran straight to their crate before I'd even gotten in the door-and began screaming(the kind of scream a parent drops EVERYTHING for,and comes running.There in the crate were our puppies,the little girl sitting alone in the far corner of the crate,her larger brother laying prone directly in front of the crate door.His tongue was protruding an absolutely black(it had been PINK before his death).I absolutely freaked,picking him up,I tried to resuscitate him,he was not breathing,not stiff,but unfortunately it was obvious I was too late,he was gone.I emailed the breeder this morning to tell him,and he appeared very sympathetic,said it sometimes happens when we have no idea why,even in h9is business.HE OFFERED NO OTHER ADVICE,OR ANY TYPE OF REPLACEMENT OR COMPENSATION(I had pointed out in my email that we'd only had him 2 days beyond his warranty, and am numb,I cant imagine what happened,there is ZERO chance he was poisoned or choked on anything,I am completely stumped and am devastated.My poor little girl,and the puppy's little sister are also in shock.I don't know if anyone has any sound advice,I guess I'm hurting so badly,I just needed to vent some as well.BUT I do appreciate positive and constructive comments.Thank you all in advance.

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  • How can I tell if a moneygram is legit?

    Wells fargo Bank, South Central,N.A. Anchorage ALaska.Are they legitimate?

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