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  • Does anyone out there love K-Pop?

    Ok. So, I recently found out about K-Pop like 5-7 months ago. I became obsessed with it and wondered if anyone else became obsessed with it. I am really into BTS, B.A.P, BtoB, Got7, Vixx, etc. I am also into SoShi, 2ne1, A-Pink, Sistar, F(x), etc. I watch a lot of shows where K-Pop idols appear. Such as: Running Man, Hello Baby, Rookie King, Weekly Idol, Hello Counselor, and many more. I am ALWAYS watching K-Pop videos. They are either K-Pop mash-ups, K-Pop videos, K-Pop shows, K-Pop dramas, and more. Is there anyone else like me? I have always wanted to have a chat/talk with a K-Pop fan. I only have one friend that listens to K-pop, but she's not really into it. She only likes some songs. I'd like to meet someone who is kinda luke me and feels the same way about K-Pop as me. Am I the only K-Pop fan that feels like this? :(

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