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  • Can you help me decide where to study abroad in Australia?

    I would like a little bit more information on these possible destinations/schools:

    ANU, Canberra

    Curtin University, Perth

    Deakin University, Melbourne/Geelong/Warrnambool

    James Cook University, Townsville/Cairns

    La Trobe University, Melbourne

    I would like to know what the weather is like in these locations (I'm looking for sunshine and warmth), as well as what the beaches are like, how safe each location is, whether it is a big/small city, the nightlife scene, etc... and about the likelihood of running into "dangerous" animals (I am deathly afraid of snakes).

    Also, I am currently studying business and love to dance, so it would be great if I could take dance classes while I was abroad.

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  • What is a specific research study that focused on the importance of art in schools?

    I need to know of a specific, credible, scientific study (brain research) that shows correlation between an arts education and an improvement in other aspects education. I also would like one that explains how the brain functions in order to make the arts an important part of school. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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  • What is another phrase meaning the equivalent of "a match made in heaven"?

    It's for my college app, so basically how can I creatively say that the college I am applying to is a perfect match for me?

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