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  • So, I wanted to make a mix for a friend..?

    It would be my way of telling my super close guy friend that i like him. I was wondering if, to sum things up, putting "She loves you" by the Beatles at the end, would that be cute, or just annoying. Answers are appreciated =]

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  • Math Help Anyone? Please?

    so, here are a few questions im not really sure how to do, if anyone could answer them, and tell me how i do them later, that would be lovely. Thanks!

    1.) Express in simplest form: (5-25/x)/x-5

    A.) x-5/5

    B.) x-5/x


    D.) 5/x

    2.) Express in simplest form: (1+ x/y) /((1+x) / (1/y))

    A. x

    B. xy

    C. x + y

    D. x/y

    What is the value of x in the equation((x /2x+1))= 4/3 ?

    A.– 1/5

    B.– 4/5

    C.– 5/4


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  • Is there anyway to save this "friendship" ?

    SO, story short, my best friend got a new boyfriend, whom she is convinced she is in love with. At first i was really happy for her, he being her first boyfriend (were juniors). However, after the first month or so, things started to go bad. First she would ditch me to hang out with him, apologize, and make plans for the next day, only to drop me once again. Then, she would show up late for work. Soon, we stopped hanging out at all, and at school, she would only talk to me, and out other friends when he wasn't around. When he would show up, she would ignore us, and allow him to say bad things about us and other people around us, at the same time laughing and sometimes agreeing.

    Later, she would apologize for the remarks, but that wasn't the point. She started acting like she was better than everyone else, and now that hes leaving for college in the summer, shes going to fall apart. I don't like the person she's become, but i know my friend might still exist. Now, after about 3 months of not talking at all, we've started to lightly talk again, but again, only when he isn't around. Its very shaky ground between us. Ive been hanging out with other people, but highs-school is weird with out someone you know ill always be there for you. can anyone offer any suggestions?

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  • Could someone help with this hw?

    okay so, i need help w/a few of these problems.

    3.) -Square root of -10. i know how a problem like 2 square root of -49 works(14i), but this one confuses me.

    6.) 5 square root -8

    7.) 4 square root -(1/8)

    please and thank you!!!

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  • Could someone help me on my summer prodject?

    Okay, so First please explain what someone could mean when they say explain the "Social/Cultural Characteristics" of a place.

    Second, could someone please tell me what i would write down if the above question involved the 13 colonies?

    If you would be able to answer these, you would make my summer. Please and Thank you!!

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  • Help! does anyone know..?

    what type of fish this is? im sorry for the bad pictures, but i really would like some info of this fish. please and thank you?

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  • okay, so i suck at chem, can someone help me?

    Hydrogen bonds are formed between molecules when hydrogen is covalently bonded to an element that has a

    small atomic radius and low electronegativity

    large atomic radius and low electronegativity

    small atomic radius and high electronegativity

    large atomic radius and high electronegativity

    please answer.. and tell me how these bonds work? pretty please??

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