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  • Painful shoulder knots won't go away?

    I've had them for months on my right side only an they are so painful that I am always aware and some days I get so tired of the pain that I don't want to do anything because I know it'll hurt worse. Ive tried tiger balm massage tennis balls, nothing changes it even the least bit. How can I get rid of them?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management9 years ago
  • Are partial birth abortions legal?

    Have you ever had one?

    4 AnswersPregnancy9 years ago
  • Can't afford to be in friend's wedding?

    Our friends are getting married at the end of this month & it has been very last minute. They just picked a date last week & actually got legally married in December to get on each other's insurance (no one knows this but us). We were very honored to be asked in the wedding, but we literally have no money right now because my husband's job has been very slow so he has been unable to work AND we just spent all of our savings on our newborn baby (surprise! insurance didn't pay for a thing). I'm one of the 2 bridesmaids & my husband is one of the 2 groomsmen but we literally won't be able to afford groceries or shots for our baby this month if we buy a tux And a bridesmaid dress. Combined, the costs aren't more than $350 but that is still way more than we have at this moment. What do we do??

    6 AnswersEtiquette9 years ago
  • 8 week old wont stop crying?

    My baby has been up since 7 this morning & will not nap or sleep. She fell asleep for 5 mins earlier & that was it. She won't be soothed either. She is not normally a fussy baby at all. Nothing is calming her - diaper change, held, laying down, rocked, sung to... She's had 3 poopy diapers since last night which is VERY unusual for her & she has a slight cough. The only time she is content today is every other nursing session (the other ones she fusses thru). No fever, no gas even tho shes usually gassy, no formula. Do I need to take her to the doctor? im so worried for her bc she's not acting like herself and is miserable

    8 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • Moms: did you get the pertussis vaccination for yourself?

    Our birth experience at our hospital was terrible (with everything from them "forgetting" to give me medicines, nstructions, explanations, forgetting to ask important questions, etc), and I realized after looking through my paperwork that I never got the pertussis vaccination for myself nor did my husband. My daughter is now 1 mo old. Should I go get one or just let it go since she is already 1 mo old? I don't work and I don't take her very many places right now since its so cold and there's so many people outside but I'm still worried that she's going to get sick. Did you get the vaccination? Why or why not? I'm so worried about it. Thank you.

    8 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • Why is my 4 week old doing this?

    For the last 2 days my baby has been crying almost nonstop and holding her doesnt calm her. We tried pacifiers, baby swing, car rides, and she still cries. shes exclusively breastfed but as soon as shes done eating she cries to eat again but only sucks for a second before falling asleep. When i take the nipple out her mouth milk spills everywhere so im guessing she is eating enough and she has enough wet diapers. When she calms down she starts smiling and cooing but doesnt stay calm forr more than an hour and isnt sleeping much either. shes also drooling a lot but not spitting up much. is this colic or a growth spurt or something else? it makes me sad that shes screaming and crying like this.

    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago
  • Breastfed newborn constipation?

    My newborn is almost 4 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed. She has not pooped in 5 days despite one "smudge" on a diaper 2 days ago and has very smelly, painful gas. Her stomach is not hard and she is only a little fussy today since the gas has begun. She is peeing plenty - she has already had 8 wet diapers since midnight and it's now noon for me. Is this normal? We're calling her doctor tomorrow but I'm getting very concerned. Since I am breastfeeding I don't know how much she's eating and she goes 2-5 hours between feedings. If this isn't normal is there something I can do?

    8 AnswersNewborn & Baby9 years ago