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  • What movie did someone cheat in a basketball game?

    The way the team cheated was they put a magnetic strip in the basketball and then controlled it using an RC controller.

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  • Problems with dating in college?

    I go to a college and it seems like the girls that are interested in dating me, I would never be interested back, and the ones that I would be interested in are never going to be interested in me. I seem to not be able to find a good medium.

    I am also in my second year and I haven't found anyone yet. I am probably really unattractive and that's why it's this way, but whatever.

    I don't really know what my question is, but I guess i'm curious if anyone else in college feels like this?

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  • Is there anyone who actually thinks drilling for oil in the coastlines will help?

    With the fact that it wouldn't get us a drop from 10 to 15 years from now, not to mention the likely negative side effects to our environment?

    Drilling in Alaska also has it's obvious negative side effects and would still not help soon enough with the prices of gasoline.

    Both candidates have said that doing offshore drilling was a plan they had. Which in my opinion was to please ignorant Americans into thinking that the very low rise in gas prices would go back to it's already low prices.


    Why did neither candidate go for the "I plan on getting us off gasoline as quickly as possible, while funding Hydrogen fuel cells which is unbelievably near to being accessible to everyone"

    Did they feel this was too advanced and would be over peoples heads?

    It upsets me that nobody is being informed of this and is stuck on thinking that gasoline is the only way we can run our cars and such.

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  • When does the immature teasing and picking on people stop?

    When I was in elementary school I thought, well this will be over with when I get to middle school. It got worse. When I got to high school I assumed "alright now people are mature". Wrong again. I am now a 20 year old living in a college dorm. And because I never talk to these guys in the other hall they decided to use me to harass. I never said anything to them never gave them looks, although I get them from them. These are presumably above average intelligant men but who still have the need to pick on me. I am small for my age at only 5'7'' but I mean...

    Seriously, when does it end?

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  • Does anyone know what movie this could be?

    When I was in Junior High, our burnt out art teacher would always play strange movies or just random tapes he had lying around. Once he played a movie that if I recall correctly never really showed a title all I remember was seeing a large "H" instead of a title.

    Anyway the movie was in black and white and begins with an older guy at a business meeting. he keeps checking his watch, and when it hits certain time, he stands up in the middle of the large table. runs across it and jumps out the window to his death. And throughout the movie the main character seemed like kind of an idiot and kept showing his 'idea' to people and it was just a piece of paper with what seemed like a coffee ring stain.

    Anyway I'd love to watch this so any ideas would be lovely.

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  • Maybe both candidates are good choices?

    Now, I know nobody agrees on everything, but with politics it's like.. Everyone is so serious and ready to put anyone down with a separate opinion. It's like, only they are right and the other party is totally wrong. How about this, now I know people love Obama-Biden and then the others like McCain-Palin. However nobody seems to acknowledge that.. maybe both are good choices or maybe both are bad choices. It's like only one could be a good president and then they defend them like mad and oppose the other.

    Don't you think maybe they both will make good presidents?

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  • Is there a way to watch..?

    To watch things already aired on ESPN if I know exactly when it was.

    I remember hearing something like my old high school being mentioned which surprised me and I want to know why they brought it up on ESPN, I know what time it was on and what day. Is there way I could find this online or something?

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  • Is this as funny as I think it is?

    So I watched America's Got Talent, for the first time, and I don't think I ever laughed as hard as when I saw this

    Youtube thumbnail

    Does anyone else find this funny?

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  • How do you cut your peanut butter sandwiches?



    One slices?

    Two slices?

    Not at all?

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  • Does it irritate you when..?

    People (probably teenagers) throw a link to their question when answering your question without even answering your question or saying idiotic things like "Answer mine first and i'll answer yours"

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  • Is facebook adding a girl creepy?

    So I basically like to avoid facebook friending because I feel it seems creepy.

    However last school year there was a girl in my psych class who.. seemed great. I am overly shy and for some reason I couldn't say anything to her.

    I finally figured out her last name, and found her on facebook.

    Would this be slightly weird and creepy if I tried to talk to her?

    Yeah I'm paranoid.

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  • Hole punched in vinyl records?

    I collect vinyl records for my music now and I have noticed on many occasions a hole has been punched right through the record's cover.

    Why was this done to record covers?

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  • Rib Discomfort (Lower Left Side)

    Hi, i've been having strange discomfort on the lower left side, what feels like my rib cage. There are no reasons that I can think of why it is there. I haven't been sick, nor coughing or hit my side that I can recall.

    Anyone have any idea of what would cause this?

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