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I am a C.D.T. Certified Dental Technician, an M.D.T. Master Dental Technician and a C.D. Certified Denturist. I owned and operated a full service Dental Laboratory for 20 years prior to earning my C.D.. At that time I closed the Laboratory and opened a private Denturist practice where I provided full Denture and Partial Denture services directly to the public. During my years as a Dental Laboratory owner I ran the Denture practice for two Dentist, meaning I examined the patients, performed all required procedures necessary to provide them with the Prosthetic appliances they needed, including actually creating the appliances in my Laboratory. I assisted in the hospital surgical delivery of over 100 Immediate Dentures. I, along with four other individuals from other states teamed up and created the National Denturist Association, in which I served as it's president for two terms. I served as the president of my state association for 13 terms. I attended Carver Chiropractic College.

  • Sex after being celibate for 20 years?

    After living a celibate sexual lifestyle for the past twenty years, do to mates health problems.Would like to become sexually active again, must I wait until I'm single?...nothing is going to change otherwise.

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  • OK, Are we being duped by "Answers" ?

    Those of us who take time to come to the Answers site on a regular basis knows that for "many" "many" days you can spend time creating an answere to a question and when you attept to post it, you instead get blocked by a message that say's, Answers Is Taking A Breather...Am I the only one that has noticed you can post about three answers and then you get blocked or if your answer isn't very short you get blocked...Is this some sort of censorship or limitation process to discourage those of us who have been committed responders...I'm so frstrated I'm seriously considering going to another web site....What's your current feelings about the issue...?? Do they really need day's and day's to correct their stated problem.??

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  • Answers "Taking a Breather"?

    I was just wondering if I was the only one attempting to respond to questions and today, 99% of time when I click on "Submit"...instead of my response posting, I get the Yahoo "Were Taking A Breather" window ? Over that past three day's I've gotten that window at least 90% of the time when I try to respond to a question...I'm now even wondering if this question will post or come back "Taking A Breather?"

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