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  • Why do doctors ignore body shape?

    I've written about this before but in a few months my wife will have to go back to the hospital for the next lot of pills. She weighs 195 pounds, she gained 15 in a year. This sounds unhealthy but none of her clothes sizes have changed. She's an hourglass with a 29" waist and UK size 16 bottoms. She's 5ft6" too. Her blood pressure is fine and she's very healthy, much more than me for sure. I read on a website about other women posting comments about how they were a size 8 and weighed 170 pounds etc... Weight shouldn't be such a big factor because essentially it's bogus! I want my wife to feel comfortable and confident and she should absolutely not lose weight because she is the average UK size, very fit etc.. She's quite muscular but not incredibly, she does a lot of cardio activity like squats and stuff so she's more muscular on her legs but there's some fat there too.

    I don't understand why her doctor doesn't consider her fitness level, her health (which is perfect) and her blood pressure, he's just obsessed with her weight. Is there anything I can get her to say to him so that he'll actually start acting like an intelligent human and have any women out there been in this position?

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  • Help with body image!?

    My wife is 5ft6, 180 pounds, a uk size 16 and very curvaceous in certain areas. Her mother rips on her about her weight and that she's so ugly and fat. She is chubby of course but she's a 16 not a 32. I think she is extremely beautiful and sexy but sometimes her mum says horrible things about her weight. We're living with her mum at the moment. I cant bare to watch this, ill come from work and my wife will be in tears with her self confidence at rock bottom. Her mum is a uk 22/24 so im not sure how its working. Is there anything i can say to my very pathetic mother in law or can get my wife to do so she,stops losing her confidence? Thanks in advance 😃

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  • I don't know how to feel about this.?

    I took my nephew to a fair today, whilst there I saw this little tubby boy, maybe about 9 or 10, he was very cute and had a big smile on his face. I took my nephew on a few rides and some of them I noticed that this particular boy was on. I was keeping an eye on him because I hadn't seen an adult with him and I don't think it's acceptable to let such a young child go to a fair on his own.

    This particular child went on all the rides we did and then went on the same ones again. There were about 6 rides that he went on again and again. The rides were £1-£2 so pretty cheap but when you total up all the rides he went on, it must have started to make an impact. It looked to me as if this child had been given a large sum of money and then sent to the fair himself. That's a type of abandonment when parents give the kids money to look after themselves. He kept going on the rides again and again and for some reason it broke my heart to see this child spend so much money on the same things again and again.

    I feel so broken up about it, he had nobody with him as far as I was aware. No friends, no family, no one and he couldn't have been any older than 9 or 10. I don't know why I feel so upset about this but really do, I don't know if he was abandoned or not and my nephew is 8 and I couldn't imagine him by himself at a fair ground, just paying loads of money to do the same thing again and again. I'm really heartbroken and if any comments would be helpful, thank you.

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  • Confused about weight?

    My wife takes the Pill, mainly for heavy and painful menstruation. She goes to the doctors once a year and they give her a repeat prescription to last the year. She's very healthy, blood pressure is perfect etc...

    However, my wife is 5ft 6" and her measurements are (42F)44"-29"-41". She is more than a perfect hourglass. Women's waist measurements are meant to be below 34" (doctors say) to avoid diabetes etc... so she is absolutely perfect. She has a very large perky hiney and has quite toned legs, quite muscular.

    She came home from the doctor's in tears because he said she was heavy and needed to watch her weight. She weighs 175 pounds. I told her it should be no bother about how heavy you are but how healthy you are and her waist measurement but she's very upset about it. I don't want her to start panicking about her weight because I love her beautiful curves and of course, the chief reason of-I do not want my perfectly healthy wife to develop an eating disorder.

    I believe that her weight is from her large bones (just touching her hips, you can feel them), her breasts and behind and her muscular legs. I don't think the doctor is taking this into consideration though.

    I have absolutely no idea what to do about it and I do not think that her trying to starve herself is the way forward. Any advice, is very welcome, should I say something to the doctor?

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  • How to stop her looking at other guys?

    My girlfriend is going away to a clubbing resort in the Mediterranean in 2 weeks. I love her to pieces but I'm scared of her looking around. So many of you say it's natural but it's not. If humans were naturally meant to be polygamists then why do we get STD's if we sleep around? SEE! I'm not going to accept her oogling other men because she has chosen to go out with me, I have chosen to go out with her and as I really love and treasure her I'm fine not giving a second glance to other women. She says she won't but I can't help thinking that when there are thousands of half naked men on the beach she'll look back at them.

    And please no responses about security issues etc, that's just your excuse to live in an open relationship.

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