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  • Who should I start and why?

    Pick 2 out of the following WRs: Robert Meachem, Kenny Britt, Bernard Berrian, Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Bowe, or Chris Chambers.

    Pick 1 out og the following RBs: Quinton Ganther, Chris Jennings or Julius Jones

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  • Who wins in this fantasy baseball deal? Why? Best answer = 10 points.?

    BJ Upton and Scott Kazmir


    Carlos Beltran

    assume hitters are more valuable than pitchers and the person with bj nd scott has decent depth at pitching already with guys like johan bedard danks dempster lee volstad

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  • True Movie Buffs ONLY: Actor debates 4 PARTS?

    (1) Will Smith vs. Christian Bale (don't ask)

    (2) Will Smith vs. Denzel Washington

    (3) Deniro vs. Pacino

    (4) Top 5 Actors today

    Most thorough and concise gets the Best Answer

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  • Philips Plasma TV Problem?

    I have a 50" Philips plasma tv that has perfect color, but occassionally has a black strip one the left side. It goes away, then it comes back. What can this be? Internal or external problem? Price range for repair because my warranty literally passed a week ago? It is only a year old, so I doubt it "burnt out". Please try and cover anything applicable, any help and suggestions is most appreciated.

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