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  • guillermo del toro beauty and beast?


    so i would like to watch this guillermo del toro beauty and beast version with Emma Watson and Tom Felton but i cant find it anywhere- not even on netflix lol

    any help finding where i can see it would be a great help!

    1 AnswerMovies6 years ago
  • new safety item?

    hi so i have to write an essay on a new safety item that does not exist.

    i've gone through everything imaginable and failed to find an item that not already invented.

    Any suggestions would be a major help!!


    2 AnswersYahoo Shopping7 years ago
  • wool blanket in the washing machine - O.o?

    i accidentally wash my black wool blanket in the washing machine and now it leaves small black wool balls on everything that I leave it on.

    Have I ruined it or is there a way to save it?

    any help will be appreciated!

    1 AnswerCleaning & Laundry7 years ago
  • silent treatment from a friend?

    Hi I have this used-to-be friend who I met at the beginning of the fall semester. She is a freshman, new to the place where as I am a Junior already got the lay of the land.

    We were part of the same club for a short time, I invited her to have lunch with my buddies had, lunch with her when she invited me, went rock climbing, became facebook, instagram friends, gave her space. then the club diminished and i completely don't hear from her. no returns on texts, invites, inviting to outings always an excuse.

    I see her on my way to class and back at lunch/dinner, we used to say hi when we ran into each other then it transitioned to not even acknowledge that we knew each other.

    I just don't know what I've done to deserve the "silent treatment"

    any appropriate thoughts, comments please let me know - thanks

    1 AnswerFriends7 years ago
  • Different facebook language?

    I have a friend has a Greek facebook and I have a English facebook is it possible to become facebook friends?

    1 AnswerFacebook7 years ago
  • podcast help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    So I have to make a podcast and Ive chosen to do an audio and I desperatly need help on how to upload it so I can make a RSS feed for my website. Please any help would be greatly appreciated on how to do this. Tks

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players7 years ago
  • viewing quicktime and other streamed videos safely?

    so i have a mac that wont play movies that are using Quicktime. is there a downloadable add on so i can watch them and other videos that i want to watch online. I heard of something like VXR or VLR or something like that. help finding what it is and its safe to download would be amazing help!

    3 AnswersOther - Internet8 years ago
  • how to dance the waltz from Anna Karenina?

    in the movie Anna Karenina, they danced the waltz to Dance with me - Dario Marianelli. I would like to know how to dance this particular waltz. the problem lies with i cant find anything that tells me how to dance it. hope you can help me find something that can help me learn this waltz. tks!

    3 AnswersDancing8 years ago
  • Instagram not working after please!?

    My Instagram app on my iPod Touch 4th Generation, is not working.

    It keeps on saying "Couldn't refresh feed" but my Internet connection is OK and working.

    So i tried logging out and logging back in, but it won't let me log back in.

    any suggestion on how to resolve this! tks!

    12 AnswersOther - Computers8 years ago
  • Hogwarts Acceptance Letter? HELP!!?

    Ok, I keep on hearing people receiving Hogwarts Acceptance Letters,

    and i was wondering how do i get one?

    I tried signing up for Pottermore but no can do....... HELP!!

    tks in advance

    2 AnswersOther - Entertainment9 years ago
  • iTunes problem....desperate need of Help!!!!?

    Hi, I made a new iTunes account with a email address that is not made, hence the problem. I tried to get the verification email to be send to another email that i have made prior but unsuccessful. Any ideas or could someone please help me get the verification link to this new account!!!!


    4 AnswersSoftware9 years ago
  • What do i wear!!?? URGENT worth 10 points!!!!!!!?

    So, my best friend's brother is getting married this weekend ( like in three days time) and since its going to be at the family's house considering it not going to be grand, i dont know what to wear?

    It is going to be in one of the towns near Conroe. Any suggestions?? tks!

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Is it considered gay to give my best friend a promise ring?

    So i was thinking of giving two of my best friends a "Friends Forever" ring from James Avery for Christmas with a journal or something. I was wondering if this is considered gay? I don't want to send the wrong message even though we are so close. tks in advance. ! :)

    3 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • should i even bother talking to him?

    Well we starting out as friends, went to prom together , then it got to the point of midnight texts, meeting his parents and hanging over at his house. Then when we split for college, it felt like we could be an item, when i put it as a status on fb then i deleted it. he texts me asking where can he accept. then 30 mins l8ter he calls and tells me that it wont work could we be friends? what should i do?? totally forget or what?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • What to bring to a friend's college dorm sleepover?

    Hi, a bunch of my best friends are having a sleepover at their dorm. What do you suggest I take with me to this??? I don't have a sleeping bag with though .... Tks!

    3 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • What is a social sorority?

    Could anyone please help and define what a social sorority is? i currently living in a non-greek dorm and i would like to know if this is a club that does not involve living in Greek Row? thanks

    3 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • How do I get a message out of archives on Facebook?

    HELP!!!!!! I accendently archived a message that I was responding to. How do un archive it? Will I know the responded message If the previous message is archived???

    2 AnswersFacebook9 years ago
  • what kind of laptop should a college freshman get?

    Hey! i was wondering what kind of laptop would be best for a college freshman who is going to be studying pre-nursing. i have heard to stay away from Dell. My budget is $950 any ideas????

  • how to get ITOUCH out of recovery mode.......?

    hi does anyone know how to get an touch out of recovery mode;

    i have tried to reboot it and everything else

    any ideas on what i should do????

    much appreciated

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago