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  • Do you think I’m about to be laid off tomorrow?

    My boss got fired 2 weeks ago. Well her position was terminated but the upper management dispised her. I work at a different location than upper management. My boss said we’ll be fine but they have been distant to us lately. Finally got an email from my boss saying we’re gonna be meeting tomorrow morning and I’m terrified of getting laid off. Maybe she’ll be explaining my new role? They’ve been acting funny. They love me though but I know that’s not always enough. Financially they are very well off if that helps.

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  • Do you think that I’m about to be laid off?

    My bosses position got “eliminated” 2 weeks ago. Our company merged with another 2 years ago and I got hired out of college earlier this year. They honestly strongly disliked her. But I’m terrified because I still haven’t heard anything from corporate and I haven’t had any work to do... I decided to reach out to my higher up boss to see what the nexts steps regarding my position is since I don’t have a boss and she responded like I wasn’t supposed to know about my boss but like.... she’s gone. She said they wanted to be able to come to us in person to talk about everything and was really vague and secretive. I’m so anxious and cried after work because I will literally not be able to make it as I have no savings due to just making enough to cover all of my bills and no family support. Is it normal for the higher ups to be secretive or do you think they are unsure of where to place us? There’s only 3 of us in the location.

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  • How much wiggle room can I ask for when it comes to a “raise” with my boss.... this gets interesting.?

    I currently am in my first year of my first real job with a successful healthcare company as a Marketing specialist. I’m doing fairly well, but my boss just got forced to resign and got an offer elsewhere where she needs to create a new marketing team. She has hinted that she will try to recruit me and another girl, I’m only making enough to get by (34,000) so would asking for 45k be too much since it’s with a brand new company? I just would like opinions before I mention if asked so I don’t sound stupid.

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  • Can my employer make me do something that’s not in my job description?

    Can my employer make me be on camera when that’s now what I agreed upon when taking the job? I feel really uncomfortable being on camera “doing interview segments” and I get all weird and nervous and it’s just not my thing. I think my employer will assign me this but will I be able to explain that I don’t feel comfortable being on camera without being fired?

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