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Mikki Mixx.[morgan.]

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you can find me in the R&P and wrestling section. i'm a Rock'N'Roll Junkie. i can't do a day with out music. i'm always looking for new bands to listen too. i'm addicted to hair metal.I love to write and read.I plan to write three books in my lifetime; my autobio., a book about a band i made up, and a childrens book. I do yearbook and newpaper at school. I'm learning guitar and keyboard. My favorite books are "The Dirt" and "The Heroin Diaries." Mick Mars is God. Nikki Sixx is my role model. Vince Neil looks great in white tights. My favorite band of all time is Motley Crue. I also love Cinderella, Ratt, Bon Jovi, GNR and many more..i love just about anything from the 80's. QUOTE:"Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing"-Nikki Sixx" anything esle you wanna know just ask myspace: fozzyrock247

  • favorite quotes from these musicals...?

    1. Spring Awakening.

    2.Next to Normal

    3.She Loves Me


    5. Avenue Q

    6.Last 5 Years

    7.Les Miserables


    9.Billy Elliot

    10.Promises, Promises

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  • can you help me find this glee t-shirt?

    i really like this glee tshirt but i dont know where to find it!

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  • did Poison break up.....?

    my dad said he heard Poison broke up. i couldn't find anything about it. have you heard anything?

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  • which of these bob dylan quotes...?

    do you think i should put on my new painting of him..

    1. I was so much older then, i'm younger than that now [from My Back Pages]

    2.Money doesn't talk it swears [from It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)]

    3.All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie [from Things Have Changed]

    4.Are birds free from the chains of the skyway? [from Ballad In Plain D]

    5.I try my best to be just like I am but everybody wants you to be just like them [from Maggie's Farm]

    6.He not busy being born is busy dying [from It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)]

    7.Behind every beautiful thing theres been some kind of pain [from Not Dark Yet]

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  • any help with these weird dreams?

    okay i had a dream a week or so ago and it's been bugging me. i dreamed i was at one of my friends birthday party and she wouldn't talk to me at all...then i was at my house and i was an old Amish man and the color was like turned up to these really bright colors. i have never dreamed i was ever anyone other than me so that's new. this man comes up and this man comes up to me and starts yelling at me and saying that bunch of other amish people and i had done something but he didn't say want. he told me about how he yelled each of them. every time he said there name a picture of a brutal crime scene popped into my head. he cut my arm with a knife so i ran out of the house. but i was running in slow motion and everything looked as if it stepped out of the movie Lovely Bones

    last night i had this dream that my parents were talking during the end of the world. like everything was calm and everything. it didn't seem like the end of the world. but my dad said 'what's going to happen to me, i'm named after god' [which he is not]and my mom replied 'what about me, i was named after the tv' [Juanita have anything to do with tv?]

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  • i feel sorry for some people?

    two of my cousins came over after school to wait for their ride and well i'm feeling a little down so i put on that Beatles Video Collection that they had on VH1 a while back. well they start saying how do you listen to this crap and stuff i reply was "what do you listen to stuff on the radio" and my cousin Trenton said"yeah that's the good stuff" i tried explaining to them how the Beatles effected music and without them there wouldn't be any of that music..well they didn't get it at all..and continued to trash them...and at one people one of them said "who cares about John Lennon he's dead anyways" [same one who asked me yesterday how long Ringo Starr has been dead]..i mean i don't try to force my music on people and i know not everyone likes the Beatles but you have to have some respect for them

    B.Q. have a story similar?

    MQ: favorite song that has a name that starts with an S in it

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  • so i have to do a report in english?

    and it can be on anything i what do you think would be cool..i wanna keep it in music because it's my biggest interest...i was thinking George Harrison or The Beatles all together but i don't want to bore my class...then i was thinking Glam Rock...the whole genre..because no one really knows much about it at my school...what do you guess think.

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  • i need someone to draw..?

    i've done:

    the CD cover for Theater Of Pain

    Steven Tyler

    CC DeVille

    Jon Bon Jovi

    Motley Crue

    Axl Rose

    Duff McKagan


    Sid Vicious

    Lita Ford

    Sixx A.M.

    Tom Petty

    David Lee Roth

    Nikki Sixx

    Michael Jackson

    Britney Spears

    Anthony Keidis

    Enuff Z'Nuff

    Tom Keifer

    Mick Mars

    Alice Cooper

    Izzy Stradlin

    David Bryan [keyboard player for Bon Jovi]

    Trish Stratus [a wrestler but yeah]

    David Bowie

    Robin Zander

    Guns N Roses Logo

    Johnny Thunders


    Hanoi Rocks Logo

    Michael Monroe [from Hanoi Rocks]

    Josh Todd

    Sebastian Bach

    Tommy Lee

    Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie

    John Allen [from Charm City Devils]

    Sully Erna


    The Beatles

    Ringo Starr

    Bob Dylan

    Marc Bolan

    George Harrison

    Jimi Hendrix

    John Lennon

    Paul McCartney

    New York Dolls

    Tyler Connolly

    David Johanen

    Ian Hunters

    Joan Jet

    The Quiet Riot Mask

    Kip Winger

    Stephen Pearcy

    Edward Scissorhands [haha]

    Rich Ward [guitarist for Fozzy]

    Demetri Martin [comedian]

    Michael Weatherly [Tony of NCIS]

    Jim Morrison

    Willy Wonka [John Depp not Gene Wilder]

    Chris Jericho [wrestler/singer for Fozzy]


    BQ:what are you listening too?

    BQ2:anyone you'd like to see in concert?

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  • could you guess help me with some questions?

    What happens when a compound undergoes a chemical reaction's atoms are destroyed and new ones are created matter is created

    C.the atoms in the compound may be rearranged to form new compounds's stays the same it just changes states

    i picked C but i couldn't find it on the internet or in my text books

    A product is the new substance that is formed after a chemical reaction has occurred



    i picked true..i have no idea on this by my brother said it was..and well i want to make sure

    The efficiency of an average gasoline powered car is about 25% this means

    A.The gas tank needs to be 25% filled with gasoline for motion

    B.The car used 75% of the energy stored in the gas for motion

    C.The car wasted 25% of the energy stored in the gas

    D.The car used 25% of the energy in the gasoline for motion

    i picked B but now that i really think about it i think it may be D

    Jose has a 200mL cup of hot chocolate that was 98 degrees celsius which was too hot to drink. His mother suggested he add some cold milk to cool it off so he added 50mL of milk which was 10 degrees celsius what was the approximate temperature of Jose's hot chocolate

    A98 degrees C

    B.76 degrees C

    C.32 degrees C

    D.10 degrees C

    i picked B because it seemed like it'd be right...i know it wouldn't stay the same and it wouldn't drop to 10 degrees...and 32 just seemed a little unrealistic

    An incandescent light bulb is less energy than a fluorescent one because? cost about one fourth as much, but doesn't last as long

    B.It puts out more light and less thermal energy

    CIt does not get as warm

    D.It puts out less light and more thermal energy

    i picked D, reason..i just don't know

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  • fashionable rock stars...?

    i'm not sure exactly what to put on's for a contest that's coming up at school. i've decided that i'll put my new favorite song title..Dedicated Follower Of Fashion [by the Kinks]....and have it surrounded by very fashionable rock stars...who do you think i should include.

    an example would be David Bowie

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  • favorite guns n roses lyrics?

    okay so i'm making this picture of Axl Rose to hang in my room and i've got some room on it to put a quote or something...any ideas...

    it looks like this but bigger and in color

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  • All Along The Watchtower. Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix?

    which do you my guitar class today, a couple of people and I got into it when talking about them..I personally choose Bob Dylan but they didn't see it that way....actually one kid was fighting with me saying that Bob Dylan didn't write the song Hendrix did.

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  • what are some easy songs to learn on guitar.?

    i'm a beginner and would like to learn something other than Skip To My Lou and that junk that we are learning in my guitar class...i prefer something seventies/eighties but really anything would be nice.

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  • what do you guys think of the picture.?

    it's Jimi of my friends is obsessed with him so i though i'd give drawing Jimi a try...i want your opinion on it because i don't want to give him a crappy picture.

    MQ:favorite Jimi Hendrix song

    MQ2:what'cha listening to?

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  • which idea do you like better.?

    okay, so in English, we've got to write a story. It can be about anything. I'm a pretty good writer, and I'm at a new school. I want to do very well on this because, well, i want to pass. I usually write on serious topics. Like abuse and stuff like that. These ideas don't have to do with any of that, but it's something new.

    1. a girl finds these letters in her house from an astronaut. When he went to space he wrote letters to his girl friend and he planned to give them to his girlfriend. But this girl has them. Basic, the story is these love letters and how this lonely girl is inspired by them and is falling in love with this guy.

    2.This topic is a little immature for a high school student but it's about King Tut. Someway, somehow, he stuck in a time vortex and is he in our time. He's trying to figure it all out, when he is took in by a nice woman and her family. He goes to school and junk. I don't have this all planned out but it seems like it could be interesting.

    3.Inspired by The Legend Of Sleep Hollow. It's a twenty-first century villain. It's high-tech and it's awesome. Kids have to put their knowledge of the technology we live with to defeat this usually villain.

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  • i need someone to draw guys.?

    i've done:

    Marc Bolan

    Theater Of Pain Logo

    3 Steven Tyler

    4 CC DeVille

    6 Jon Bon Jovi

    3 Motley Crue

    7 Axl Rose

    3 Duff McKagan

    5 Slash

    Sid Vicious

    Lita Ford

    Sixx A.M.

    8 Tom Petty

    Duff McKagan And Izzy Stradlin

    David Lee Roth

    5 Nikki Sixx

    7 Michael Jackson

    Britney Spears

    2 Enuff Z'nuff

    2 Anthony Keidis

    2 Tom Keifer

    2 Mick Mars

    2 Alice Cooper

    6 Izzy Stradlin

    David Bryan

    Trish Stratus

    David Bowie

    Robin Zander

    Guns N Roses Logo

    Johnny Thunders

    2 Poison

    Tommy Lee And Nikki Sixx

    Hanoi Rocks Logo

    5 Michael Monroe

    Josh Todd

    Sebastian Bach

    Tommy Lee

    Vince Neil

    Ziggy Stardust [David Bowie]

    John Allen

    Sully Erna


    The Beatles

    Ringo Starr

    2 Bob Dylan

    i plan to do Jimi Hendrix soon but after that i've got nothing.

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  • so was your day?

    well my day has been fine...i haven't been to school since Monday. yesterday i went to the orthodontist and today i went and had surgery to get my wisdom teeth i guess it was a big deal too because i had to do all this stuff before it and i had to be put to sleep and everything. i guess it's because my wisdom teeth are all the way up there..i'm only 15. hah. i was fine with everything until they said you ready for your IV...i about cried. i've slept for like ever because they gave me a ton of drugs and well i'm not a medicine person. like that was the first time i've took medicine in the last three years. i just wish my bottom lip wasn't still numb.

    so how was your day?

    MQ: any music obsessions?

    MQ2: what'cha listening to?

    MQ3:your sound of the day?

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  • if a scientist invented a disease...?

    And it spread and killed a lot of people could the scientist get in trouble for it

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  • what genre would you put Bob Dylan under...?

    i usually don't label my music but today someone at school asked me who i was drawing so i told them Bob Dylan..and they said they didn't know i liked country...i said i didn't and that Bob Dylan is a rock artist..well i guess i'm wrong because people started like yelling at me saying no he was blue, folk, country, rock, southern....all this i would like to know what you think.

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  • i need some guitar help..?

    okay so my guitar teacher sucks and wont show me anything..and well i can't play...i need to know where you put your fingers to play a G and an A7...and how many strings you strum.

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