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1. hi my names ellie. 2. im scouser 50%, american 30% 20% is unkown lol! 3. fun lovin and 13 nearly fourteen! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    im female, and only 14 years old,

    since b4 xmas iv had these episodes which go like this:

    foul gas (burping and flatulence)

    severe gurgling of the stomach

    very bad diorriah



    and they usually last 24-36, hours at a time,

    but the longest has been nearly a week, and iv had about 7-8, maybe more

    episodes up to now.

    but iv started to notice:

    my stomach constantly bloated

    my weight changes at a ridiculous speed

    and only for the past week or so iv had bad constipation,

    and once iv been ifeel as if i need to go again straightaway,

    and iv got kidney pain and frequent urination, (i have a history of kidney infections).

    but the problem is im panicking, i first thought it was IBS (irritated bowel syndrome),

    but there are some still symptoms i cant rule out?

    any help would be greatly appreciated xxxxx

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  • i want to be...........................?

    a neonatal dr,

    where do i start?

    whats the difference between the neonatal dr, and neonatal nurse?

    what do they both separately do? (i have an idea, but want to be 100%)

    whats the salary?

    how much do u think it'll cost?

    i live in england and want to go to a different country do u think its possible?

    thanku xxxxx

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  • telling your pregnancy to people??? x?


    what happened when you told:

    your parents



    anyone else, maybe kids u already have?

    how did u tell them?

    how did they react?


    (EQ: what did they say when they first saw you had a bump)

    4 fun


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  • telling your pregnancy to people?


    what happened when you told:

    your parents



    anyone else, maybe kids u already have?

    how did u tell them?

    how did they react?


    (EQ: what did they say when they first saw you had a bump)

    4 fun


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  • confusing ballet question, (20 characters) ?

    im 14 now, female.

    when i was around 5 i did ballet until about 7 or 8, then i restarted again around 11,

    ut stopped at 12 and havent been since.

    since 12 though iv obviously been through puberty, and got curves,

    my body type is slim not skinny but i do have curves (hips and thighs),

    ive always had a love for ballet, and only started thinking about it again a couple of days

    ago when i watched the royal ballet perform cinderella, i would love to rejoin,

    but as its been a while and ive forgot most things do u think i could still get

    somewhere in ballet, if i started at 14?

    thank xxxxx

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  • how much would a bachelors degree cost?

    im transferring from England, to the USA,

    when im 18 to become a doctor, Where's the best place to go?

    and how much do you think it will cost? x

    thanku xxxxx

    BTW: asking here, coz u are teens xxxxx

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  • do you like this name ????????????

    Ellie Catherine H***** (private surname)

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  • what could this be, very worried?

    im 14, female,

    since around 1 + 1/2 weeks ago iv been ill,

    i feel nausea and have diorihah - tmi sorry

    first my stomach gurgles for a while i have lots of wing and then i puke, i then have severe abdominal (stomach) pain, and diorhiah. these happen in random order and some days, not as bad, what could it be? x (sorry 4 spelling mistakes)

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  • Very important international college questions?

    I'm 14 and female, and want to go to college in the USA, I'm very serious and have dreamed about this since being a little girl. I no I've got about 4 more years but want to know everything as soon as possible, and I thought the best answers would come from people who actually no.

    So as I said I need to no EVERYTHING, I no how much it will most likely cost, I want some sort of medical, scientific course, maybe even dentistry, I preferably would like a college around north east, east, south east (New York, Ohio, Miami, Connecticut), thanks for all your info anything will help, much appreciated xx

  • what do you think?? (20 characters) x?

    im 14 and a 34D is this not normal????

    i feel like they're huge

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  • feels like it will never happen?

    im 14 all my friends have boyfriends,

    im an average girl kinda geeky tbh, but i like the way i am,l

    except im starting to think im not pretty enougth,

    ive never had a boyfriend, im not shore what to do?


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  • Teens can u help me with my confidence?

    right hope fully this doesnt sound stcu up,

    but i can sing, "its time to say goodbye" the opera version.

    pretty good truflly ive always had a secret talent, im fourteen in 2 weeks, + a girl lol.

    i would love to show my talent but i just cant,

    ive never shown nobody even my parwents, the only

    person whos only 4 is my sister, as since she was a baby,

    i secretly sung to her, and now she understands she loves me to sing with

    her, but recently theres a school singer off the year award and i dont,

    particulary want to sing infront of the whole school but if it helps,

    im willing to try, and im not a stuck up think im gorgeous sort of person,

    im quiet and grade A* student.

    thanks for ur help xxxxx

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  • Do you like these names, (20 Characters) ?


    Evelyn Jayne

    Colette Sophia

    Farrah Olivia

    Alexis Emma

    Marni Samantha


    Shaun Michael

    Ryan Lou

    Parker Nate

    Bentley Samson

    Joshua Zak


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  • What would you change your name to?

    i need ideas on names,

    but anyway what is your:

    first name?

    middle name/s?


    and what would u change it to?:

    First name?

    Middle name/s? any amoun you want,

    Surname? ur original 1, (stays the same)



    Girls name:

    Boys Name:

    And worst:

    Girls name:

    Boys name:

    thanks xxxxx

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  • Questions about your school?

    Hi heres a little few questions, thanks for all your answers:

    1) When does summer start and end.

    2) What city/country do you live?

    3) What does your school serve for lunch?

    4) Do you like school?

    5) How old are you? and are in what grade?

    Thanks xxxxx

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  • Chocolate Cake Ideas And Recipes?

    I need a Chocolate pudding cake for friday, for a huge family sleepover, it needs to be large enough for around 12-15 people even if that means making more than 1, no links please iv looked they all look not very nice, and if its possible u could give me any twists, but its gotta be gooey and chocolaty, thanks x

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  • teens: what was the worst thing thats ever happened to you?

    it doesn't have to be absolutely awful just what i means to you,

    and how old were you and how old are you now?

    BQ: oh and whats the best and age?


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