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  • How should i prepare/study for pageant interview?

    I'm going to be in a festival pageant in a few months (I've never been in a pageant) and people have told me that some girls are getting trained on interviewing...

    I've done many interviews before because i'm very active in my University but does anyone know how i can practice this? Any websites or pieces of advice?

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  • GUYSS! How should i approach him?

    So i'm a Junior in college. There is a guy in my class of 900 students i want to meet... i can't just sit next to him (again.... 900 students) So how should i approach him?

    I was thinking when we are walking out of class walk up to him and hand him a piece of paper (with my first name and number on it) and say "Hey umm i think you dropped this"..? What do y'all think?!

    Any suggestionss??

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  • A song about not letting yourself fall for someone?

    Basically a song that follows the quote "sometimes you need to forget about what you want and remember what you deserve"

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  • Know any songs about the end of a relationship ending and being okay with it?!?

    Anyone know a song about a two people having something but it ending sooner than expected.. so the song is basically saying okay fine i'm done, it's your loss, this isn't going to bother me cause i already moved on.... gonna life my life the way i want.. kinda thing? lol

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  • skype... how can i tell if im blocked?

    I used to talk to this person on skype all of the time..i've recently logged on and now they don't have a picture but its not the question mark.. and when i scroll over the name it says that this person hasn't shared their contact info with me..

    what does that mean?!

    1 AnswerComputer Networking10 years ago
  • is it safe for me to take caffeine pills with my other medications?!?

    I'm on vyvanse 70mg, and accutane.. is it safe for me to take caffeine pills?!

    5 AnswersMedicine10 years ago
  • whats the name of a summer camp where you perform plays...?

    you have to audition for this camp... and you perform plays all summer and get paid for it. it looks really good on a resume for people wanting to go to Broadway.. there in different states...

    anyone know the name of it?! i drew a blank

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  • i need a song about someone losing their virginity...?

    it being taken from them.. and now shes having a hard time getting through it...

    it's killing her on the inside knowing he is walking away with something he shouldn't have

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  • is it normal to have a few stomach rolls?

    i'm not talking about when a person is standing.. i mean, rolls when sitting down.. like kind slouched over..

    and.. how could someone find out their percentage of body fat ??

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  • How can i find out if he has a girlfriend?

    So i just started this new job and there is this total cutie that i'm working with... i want to figure out if he has a girlfriend without asking everyone at work.. (i wouldn't want it to get back to him)

    I'll tell him hello and goodbye and smile as we pass each other and we will talk and whatnot when it's not busy... BUT he doesn't have a facebook so i can't find out that way...

    I just don't want to flirt a lot only to find out he's taken ya know?

    hah i want him to ask me for my number!! but i basically want to find out if he's the slightest bit interested. this is so lame haha i feel like i'm back in high school trying to get this guys attention.. it drives me crazy lol

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  • even though we have moved on and dated other people.. i still think about you?

    anyone know any song lyrics like that?!

    .. about moving on with their lives but the one person still thinks about the other and misses them... but has no plans of bringing it up

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  • working out and weight gain when do i starting seeing a difference?!?

    I'm a college student and i've been running between 3-4 times a week for a month now... i do about 2.5-3 miles when i run and sometime i go and lift weights after i run, not always though. If i don't get a chance to run i usually do 100 sit-ups 50 push ups and jump-n-jacks.. stuff like that just to get some exercise in ya know?!

    I don't eat healthy cause i really don't have the money or the time.. but i rarely eat fast food and i haven't been drinking.. I don't eat very much either. but i haven't seen ANYYY results except for the fact that i feel better..

    ANYWAY today i ate wayy too much and felt sick and when i got on the scale i'm like 7lbs heavier.. WTH?!? this past week there are like 3 days when i ate food really bad for me but i wouldnt think i'd gain weight (but also i haven't weighed myself in the past month)


    I work out as much as my schedule allows... what else can i do?!? this is soo frustrating!

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  • Mixing Vyvanse and Acai Berry Cleanse.. harmful?!?

    I take Vyvanse 60 mg and i want to try these pills.. is it safe? or will mixing these two medications be harmful?

    1 AnswerAlternative Medicine1 decade ago
  • my legs NEVER look shaved.. even right after shaving?

    My legs have large pores, so you can ALWAYS see my hair, even if my legs are smooth.

    I've tried waxing them and it doesn't work. I think ONE time i used a razor and my legs actually looked good for a day (if that). I'm tired of people looking at my legs and saying "dang you need to shave" when i shaved that morning (and the hair grew back) or the night before.

    Any suggestions?

    .. maybe on a razor type? or hair removals that work?

    3 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 decade ago
  • can i get pregnant?!?

    i had sex for the first time 2 days ago...

    we didn't use a condom but he went in like 4 times... then i stopped him and he didn't c*m til about 5 min later... i cant get pregnant.. huh? i mean he wasn't in me for long..

    5 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • What do guys find attractive in girls?

    like what makes stay around her??

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  • i have a problem with keeping my mouth shut!!?

    i say too much.

    with guys... i'll always question things..and when i should be giving a guy the "blow off" i end up mouthing back and we have an argument.

    like we'll get in an argument.. then a few hours later i'll talk to him again but if he starts giving me one word answers instead of just ignoring him i'll be like "stop being so insensitive.." orr.. "ur really good at pushing people away"

    i need to learn how to stop being such a push over and move on... but idk when the guy shows no reaction what something i said it makes me aggravated...

    i need to change this.. idk how

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  • What does it mean when it says call forwarded?

    I called my friends and it never rang.. it said it was connecting then a little white box popped up and said my call was forwarded..then the recorded comes on.. "your call has been forwarded to a voice messaging system... etc..


    Could they have blocked my calls?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago