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in luv with austin

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    ok i have a halloween party this weekend and i need good suggestions for halloween costumes ne help would be great

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  • i dont know what to do??? Can You help???

    Me and my bf just stated goin out yesterdy but have been friends forever last night he asked if he could have a kiss i tlodhim no but i rally wanted to but i dont know how to kiss help

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  • is this a cute love story or what???

    This mite be hard to understand

    Ok well me and my guy friend are still just friends rite now but heres our story.

    We like each outer a lot and i tld him one nite and he asked does that mean were goin out i told him i just wanted to be friends for now. (2 weeks age)

    Then like we keep talkin and he more i get to know hi the more learn i like him like tons and he asked me to homecoming. I told him yes. Then lst nite we had a football game and since we're in the band we have to play and go. After the game we sat to gether and at first we were just talkin then he started ticklin me(i love alot ) and then he was rubbin on my neee (which i also love) then we started hoding hands.

    I fell asleep on his shoulder and then he fell asleep on my head. And my band director took a pic like that and she put it on our slide show.

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  • how do u make garders?

    ok i have a date for homecoming the one ive been askiing the questoins about and i want to make his garder for home coming. Im just so excited please help

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  • How do you send a pic. through email??????

    ok im trying to send one of my friends a pic through email and i was wonderin how im suppose to do it

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  • Does any one know where i can find cute haircutrs?

    ok im gitting my haircut wednesday and i was wondering if any of you know where i can find cute haircuts on line

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  • is this a sign?

    ok i have a best guy friend and he sid if we were dating he would have already kissed me and i asked what that was suppose to mean and he said that he wouldnt mind kissing is that a sign that we were made to date?

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  • what do ya think?

    ok me n my best guy friend have been emailing and he siad that if we were goin out he would have kissed me i told him ive never been kissed andhe said if we go he ould be my first kiss what do ya think

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  • friend or more or what?

    ok me and my are always hangin out at school and i lke him but idk if he likes me. like he calls me buddy and he gives me hugs and we write notes to gether so i cant tell if he likes me or if we are just friends

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  • WhAt Do GuYs LiKe????

    ok guys do yall like sporty girls more or preppy ones who ware tons of make up

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  • Im weirded out?

    ok you see i have always fallen for my best guy friends (most of my friends are guys) and for somereason i always have dreams about them. Is that a sign that i need to tell him i like him or is it just a dream? please help

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  • wat do u think?

    which out fit do you like the best and if you dont like them please give me links or suggestions

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  • can you help me?

    Ok i need help finding the best kind of jeans for girls who have small waist but big thighs. I also need to know whaere i can find some


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  • Good cooadges in Texas and Arizona?

    Ok im just now going into highschool but im trying to get prepared for colledge and i was wondering what are the best colledgeds in tx and arizona?

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  • Does Any on Know ware any good fnu sites are?

    ok im so bored ineed somthing to do and i was wondering if yall know any fun websites to go to besides myspace (im not allowed).

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  • WhY iS tHiS ??????

    ok i went to the mall to go shopping and i was going to get my cartledge peirced so we went to ask if i could get it done but they said i needed an id so i couldnt get it peirced. Why do i need to have and id just to get my ear peirced?

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  • How do you apply eye liner?

    ya i know it sounds stupoid but im not all in to makeup and i was just wandering what kind is best how to apply it wiht out looking trampy.

    Please dont leave rude comments Thanx

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  • super help please???????????????

    ok i want to lose weight but i cant keep to any of my excesizes. I need super hwlp. I have bad knees and ankles i like to run but my block is hilly and very rocky and my mom cant take me to the jym everyday so i just go outside sometimes play basket ball play with my dogs can you guys help me ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaazzzzzz!!!!!!!!!! Im begging over the computer lol

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  • Cheap Braa's???

    well my school starts real soon and i havent done much shopping and i need to know where to get cheap braas at.

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