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  • What would you grade this letter to a newspaper? GCSE English?

    What do you think this letter would get? This is GCSE level by the way and there are indents etc in the real document :)

    A new government believes that sport is not important and that it should no longer be taught in schools. Write a letter to a newspaper, explaining your views on the proposal.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to you on behalf of concerned parents from all over the UK regarding the issue of teaching sport in schools.

    Exercise is a vital part in a child’s life. Over 100,000 children under the age of 16 are obese in the UK alone. Without sporting activities in schools, thousands of children are put in danger of becoming significantly over weight. Exercise and sport in school provides children with an active lifestyle, increasing health and preventing obesity. If this privilege is taken away, many children will not receive any exercise what-so-ever. Some people may argue that having a balanced diet is the main factor in preventing obesity. However, by taking away regular exercise there are many disadvantages; increase of blood pressure; increase risk of diabetes and risks of other life threatening illnesses including heart failure. Do we really want to put our children, the future generation, in this much danger?

    In addition, participating in regular exercise is extremely beneficial. Sporting activities provide children with a fun and enjoyable way of exercising. Sport increases blood flow around the body, decreases risks of many diseases and maintains a healthy weight and BMI. These factors not only have physical benefits but also help many psychological problems, including stress and depression. A recent survey carried out by the NHS suggested that 89% of children that participated in regular sport were more relaxed than others.

    On the other hand, it is evident that not all children are willing to participate in sports. I can understand that children feel conscious about their bodies and sometimes feel they are not good enough at the sport to be involved. However, I feel that these children need to be encouraged and praised more in order for them to feel wanted. Children should be made aware of the benefits of participating in sport and the consequences of not exercising. If these factors are introduced, I believe that all children can and will partake in sport.

    Furthermore, I also understand that many schools and governments believe that academic subjects are more important than sports. This may be true in some circumstances however, is two or three hours a week of sports going to damage children’s education? In fact, I believe it will benefit the children’s education more than harm it.

    In total, I would truly appreciate if you could raise the issue of this situation in your newspaper in order to make people aware about the consequences of the new government’s future implications.

    Yours faithfully,

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  • Government and Politics A-level - will I struggle?

    I'm thinking of taking this subject as one of my A levels and was wondering, because I know literally nothing about government or politics, whether it will be a good subject to take? I was also wondering if the work load is a lot? Some people have been saying there is a lot of information to revise for so was wondering if this was true? Thank you x

  • GCSE photography ideas? Help..!?

    Okay so in three weeks I need to have done 3 initial ideas within the theme of "colour" I have two of my ideas, fruit + veg and light. I just need one more idea that I can develop with artist studies and take lots of pictures of. Obviously because I don't have long it needs to be something that I can take pictures of relatively easy. Thank you so much:) x

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  • Name for my dog?! Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, tri coloured.?

    He's a boy Cavalier KC Spaniel with mostly black, some white and a little brown.

    We have a few names:

    Henry (which I don't like but my mum does)






    So yeah.. which one? + if you have any more that would be appreciated:)

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  • I lost my passport and it's expired, what do I do?

    I lost my passport in 1999 and haven't reported it as lost, it's obviously expired by now but I was wondering what do I? Would it be a renewal or do I still have to report the passport as lost? I'd totally forgotten about it until now when our family is planning to go on holiday. Thanks.

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  • What to do for photography GCSE ideas?! URGENT!!?

    Okay so I've got to do three ideas to evaluate for my coursework and I really don't know what to do? The theme / topic is the coast.. my first 2 ideas are litter and food so now I'm stumped on what to do for the third one? I was thinking sand? But then i'd have to do loads of sand sculptor which I can't do cos it's in for the 6th:/ thanks xxxxxxx

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  • Train tickets help ? ? ? ?

    Ok so basically I need to get from Staplehurst to Waterloo East then when going back I need to get on at Charing X and get off at Tonbridge and my friend is adiment that you can get a return and just get on and off inbetween but I dunno. She says you can just get a ticket to London "all stations" ... :/

    So what do I do? + can you give me any prices? :/

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  • what hair colour suits me?

    WHICH ONE? The far left is it now, im really stumped on what to do with my hair:(

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  • How long have I got left for my braces?

    these are my braces (and don't say they're not clean cos they are but the colour i had faded:'( )

    how long do you reckon I've got left because the orthodontist will never tell me.-.-

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  • Acceleration.. physics?

    1) A ball of mass 2kg is kicked with a force of 50N. What is the acceleration of the ball?

    How on earth am I meant to figure this out? I know acceleration is change in speed / time or something.. but im not sure. :/ Please help :( x

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  • Blonde to brown hair dye?

    I've just dyed my hair blonde with Bblonde peroxide stuff, it went really really blonde on the roots and blondish everywhere else. I've tried so much different stuff and I just want to go back to chocolate brown because I've had enough of it going wrong. What shall I use to make it go back? My mum said put red on it then brown but I really don't wanna damage my hair anymore :(

    Thanks x

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  • Brown to blonde hair dye?

    A few months a go (September) I dyed my hair with permenant dye a dark brown and since then it faded a little to a medium brown. Last night I dyed it with clairol nice n easy extra blonde hair dye (no.97) and it didn't make much difference but it's just gone a golden brassy colour.:/ What do you think would be the easiest way to get it to a dark / medium blonde without going to the salon? My mum reckons ash blonde hair dye, or stripping it back to like white then dying it the colour I want? I don't want to damage my hair though. Any help? Thanks :) x

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  • Why does dill run away from home in to kill a mocking bird?

    Any quotes and page references aswell pleeease x

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  • Is this essay good? Improvements?

    Capital punishment is the infliction of death as a punishment which has been used for a wide variety of offences in the past. These include murder, treason, rape, arson and burglary. Judges thought that this was necessary for people to learn from the public to reduce the amount of criminal activity. Capital punishment used to be used as an easy way of dealing with criminals, but this punishment was soon seen as too extreme and was abolished in 1964, but should it be reinforced?

    Capital punishment removes criminals permanently from society; the criminal can then not commit anymore crimes and not escape from prison or cause more trouble in society if they are dead.

    Money is another reason why many citizens believe that capital punishment should be inflicted. Why should the government spend limited amounts of money for the long term imprisonment of criminals when it should really be spent on the innocent that are in need and have human rights? The young, old, poor, victims and sick are suffering because of criminals who are having a large proportion of the governments resources spent on themselves when they have previously had a dire effect on society.

    The rates for breaking the law by killing in Britain have doubled since the abolition of capital punishment in 1964 from 0.68 in the 1800’s to 1 .42 per 100,000 now. This proves that capital punishment did have a good effect on society and helped the criminal rate stay low. If capital punishment was to be reintroduced it would have a positive effect on Britain and the criminal rate would go down substantially as people would be too frightened to commit crime any longer.

    Criminals also deserve to be punished according to their offence. If they were to commit murder, why should they be kept alive in prison for the rest of their life, receiving food and water and even education when they have done something so wrong?

    Statistics were kept for the first 5 years that capital punishment was suspended in Britain. These showed a 125% rise in murders that would have received a death sentence. Even though this is true, it doesn’t explain how society has changed over the last 40 years. It is quite hard to say that only the abolishment of capital punishment has made the number of murders increase more than before. It could be around the same rates now as it was because of various factors. Things such as divorces has had a great impact of reducing the number of murders, another factor could be that poisons are unavailable now and that guns are also more difficult to get hold of, this has made a great impact of reducing the murder rate so it would be possible for the murder rate to be the same as when capital punishment was used as a lawful infliction. Therefore capital punishment still doesn’t need to be reintroduced.

    The most important reason that people don’t think capital punishments should be reinforced is that innocent people are accused and therefore it is impossible to compensate them for the prosecutor’s wrong judgement. Witnesses were usually the only people accused and not the real criminal would be caught which is unjust. Even though this was the case in historic times, it would depend on the skill of the prosecutor but now the law has improved substantially, usually making the correct decision but mistakes can still be made.

    Another reason why numerous people believe that capital punishment is unnecessary is the fact that the criminal usually lives an ordinary life, with family. They can still feel fear, loss and pain and there is no possible way of killing someone from which they will they not feel this.

    We must also take into account that the criminal’s family will be majorly affected, it would be extremely difficult for their family to cope with the mental facts that their relative would be killed in just a few days time. The criminal’s family would then be suffering in the exact same way as the victim’s family would be.

    Many people also assume that if you kill a criminal you are a murderer yourself, which is most probably true but can be argued against as they deserve it.

    Although there are many arguments both for and against it is still not certain whether the death sentence is to be brought back. It would make sense to save money because of the present economy but can we trust judges and police to get the criminal right every time and would the punishment be too extreme and just encourage violence in the country anyway? Labour, Liberal democrats and Conservatives all disagree with the capital punishment so in the short term the chance of the death sentence being reintroduced is very unlikely.

    Even though there is a diminutive chance of it to be reinforced, in 100 years time who knows what could happen? This method of punishment will almost certainly stay popular with the public and consequently politicians so there is a possibility it will be imposed in the future.

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  • J.J Thomson - Chemistry? 10 points for best answer!?


    What I need to know about this scientist is; What other people/scientists thought of his discovery?

    Many thanks, and like I say whoever has the best most detailed answer gets 10 points instead of 5 :)


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  • How do I get rid of maggots from the bin?

    We have an infestation of maggots inside our wheelie bin (the green one - for domestic waste) they seem to dissapear into the black bin sacks (which are tied up in knots) in the daytime and come back out at night where they crawl over the lid and out of the sacks. Please help! It really is horrible and I have tried cleaning the bin with jay's fluid after the bin has been emptied they just come back!

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks

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  • I have a lump on my gum above an odd tooth?

    I have had braces since June 11th now, so thats 2 months. I don't think this has anything to do with them but i'm still worried. It is a pale pink lump a bit lighter than my gums, and is just above a tooth which has recently grown right at the back of my mouth, next to my molar which has the bracket on to hold my brace. I have no more room for any other teeth which makes me think it is a wisdom tooth, I suffered from overcrowding and have had 6 teeth out now, maybe it's something to do with that? I have no idea what this tooth is because I'm only 13 so it's a bit abnormal to grow my wisdom teeth just yet!? All I know is that it is very very very painful until I eat on the other side which soothes the pain, I have had to take ibroprofen and put bonjela on it but nothing works unless I eat. Does anyone know what to do and what it is? Many thanks

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  • The Amazon Rainforest?


    I was just wondering if anybody in the big wide world knows

    "why the rate of rainfall decreases in the amazon rainforest in the month of June"

    Thanks Lauren x

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  • The Amazon rainforest?!?


    I was just wondering if anybody in the big wide world knows

    "why the rate of rainfall decreases in the amazon rainforest in the month of June"

    Thanks Lauren x

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