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  • I feel like my wife loves me, but doesn't like me.?

    There are many times where I feel like my wife loves me very much. She does a lot for me, our child, and our household. But, I constantly feel like she really doesn't like me as a person. I try to be a good husband and a father. I do a lot of work around our house - probably more than she does - cooking, cleaning, taking care of the baby, etc. I tell her often that I love her. But it only takes a small thing to set her off and I feel like I am a horrible person. She has a very dominant personality, and I am pretty easy-going. I find myself apologizing fairly often for things I say/do that I really don't think are a big deal. Tonight, for instance, she told me that she made plans for Saturday night even though I told her yesterday that we were supposed to get together with my brother and his wife that night. I told her that my brother would be upset because we hadn't spent time with him in a while, and she got angry, went to bed, and wouldn't talk to me. I am not sure what to do. Advice?

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  • Hot water heater leak?

    I noticed that my hot water heater wasn't working yesterday when I tried turning on a hot tap and no hot water cam out. I went to the basement and saw that their was some water leakage (minor) from the unit. I checked the pilot light, and it was out. So, my 1st thought was that the pilot light went out and condensation was building due to cooling off. I re-lit the pilot light and it started up just fine. Got home tonight, however, and had the same issue. Took a good flashlight, looked into the access panel at the bottom and saw that their was water dripping onto the burner. I looked all over and saw that there was water on top of the unit. It looked like it was dripping from the vent that leads into my chimney. Does anybody have any ideas what's causing this? Do I have to buy a new heater? Thanks!

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