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  • There is this Lucy Gardoll girl who I think is pretty cool?

    but she won't even tell me the simples things like what her Yahoo answers account is. How can I get her to open up.

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  • How is banning the burka any less oppresive than the burka itself?

    If it is said that forcing muslim women to cover their entire bodies is oppresive, how are we any better in forcing them not to wear it?

    2 AnswersSociology1 decade ago
  • The season may be behind us?

    But I'm sure St. George fans are still lamenting there early exit from the finals. Dean Young, son of the assistance coach, was chosen to play hooker, while I believe he is a valuable inclusion into the side, he has a lot of passion and is quite a good defender, I don't see how former NSW and Australian hooker, as well as clive churchill medalist and two time Grand Final winner Luke Priddis could be kept at the Shellharbour Sharks. I know he probably wasn't playing his best footy, but can you expect someone to after what they have achieved to be stuck in reserve grade.

    So my question is, while Young had a good season, do you think Luke Priddis' direction and class at hooker could have helped the Dragons perform better in the big games?

    8 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • Best individual performance in recent memory?

    There are a few teams that have been labelled 'one man teams' in the past. Jarryd Hayne v Warriors this year is a perfect example, then again in the same year, a massively underrated and lesser known Ben Roberts pulls out one of the best individual games I have seen.

    Try to ignore what was at stake, and concentrate on the performance. For me it is so hard to look past the 2 try assists and a try, not to mention 46 tackles by Luke Priddis in the 2003 Grand Final, though a few years later Shaun Berrigan played a game that could rival it.

    Brett Mullens was his own show for a 5 week period were he scored 17 tries, any of those games can be used. Just like you could use almost any game for Mal Meninga's 94 tour.

    Any others? What is the best individual performance you have seen from a player.

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  • Good to know the selectors are reading the papers?

    Well Bellamy got his wishes, Goulds ranting about Hindmarsh not being selected didn't fall on deaf ears like it would for good selectors. As much as I hate the Dragons Creagh deserved a spot in the starting side, and Weyman at least the squad. Hindmarsh is not one of the best backrowers in the comp and players that missed out behind him have a right to be upset.

    Dave Taylor overlooked, for the likes of David Shillington. Dally M Lock of the Year David Stagg missed out after a superb season, and O'Donnell missed out, which is beyond me.

    I know I won't get much love for dissing Hindmarsh, he's a popular figure, who can't do anything in attack.

    What for you was the biggest outrage in the selections? Who are you most happy about getting a selection? Do you think any of it will stop a seemingly inevitable Australian victory in the 4 nations.

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  • Eric Grothe, unbelievable yesterday?


    BQ: 2010 Premiers?

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  • Top 5 and bottom 5 purchases of the last 5 years.?

    Money, Money Money, what the game has come to these days. Over the last five years there have been some super purchases. Ben Hannant for the dogs, Peter Wallace for Brisbane and some pretty poor ones, Darrius Boyd, William Zilman(terrible season due to knee injury, will be a superstar) come to mind.

    So what are your top 5 buys

    Bottom 5 buys

    and worse retention decisions, e.g Penrith letting go of Wallace, St George Illawarra letting Josh Morris go and others.

    4 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • The most unpredictable NRL season, ever?

    I'm sure at some stage this season or before the season we made assumptions, or didn't guess some things would happen. Be completely honest with your answers, not surprised if people will end up with 0 pts or less.

    +1 pt if you thought the Eels would make the semis back in round 16

    +1 pt if you had the Bulldogs picked as top 4 finishers at the beginning of the year

    +1 pt if you tipped Dragons to bow out in the 2nd week of the finals, from the start of the finals

    +1 pt if you tipped Manly to go out week 1

    +1 pt if you tipped the Cowboys wouldn't make the eight at the start of the season

    -1 pt if you thought the Tigers would make the eight

    -1 pt if you said the Broncos are gone at some stage this season

    -1 pt if you tipped a Dragons v Bulldogs GF

    -1 pt if didn't think the Titans would get a top four spot at the beginning of the season.

    I got 0 points all up? how much will you get? be honest though, makes it fun.

    10 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • What would be the best outcome of this weekend?

    Lockyear steering his team to yet another GF?

    Bulldogs from the shithouse to the penthouse?

    Eels Magic run?

    Melbourne consolidating their team of the decade title?

    El Magic with a GF to finish his career?

    Or anything else.

    For me it is that regardless of the result, many many f*ckwits will not return till this time next year.

    15 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • How thin is the ice Matthew Elliott is on?

    Since the departure of John Lang has coach Penrith has struggled to even look like premiership threat. With the worlds best juniors and some absolutely freakish talent already in the first grade side, Penrith should be contenders for the premiership.

    I realise there is a discipline problem as well as a halves problem though by round 26 they looked no more in sync then in round1, the team did not look like it was properly coached.

    Is he the man for the job? Who is the man for the job? Which other NRL coaches are on thin ice?

    6 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • Had he not gone to union?

    Just how much could Matt Rogers have achieved, he was absolutely brilliant tonight and at 33 shows so much class and natural skill it just pains you to think he wasted time at union, some may say time at sharks is also wasted. Your opinions?

    5 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • What is the funniest on field Rugby League moment you have ever seen?

    For me it would have to be Thompson diving into the ball off a tap. Or Ben Creagh backing away from Hodges.

    What is the funniest you have witnessed?

    22 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • What is the funniest Simpsons quote?

    There has been oh so many, but which do you think is the funniest?

    6 AnswersComedy1 decade ago
  • Can 'cracking' of the joints cause permanent damage?

    A question many of us have wondered, annoyed parents have told us this is true. During a weights session or while I'm doing push ups I can hear these cracks and they are rather off putting, though can the 'cracking' of knuckles, wrists, shoulders, necks and backs cause permanent damage?

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  • Are biased opinions ever avoidable in any sport section?

    Not that I do not give a fair share of them myself, do you think our bias makes it more fun and exciting in arguments or does it take away from the intelligence of the discussions?

    7 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • 2009 Dally M medal winner?

    Many people believe that Jaryd Hayne will be this years recipient of the Dally M medal and he has played some amazing football this year. Thurston however held a huge lead on Hayne at the close of votes, 12 points the difference at 20 and 8 respectively. I also believe he has played some of his better football after round 16. Is that lead insurmountable? can anyone else stop these two? or will Thurston take yet another Dally M Medal?

    5 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • Frank Pritchard or Dave Taylor?

    These man mountains and overall freaks of natures both have the ability to cause the defense massive problems when they are at their best. There is possibly no greater challenge in the NRL today then making a one on one tackle against these two men. Although on the weekend Taylor had the edge over Pritchard, both scoring brilliant individual tries mind you. Who do you think will reach their full potential and have the biggest impact on the game of Rugby League in years to come?

    14 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • What is the greatest Rugby League match you have ever witnessed?

    There have been many great games over the years, which in your opinion is the best?

    32 AnswersRugby League1 decade ago
  • Ideas for a Science research project.?

    I am struggling to think of an interesting hypothesis. Anything can be tested, as long as it can be performed simply and quantitate data can be collected and manipulated.

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