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  • Should I drive to see her?

    I broke up with a girl about 4 months ago, and stupidly started talking to another girl too soon after. We got very close and got along very well. When she wanted to move things along in the relationship, I backed out and told her I wasn't ready, and wasn't quite over my ex. She got very upset and told me I would never hear from her again. I can't stop thinking about this girl, and am ready to try it again, but she wont respond to my messages. Should I drive 3 hours to see her? just land in to show her im serious?

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  • I'm looking for song lyrics or who sings the song "going home". It's an old gospel/hymn song?

    It's not Annie Haslam and it's not Mary Fahl. My brother and my uncle sang it at my grandpa's funeral. Any help?

    I know in the song it says:

    "going home, how many years I've longed to see the mountains so high" then there is something about clear blue sky

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  • Tell me what you think about the poem I wrote for my girlfriend on Valentines Day?

    That perfect smile and scrunched up nose,

    Is more beautiful than a single rose.

    Such a natural beauty impossible to compare,

    And that body, puts other women in despair.

    Some nights I just wish I could watch you till dawn,

    Lying with your glasses and just my t-shirt on.

    Do you ever feel like there is no such thing as gravity?

    I get that from of all the little things you do to me.

    College brings such late nights,

    Lonely nights and Bright lights.

    I’ve never come to steeper hills,

    But you never fail to send that chill

    Down my spine, and into my toes.

    You would be shocked to find out just how far it goes.

    I know undoubtedly you will always be there,

    I love you so much, my princess, my Manda bear.

    You are the one and only girl I need,

    With a little work, I know we will succeed.

    No better girl in this world I will find,

    This love thing simply blows my mind.

    And the amount I have showed is just a start,

    Of the capacity I can hold in this massive heart.

    You will never know what you mean to me,

    I will love you forever, Manda it’s my guarantee.

    It’s fun to dream of what the future will hold,

    Knowing I will never spend a night alone and cold.

    For you will lie with me and embrace me so tight,

    I pray for more time, even just one more night.

    Eternity seems like such a forever word,

    But when it comes to love, forever is what is preferred.

    I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life,

    Celebrating more Valentines Day’s with you, my future wife.

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